Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Hello, friends!  It's been a while. . .and it's Spring!  Well, in my neck of the woods it doesn't really look like spring, no crocus' or any flowers popping up as far as that goes, but I do have faith that they will be showing up soon.  We still have snow in the shadows and ditches and of course there's the mud and lots of it.  There is something to be said about frozen ground when you live in the country.  

In our family,  there are plenty of March birthdays, here are the latest three birthday boys. . .and can I just say that they are wonderful young men who stole their grandma's heart the first time I saw their little faces.  

This is Christian, he's my oldest grandson and we sure do love him.  He chose to come and spend the afternoon of his birthday with us, and in fact, he brought us gifts!  That night we had dinner with him and his family.  I made an apple crisp instead of cake, at his request.  Christian is quiet, super talented, strong, fun, and giving.  We've spent so many fun days watching him play football, camping, hunting and fishing with this amazing man.  I hope it continues for a long time to come.

This is Brody, he turned 18 this year!  Brody is wonderful, funny, very funny, kind and intelligent.  He never ceases to impress me with his kindness and ability to make anyone smile, and did I mention that he is funny?!  I especially love those days that he just stops to say hello and give us a hug, not even realizing how much I needed it.  He's a great cousin, and a wonderful grandson.  And most impressive, he's always willing to set at the "kid table" to hang out with the littles.  This is a boy who has gone through more than most adults and has persevered and stayed strong through it all. . .we love him to pieces!

Meet Caleb!  Caleb is such a fun, happy, sometimes shy but always humble young man.  He loves to fish and hunt and does both really well.  The day before we celebrated his birthday with him he went fishing with his dad and brothers and they caught 19 huge fish.  Last fall he went elk hunting with his dad and uncle and they got their elk!  After they shot their elk, he and his uncle hiked about 7 miles out to the road to meet his dad. . . in deep snow, up steep hills, in the dark and in freezing weather,  he's a true hunter!   We have also spent many hours around a campfire with this amazing boy.  We sure do love him. 

Today was my mother's birthday, she would have been 94 years old.  I sure do miss her and love her.  

I was feeling a little sad today, so my husband loaded me in the car and took me to see the swans.  I love going to see the swans that gather in the empty fields as they migrate through our area.  There are thousands of them, but they're pretty shy and tend to stay as far away from the road as they can get.  But there are always those few swans who just can't resist a puddle.I forgot my good camera so all I had was my phone.  These were the closest shots I could get and they are still a little grainy.  I love how they always turn their back on us and try to quietly walk away!

As we were driving down the road, Bob spotted this big Bald Eagle.  By the time we got stopped and I got my phone ready to take his picture he decided he would take flight, but he was beautiful!  Again, a grainy photo.  A little further up the road was a young fledgling sitting on a phone pole.  I'm just betting that it was one of her babies.  We also saw a few huge raven and a coyote.  It was a lovely day, despite the tears.  

A health update.  Bob is doing well, his left shoulder is bothering him more than it should.  Today he went to the doctor and they took an x-ray.  It was hard to tell, but they suspect that there might be a fracture on the top part of his shoulder.  They'll take another x-ray in a few weeks to see if it looks any different.  But he has good motion and is coming right along with his therapy.  

I am healing up from my surgery, but still having complications because of covid.  When I first got covid I lost my taste and smell.  After my surgery it came back,  but slowly started to leave again.  Along with losing my smell and taste, came other terrible side effects.  Most foods, especially meat or strong flavored food, anything tomato based, taste like I'm eating very acrid, almost burning chemicals, it's not good.   I also had vertigo for almost a month and still have to be very careful standing up quickly, bending down, or turning around too quickly.  If any of you have experienced these side effects,  please leave a comment and tell me how you are doing and what you have done to make it better.  There's really not much help out there.  Also, covid brain is a alive and well.

I'll be really honest, it's been a long winter and I have more than struggled with anxiety and depression.  I'm hoping that spring sunshine will make me feel better.

Still praying for Ukraine...and peace.

