Friday, February 16, 2018

L.O.V.E. . .

We spent Valentine's Day with the people we love!  On Tuesday, we took this cute little headband to Clara,  my sweet little granddaughter, so that she could wear it on Valentine's Day.  I had fun crocheting it for her, it was super easy and looked adorable on her.

Such a pretty girl!

Then on Valentine's Day, we headed to to my grandson's, Grandparent's Valentine's Day party.  It was so much fun.  His teacher always has a Valentine's Day party with her class.  Last year she was Clara's kindergarten teacher, so we did the same thing with her.  She always has fun treats and games for the kids and their grandparents or parents.  I love living close enough to them that I can attend these special parties.  I hope they know how much they are loved!

This is my handsome Caleb, making a picture frame for the picture that they took of us together - I don't have the picture!  It was fun, they had us dress up, so I had on a and Bob looked alike...well, kinda!  

Just a sweet side-note.  Caleb's teacher's grandmother, was my children's 4th grade teacher.  She is also a cousin to both me and my husband, Bob.  Bob and I both share a grandfather with her, one on Bob's side and one on, it's a small world here in Idaho!  I'll share the whole story another time, it's very interesting.

After the party, we headed back to my daughter's house with a car full of  my other Valentine grands.  Emily, gave us this cute Valentine's rock that she made... we love it!  Of course we got cute Valentine's cards and candy from the other kids, what a fun day!

Bob had ordered a present for me, but we missed the FedEx guy, I hate it when that happens!  So, we headed to the FedEx place to pick it up, at 5:30, right during rush hour, my least favorite time to be on the road.  But it was worth it...look at these gorgeous roses!  They are, Everlasting Roses, packaged in a beautiful black velvet hat box, they're suppose to last a year.  No water, just a little dusting...I thought that maybe they were artificial, but they definitely smell and feel like roses.  

On our way home we stopped at Domino's for a pizza, came home and watched the, Olympics.  Perfect ending to a very perfect day!  

I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love!

Hugs and Love,

Friday, February 9, 2018

On a Friday in February . . .

I snapped this photo a few nights ago, the sunsets have been very pretty, and moving more and more to the North every day.

The golf course opened here, and it's the earliest that it has ever opened - guess where my husband is today?!  It's hard to believe it's not even the middle of February and he's already golfing.   He loves it when he can get outside, so do I, it makes him a happier man, and me a happier wife.

Today really was just an ordinary Friday.  I decided to make bread, not that I need it, but I wanted it, there's a difference, right?!  I love caraway rye bread, so I made two loafs, it is delicious.  There's just something about caraway that makes my tongue happy.  It's not like dill, which I also love...kinda, but different, I just love it.  For those of you who don't like caraway/rye bread, making it homemade is just so much better than store-bought, soooo much more flavor.



You know I'm serious about, Junk Journals, I am you know... :0)  So I decided to go through some old files that I had stored away in my file cabinet...I'd forgotten how much I loved these old ideas, they still make me happy.

This is one of my favorite ideas, I've had this photo for about 15 years!  Painted scenes on a painted, love!  I'm so glad I decided to do this project.

Speaking of projects.  We, decided that it was high time to go through old photos and keepsakes.  No sense in my kids having to go through them, because they wouldn't even know what some of the things were! 

Do you have things like this?  I'd forgotten that I even had some of this stuff.  Piles of old cards, that I can't throw away...yet.  Family history, old photos.  And speaking of photos, I was shocked at how quickly those old photos lost their color, and some of them were just fuzzy.  Some of the problem was the person behind the camera!  Photography has come a long way in the last 40 years.

Of course it could be the boxes I kept them in - anyone else keep photos in old shoe boxes?  Probably not the best idea.  The garbage can is full of old photos that we didn't have a clue what they were.  If they didn't have a person in them, or a place that we could recognize, they were out.  Technology has sure made it easy to keep track of photos.  Next I need to go through my photos on my computer and make files.  I have most of them on an external drive, but I need to put them all on it.  It's so easy to print photos these days.  The other day I needed to make a copy of a few photos, it took 5 minutes at Walgreen's, seriously.  I need to make copies of a lot of my photos; no one will look at them on the external drive.  Of course, I have my blog.  Do you think that photos will last in cyber-space? 

Looks like I have my work cut out for me for the next few weeks.  The problem is, I have two or three large bins in the closet that look just like the ones above.  To tell you the truth, it was kinda fun to go through them, I'd forgotten how cute my kids were, how many great adventures we'd had, and how skinny me and my husband were...;0)

Have a great week-end, be safe!

Hugs and Love,

Hugs and Love,


Friday, February 2, 2018

All that Jazz . . .and all that Junk . . .

Can you believe it is February?  And that darn little ground hog saw his shadow!!  Oh well, what's six more weeks, right?

For those of you who don't use a desktop computer or lap top, you probably don't hear my music!  I love music and have it playing most of the time . . . even on my blog. 

February just screams . . . jazz me up!!  So, that's why you are hearing, Steve Tyrell, Diana Krall, Chris Izaak, and Nora Jones.  They all fit that jazzy bill for me.  And, they are all love songs, for February.

Now for the junky part.  I'm really loving the idea of a Junk Journal.  Have you seen them?  They are so interesting to me, different from scrap-booking, but kind of the are some examples -

I found this one HERE.  I just love this idea...old books, old photo albums, all changed up and made into something of your own!  I have tons of photos and souvenirs, from anniversary trips that I just keep in a drawer.  Wouldn't they be lovely in a junk journal?!  It's a creative way to keep your thoughts in as well - I really need something other than my brain to keep my thoughts me on that one!

This one was a little more streamlined, less fluff and stuff, but I love it!  I couldn't find anyone to link it to, but don't you think it looks fun?! 

Here is another fun idea - lots of envelopes, that's what I would need, something to tuck my treasures into.  You can find this idea HERE.

This one just tugged at my heart, I love the vintage look, and again, I couldn't find the owner.  I have some beautiful napkins that I have collected from different places that would look so adorable, mod- podged on the front of an old book or tablet.  What do you do with old magazines?  Some of them have the most wonderful ideas and photos, but I hate keeping them, they just take up so much space.  Old fabric pieces that you just can't throw away would be perfect, even little pieces of lace and ribbon...oh, the possibilities!

I will keep you posted on what I will be making...this is going to be fun!!  If you have any great ideas about junk journals, please share, I would love to hear your ideas!

Have a great and safe week-end!

Hugs and Love,

Hugs and Love,