Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's for Lunch?

I am one of those wives who get up with her husband, fix his lunch and send him to work with a lunch box - now, lunch boxes have changed over the years remember these?

Oh yes, I used to pack my husband's lunch in one of these - seriously, I don't know how I did it!  Things were different then.  We didn't send anything that needed to be refrigerated, like yogurt or leftovers - we did send sandwiches and I don't know why my poor husband never got botulism, seriously!  We had to use waxed paper or tin foil.  I was so happy when I could use the sandwich bags that had a fold top, isn't that sad?  Don't you feel sorry for me?!  Chips and fruit were a standard in a lunch box and usually a cookie or Twinkie type snack.  I was never so glad when they started making Tupperware type lunch box containers, wow, did my life get easier, hard plastic to put a sandwich in - no more squished, unrecognizable sandwiches!  Now I use one of these!

It's so easy now to make my husband's lunch - leftovers are always the main fare, because he has a microwave oven in his office.  I also send,  hard boiled eggs, cheese sticks, granola bars, yogurt, cottage cheese, soup, fruit and veggies, and they all stay wonderful and cold, thanks to blue ice packs! His lunch box even has a compartment on the top that unzips so that I can put a bottle of water and a bottle of frozen water in the top (perfect for summer).  I'm pretty frugal, so I don't buy prepackages snacks and chips.  I don't really like to use plastic, especially when he heats up his left overs, so I try to use the plastic that is ok for microwaves, but who knows what that's made of!  I wish they made glass containers that were the right size with lids that didn't come off and didn't weight so much.  I want to put something really fun in his lunch for Valentines Day - I'd love some ideas!

I love this poem by Mason Williams - it makes me chuckle every time I read it.

Them Lunch Toters

How about Them Lunch Toters,
Ain't they a bunch?
Goin' off to work,
A-totin' they lunch.

Totin' them vittles,
Totin' that chow,
Eatin' it later,
But a-totin' it now.

Look at Them Lunch Toters,
Ain't they funny?
Some use a paper sack,
Some use a gunny.

Them food-frugal Lunch Toters,
Ain't they wise?
Totin' they lunch,
Made by they wives.

How to be a Lunch Toter?
Iffa may emote it,
Gitchy wife to fix it,
Go to work and tote it!




  1. Lucky the men, whose wifes fix a lunch for them, IMHO.


  2. I love how easy lunch pales make it to send lunches with our men. The one that I send isn't as fancy, but it still makes it so convenient. That poem is so cute. Love, Laura


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