Monday, August 15, 2022

Downtime over and ready for Fall . . .

Hello!  I've been MIA long enough, now it's time to catch up.  It's been a busy 2 weeks, but I'm back, refreshed and I'm ready for autumn.  But, until the leaves start falling off the trees, I will enjoy what remains of summer.  I will soak in the sunshine, smell the flowers, glean from my garden, enjoy family time and bask in the warmth of summer while it lasts.   But I promise, on September 1st, you will smell pumpkin candles burning in my home.

Here are a few of the things that kept me busy . . . 

We went to the, Dwight Yoakam concert with both of my daughters and their families, it was soooo fun!!  I didn't know if I was going to get Bob to go...he hates crowds 😉  We managed to get him there and believe it or not, he had a lot of fun!

I didn't get a lot of photos at the concert because it was crazy, but I did manage to snap a quick photo of Averi and her mom.  Ave was so excited, she loves concerts!  It wasn't long before she made her way down to the pit with her mom, sister, aunt and cousins to dance... so cute!  I wasn't brave enough to go - into the pit - to take of picture of the dancing!

Averi also had a birthday, she turned 20!  She loves birthdays, and was especially excited to be 20 because she would no longer be a teenager, she will be a lady ;0)   

Celebrating Averi's birthday is so important to us.  We didn't think she would turn 2 let alone 20.  We are very proud of all Ave has accomplished during her 20 short years.  Hopefully we will celebrate many more birthdays with this amazing girl.

After her birthday party I talked her into playing the piano for me.  She has a piano in her bedroom and loves to create her own music.  When she was only 6 years old she would play almost anything you asked her to play.  She played by ear with both hands, using chords . . . She is considered a savant.  Ave is kind of shy now and will only play for others once in a while - it was so fun to hear her play the piano for me again.

I also found an abandoned kitten . . . and re-homed it . . . 

I was gifted a big bowl of beautiful pie cherries . . . 

Had a visit from this cute little cowboy . . . love the spurs!

Watched these cute kids swim . . .

Watched the clouds drift by . . . 

Took a rainy, day trip  . . . 

And got a glimpse of heaven almost every night . . . 

And had a visit from a humming bird . . . 

"May my faith always be at the end of the day

       like a hummingbird...

      returning to its favorite flower."

~Sanober Khan, 'Turquoise Silence~

Be Safe . . . Hugs and Love,



  1. I loved this post, Barb. What a blessed couple of weeks you have had - with your wonderful family, concert, day outing, the adorable kitty...........and your photos of the clouds and sunset are always beautiful. : ) Glad you are back and I'm with you in regards to fall decor - I'm ready now!!! God bless, Barb!!! Mary

  2. Hi Barb. Apparently I messed up my first comment and it disappeared! Sorry about that. You have sure had a great summer - especially the last two weeks! I love your pictures - especially the sunset and that hummingbird picture! Wow - those are "award winning" caliber! Happy belated birthday to Averi. The concert looks like it was a lot of fun - so glad you could go with family. Summer is just about over - now it's on to fall. I can just smell the pumpkin candles now! See you again soon, my friend. :-)

  3. The Dwight Yoakum concert. I think that sounded so fun. I do know how excited our sweet Averi can get at a concert. We went with them once a long time ago. I'm glad Bob went. I think it is cute that they all went down to the pit to dance. I'm sure that Averi was just the cutest.
    I love the fun Birthday Photos; I'll steal them for sure. She was very excited about her birthday, and I loved how she had the day planned.
    I loved that she played the piano for you. She always goes in our piano room and plays, but usually not if you ask her. What a treasure our Averi is.
    Love the cute one in the spurs. You have adorable grandchildren.
    Thanks for sharing all of your scenery photos, they are beautiful.
    We do hope we see you guys soon,
    Sending love and hugs your way!

  4. Happy belated birthday to Averi! I'm so glad that she had a nice birthday, and so happy for you that she played the piano for you too!
    Lovely summer days, beautiful pictures, and sweet memories, for certain!
    I too am ready for Fall, and yet, I'm still enjoying this amazing summer :)
    Have a wonderful rest of your week.

  5. What a lovely post! I love your little cowboy there and the rehomed kitty too. Melted my heart to hear that Averi is now a "lady". Sweet girl!

  6. How wonderful that you were able to celebrate Averi's birthday with her in such a special way and wow, a Dwight Yokum concert. I have always loved his music. I used to have all of his albums. He's so talented. Your little cowboy is a real sweetheart and what a beautiful kitten. Happy you were able to rehome it. As always loved your sky photos. You have a real eye for capturing God's beauty. xoxo

  7. So glad to see your wonderful photos and updates on your wonderful family life. Happy Birthday Averi! 20 is indeed a big birthday! Also so pleased to know you were able to rehouse the wee kitten.

  8. Lovely post. I so enjoyed reading about the concert and Averi's birthday celebration, and as always, your photos are lovely. That cloud one is awesome. And your little cowboy is just too cute.


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