Monday, February 1, 2010

Lost and Found . . .

A week or so ago, I posted an old picture of  five girls in white dresses.  When I found the picture, the person who posted it said that the girl on the bottom left was my grandmother.  The more I looked at that picture, the more I knew that the girl, although beautiful, was not my grandmother. 


I found an e-mail address and wrote to him and asked him if he knew for sure that the girl was Josie, because I wanted to document it for genealogy.   He wrote back, and said that by some strange coincidence, he had run into my mother and my aunt - they went and looked at the picture, and my mother verified that it was not my grandmother!  He had many pictures that were unidentified, so they told him who some of the people were, and said they would check around with people they knew from that area and see if anyone knew any of the people in the unidentified photos.  He told me that he had an 8th grade graduation picture with my grandmother in it, and said he would send me a copy - I was so delighted to have it!  When doing genealogy work of any kind, it's so important to have pictures and documents verified - so this was wonderful, and this is really, my grandmother!

8th grade graduation picture
(my grandmother is the third girl from the left - Josie)

It's strange the way that things work out!  I had promised myself that I would do more genealogy work - I knew it would be hard, because I'm not very good at it, but, as always . . . we get help from above. 

I love this little valentine - Makes me wish for summer!

Valentine image from "Graphics Fairy"

Warm thoughts and Blessings,


  1. Wow, I can see why someone would have thought the girl in the first picture was Josie. Getting bossy here: Get busy on this genealogy while older family members are still alive! Daily, I think, "Oh, I just ask," and then realize there are very few left to ask. Hugs

  2. How awesome!! I love pictures like that. I didn't know Grandma Howard very well because she died when I was 8 I think, but it is awesome getting to see pictures of her and get to know her through documents and stories!

  3. That is so awesome. I really think that if we try, we will receive help from above to find out about our ancesters. What cool pictures. Love, Laura

  4. Barb,

    Such lovely photographs. In the first photo, a few of the girls look like they are trying not to smile. Everyone looks so serious in the second photograph. I love to look at old photos. :)



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