Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For the Birds . . .

It's been so foggy and snowy and cold here . . . and I understand the Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so six more weeks of winter!  I really don't mind winter, that's why I live where I do, because I love the change of seasons - but I do miss the birds.  We have big trees all around us, big tall Pine trees in my front yard and Poplar trees line my backyard.  In the summer, I am treated to a beautiful concert every morning, I love it!  But, now, there are very few birds.  I have seen more and more, trickling in, but not song birds . . . I am anxious for Spring.  I can hardly wait to hear the first Red Winged Black Bird's little shrill call, or hear the Meadow Lark in the pasture, I even miss the Magpie's little scolding when I chase him off.  I guess Spring will come soon enough and then I will be wanting Summer . . .

At Spoolsewing.com, she has the cutest pattern for fabric birds and a free download for the pattern.  I made one and it's adorable, I plan on making a whole tree full!  Too bad they don't sing . . .

Have a wonderful Tuesday - I have my husband and my son home with some horrible bug, I hope they get better soon . . . and I hope I don't get it!



  1. I hope son and husband get well soon and that you *don't* get it. Sun just came out here, but the wind is cold. Some song bird have returned to Grangeville, but not here. Should be the other way around!

  2. Hi Barb! THanks for stopping by! I, too, hope your hubby and son get better quickly and YOU don't catch it! A home just doesn't operate right if mama is sick!

    I have to say that altho some of our birds are gone, we still have plenty of bluebirds and scissortails and mockingbirds and blackbirds. Oh yeah, and cardinals. I've even seen some robins that decided to stay this winter and not go north. We've got a bunch of bluebirds at the farm. I need to put up some more houses for them!

    I feel lucky to live where I do, too. I just couldn't take the cold and dreary weather with snow. I guess the Lord knows where we need to be!

  3. I really miss the song birds too, I love to hear their happy tune.
    I hope that your boys get better soon!
    Love, Laura

  4. You would love our beautiful, tropical Rainbow Lorikeets and cheeky Kookaburra's Barb that are currently in our backyard. Will try to take a piccie and post for you soon :]

  5. Thanks for stopping by and for all the nice comments!

    Packrat - I am so glad that you have signs of Spring!

    Vickie - I know that God does plant us where He knows we will bloom, Texas is so beautiful!

    Laura - Hope you are feeling ok. Spring will be here soon, I promise.

    Kimmi - I would love to see all those beautiful birds, I know I would love it - I would love to see one, thanks for thinking of me.

    Hugs to all, Barb

  6. Re: Horrible bug. Oh no, don't you *dare* get it!

    -Hehhhhhhh- As if that was a sure thing, hu?

    Well, trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry not to get it anyway. Uggggggers!!!!!!!


  7. And have I said how soft and pretty your blog is looking? Well, if not, I say so now. So soft and pink and warm and yummy. And restful, too. :-)


  8. Thanks Aunt Amelia - I will try not to get the "bug"! I like my blog too - it is different for me, but I like it. Hope you are feeling better - here's a (((((hug))))) to help.


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