Stay safe, XOXO

Hugs and Love,

Monday, March 7, 2022


It may be almost the second week of March...but, HELLO MARCH!  February was a very long month, even though it was short ;0)  There was a lot of stuff going on in February, nothing very post worthy, just stuff.  

But a few of them were worth posting!  So, March, for our family, starts off  with a bunch of birthdays!  We helped celebrate Nathan's birthday a week ago, he turned 11!  

Nathan had a great birthday!  Like most kids, he got to choose his birthday dinner - blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and orange juice, it was delicious.  Grandpa cooked the bacon, at Nathan's request, because he likes the way grandpa cooks it, nice and crispy.  Instead of cake, he wanted, root beer floats, they were so good along with a slice of yummy coffee cake, after all he needed something to put the candles in.  It was all delicious, but most of all I just loved spending time with Nathan.  Nathan is an amazing boy - cute, smart, fun, always a smile and a hug, and just a really good boy, we sure do love him!

The balloons on the window were really cute!  My daughter will keep them up all month as three of her children have birthdays in March.  

I loved this, Winnie the Pooh quote, I really did feel this way about each of my grandchildren the minute I saw them,  and they have all been, and have all taken me, on grand adventures!  

The weather here has been off and on, cold one day and kind of mild the next day...never over 40 degrees, of course.  Tomorrow, it's going to snow, not a significant amount, but at least it's something.  Two weeks ago, we did get a little bit of snow, maybe 3 or 4 inches...it was really pretty, but not enough to help replenish our lakes and reservoirs.  I will be praying for rain this spring.

I wish I could say that we went on an amazing drive and took amazing photos, but, we have stuck close to home the last month.  Bob's shoulder is healing, but it's way more painful that his first shoulder.  He is currently doing physical therapy and I think it's helping.  Hopefully by April, we will be able to travel a little more, depending on the price of gas.  :0(   I was talking to Bob about it today, and he thought it would be a great idea to just drive the side-by-side instead of the car or truck.  It's tempting!  

Today I went to, DUP (Daughters of Utah Pioneers).  It's the first time we've been able to meet since December.  Covid stopped us, and then the slick roads, we are all older and really don't like to drive in the snow and on bad roads.  It was very nice to see everyone again, it's been too long.  

After I got home, Bob and I had to run into town to get new batteries for one of the alarms on our security system.  Just a side note...our dishwasher quit working, then our furnace and now the alarm system (which is now fixed), again, February was a long month.  We are putting in a new furnace next week, the old one still works, but it's on it's last leg, and I am the new dishwasher.

Like so many of you, I am praying for Ukraine and for all those who are suffering the terrible atrocities that are happening there.   I'm so very thankful for the freedoms that I enjoy in this country.  I stand with Ukraine. 

I hope that everyone is having a great start to their week.  See you soon.

Be safe...XOXO

Hugs and Love,

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

This and That on Tuesday . . .

Hello!  We finally got a few inches of snow last night!  I was really excited to see it, we need snow, especially in the mountains.  I heard on the news last night that here, in the Western United States, we are experiencing the worst drought in 1200 years.  I could hardly believe what I was hearing, but Bob looked it up, and it's true!  We really need some snow and rain this Spring, or we will be in real trouble.  

When I talk to people about snow, someone always says that they would love it if it would only snow in the mountains, and not in the valley.  We do need snow in the mountains, but we also need snow in the valleys.  We need to have major snow or rain to help fill the aquifer, that's how we get our water.  I'm ready for some warm weather and birds singing in my trees, but we really need more snow, unfortunately it's not in the forecast.  

I've been listening to a lot of records while we have been recuperating...I love the sound of vinyl!  It just makes me happy when I put the needle on the record and it sings to me...heaven!

