Tuesday, October 22, 2019

One Year Later. . .


“Death is nothing at all,
I have only slipped into the next room
I am I and you are you
Whatever we were to each other, that we are still.”

Well, it's been one year since my sweet mom passed away, but to me it seems like it was yesterday.   I know she is happy and with those she missed for so long while she was here on earth.  I also know,  without a doubt, that I will see her again, I miss her every single day, but knowing this one thing makes me very happy.

We've been sorting through some of the boxes that we didn't have a chance to go through right after her death, and I can tell you it has been bittersweet.  Really good in one way, and so hard in other ways.

Last night, all of my siblings got together and went to dinner.  We visited and re-visited some fun memories, reminisced and laughed...we had a lot of fun!  We were at a sports bar having dinner, and they had a raffle during half-time, easy enough, all you had to do was put your name on a ticket, we truly thought nothing about it.  Half time came around and low and behold, they called out my sisters name...she won the grand prize...a 54" television set!!!  We were so excited for her!  I'm pretty sure my mom had a hand it ;0)

After dinner we went to my sisters house to go through my mom and dad's records...talk about bringing back some memories. Can you guys remember some of these oldies?!  These were only a few of them, she had lots of 78's that my brother took - he has a record player that will play them...I'd love to hear them one day.

My father and mother loved music, I guess that's where we all got our love for it...I love almost every genre!  I have very happy memories of music in our home.  Many years ago, my father built a stereo, and I remember how excited he was about it.  It was in a wooden cabinet that he built himself, and I'm pretty sure it had the best stereo system that he could find inside.  I remember many happy hours listening to records on that stereo.

My father loved, Country music and that's what I remember most of all.  My mother had a little different taste, but all in all, it was all, "a little bit country".  These are a few of the records I brought home last night.

I don't have a turn table, but who knows...I have a birthday coming up and guess what I asked for?!
Have a wonderful, rest of the week!

Be safe...XOXOXO

Hugs and Love,


Cindy said...

Your mom was beautiful, such a bittersweet time for you right now. I love those old records, those are amazing! Beth doesn't care much for records but the rest of us all have record players. I guess nowadays it's 'Vinyl' and 'Turntable'. :) I hope you get one for your birthday!

Vee said...

I’m so glad that you and your sisters did this together. It has been nine years and I am still plugging away. In fact, my sister just dropped a stack of photo albums on my dining room table. And I had just cleared it! 🙃

Congrats to your sister on her win!

Marsha said...

Hugs, Barb! Losing your parents is something that really never leaves your mind. My parents have been gone a long few years now, but it's nice to know they are happy and together.
Hope your birthday wish comes to reality!

Mellie said...

So sorry about your lovely Mom. Ironically the 22nd made 8 years with out my Dad. I too have boxes of my parents' things that I kept just because with the intent of going through later. Later hasn't come yet! Hope you get a turntable to enjoy those record albums.

Marie Rayner said...

What a wonderful way to remember your mom and dad. I am always astonished at how close our lives are to each others. My father built our colour tv! Wooden cabinet and all. He had a beautiful stereo, but we were not allowed to touch it at all. I was listening to music the other day and it brought tears to my eyes. My mother was such a huge fan of country and she loved to dance. I try to picture her now, dancing across the Heavens. I will be able to take her to the Temple at the end of January and I am looking forward to that. It will be a special day for us both. Your mom was beautiful and your father so handsome. How blessed we are to have had parents who loved us so much and the Gospel in our lives which makes missing them a tad bit easier. Love you my sweet friend. xoxo

LeAnn said...

Oh, I really loved reading this tender post. How fun to get together with your siblings and enjoy a great dinner, a surprise win and then to go through items of memory from your parents. I think that is one of the best of things to do. I loved it all. continue to enjoy your dear siblings and get together frequently. I don't have any family left and I wish I had got with my brothers more.
I came from a family that loved music too. My favorite memories are my parents playing records on the stereo and dancing and or singing too. I loved when my Dad danced with me. These are such precious memories.
Love you sweet friend and I am sending lots of hugs your way!