A few weeks ago, my granddaughter and her boyfriend came and had dinner with us, it was so fun, they are such a cute couple.  Braedon, Taylor's boyfriend, loves vinyl as much as I do, and he loves old music, we had really fun playing some of the oldies.  He is also a magician, and a good one too!  He had me fooled every time, and I was sitting right next to him...how'd he do that?!  Anyway, it was very fun, it was especially fun just have them in my home, have good conversation, laugh a lot, and eat good food.  They made an apple pie and brought it for dessert, it was delicious!  Tay sent me this cute selfie of her and Braedon...and the pie, very sweet ;0)

I thought I would give you a quick update and let let you know how we're doing.  We are both on the mend.  I'm finally feeling like I can breath, the vertigo is gone and I feel really good.  Bob had his left shoulder replaced on the 9th of February, and he is recovering...slowly.  I think he was a little surprised because his first shoulder replacement was so easy, and this one has been very painful, but it seems to get a little better each day.  We went to the doctor this morning.  Bob is right on track and will start physical therapy on Friday!

Be safe, XOXO

Hugs and Love,

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Today In My Life. . .Welcome February . . .

Let's see, today in my life...life is kinda crazy, in a good way.  First, a quick update on how I am feeling.  I'm finally doing great!  It took a while, and I'm not going to lie, it wasn't an easy recovery, but, I feel really good now, and breathing much, much better.  Bob is doing great as well, he is going to have his other shoulder replaced on the 9th of February, so we're not done yet!  I pray it will go as well as the first shoulder replacement.  That said, thank you for all of your kind comments, e-mails and prayers, they really do mean a lot to me.    

  This week, Averi is staying with us.  Her mom and dad are taking a much needed vacation, so we are having fun with Averi and loving her sweetness this week.  Averi is blind, autistic and has selective mutism, so she doesn't talk to me, which can be very challenging.  She does talk to her mother...all the time, just like any other teenage girl.  But, her mom is about the only one she talks to. She's very intelligent, in fact she's considered a savant, because she is so good with numbers. 

Averi has her special "children" that she carries with her all the time.  She also has an iphone, and she knows how to use it.  It's a touch screen, but she can find anything she wants on it.  It doesn't dial or connect to the internet, but her mom has downloaded videos and movies she likes, so she can find them and listen to them whenever she wants to. Averi is simply amazing and we just love and adore her.  She is a very special girl and we're so grateful that she's with us this week.  

So that's what's happening in my life today...I hope you are doing well!  

Be safe, and as they say in February, rabbit, rabbit! XOXO

Hugs and Love,


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

What's happening in January . . .

Hello Friends!  I know I'm a little late to be welcoming January, but better late than never!  January has already been a very full month for me, I'm hoping that the last part is less busy than the first part.  I hope you are all healthy, happy and safe!

My month started with surgery, it wasn't fun, but necessary.  I had to have sinus surgery.  I had a deviated septum that was getting worse each year, and causing me so many problems, so apparently, this was the year to have it repaired.  I was glad to have it over with, but it really did knock me down, so I have been out of commission for the last week or so, but glad to be back!  I'm anxious to see what all of you have been up to so far this year!  

The only thing that I accomplished while I was waiting for the big day, was putting together this puzzle.  It was a hard puzzle, but kept my mind and my hands busy.  I love a challenge, and this puzzle fit the bill, it made me sad to take it apart and put it away, hopefully one of my grands will want to put it together next year when they are out for Christmas break.  

So during my down time I was able to look around my house and write down a few things that I want to get done before Spring.  Some of them are, honey-do's,  because I'm not very handy with a table saw 😉  But most are things I need to work on, so I'll take lots of pictures to keep me on track and show you what I've got planned on my agenda and hopefully the progress.    

We have had some really mild days so far this year and some really cold days, not a lot of snow.  For the last few days it has been sunny,  I love it, I need sunshine!   I'm already noticing that the days are getting longer, and the sunset moving a little further North each day, so I know Spring is just around the corner and will be here before we know it.  

Until next time...be safe XOXO

Hugs and Love,




Hello, friends!  It's been a while. . .and it's Spring!  Well, in my neck of the woods it doesn't really look like spring, no cr...

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