Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Thursday This and That . . .

Thursday has always been one of my favorite and one of my busiest days because, Thursday was my day to get ready for Friday, which was my favorite day of the week!  

 Now for the, this and that.  Yesterday I babysat, or should I say, I had the opportunity to spend time with this girl, while her mama had a well deserved, "girls day", with some friends from out of town.  

We love this sweet granddaughter so much and love to take her whenever we can.  Averi  is seriously the easiest girl to spend time with because she loves anything we do, or don't do.  One of her favorite things is being outside and she will stay out as long as we will let her...never alone of course.  One day we will be too old to take her, so we cherish the times we are able to now.

The other day I was doing some family history and ran across a photo of my little brother when he was a child.  Mark passed away 8 years ago.  As I was looking through his photos, I realized he looked a lot like my youngest grandson, Tanner.  What do you think?

These two were approximately the same age when these photos were taken.   I think it's funny that they even tilt their head the same way!  Isn't it amazing how gene's run so strong through the family.  Mark and I didn't get along very well as adults, but, I really did love him and I miss him.  Mark was 52 years old when he passed away.  I love that I have a grandson who looks so much like his great uncle.

Another random this and that. . . I went to the spa with one of my daughters last week.  Have I told you how much I enjoy the spa?  

The massage chairs are my favorite . . .

These are called, fish tanks, they are interesting, but not as relaxing as the massage chairs.  When you lay in them your feet poke out the end and shake like crazy.  They say it was good for your circulation and lymph system.  They also have red light and blue light therapy that I really enjoy as well.   Oh, and a foot massager, actually a ten's machine for your feet...amazing!  It's always a good day after the spa and I sleep like a baby. 

And finally, I just thought I'd add this photo of my oldest granddaughter, Taylor.  She will be going to BYU-I this Fall, it's her third year there.  And just like a grandma...I think she's so cute! 

I don't think I need to tell you how much I love sunsets.  Here are photos of two different sunsets, each equally as gorgeous as the other.

This one was taken in my backyard...

This one was taken right around the corner in my friends pretty!

I guess I better get ready for my busy day!   Have a wonderful Thursday friends!  

Stay safe.

Hugs and Love,



  1. Oh those sunsets! Yes, your grandson does look a little like his great-uncle. I think it is the tilt of the heads and the windows in their smiles. It is good to spend time with the grands, especially when they are willing. ☺️ Yes, your eldest granddaughter is a beauty. Have a blessed Thursday and Friday.

  2. Those sunset photos are stunning! Any day is great when you're with your grandkids! I know what you mean about being with them as much as you can. I babysat my granddaughter a lot when she was growing up but now she's 12 1/2 and she'd rather be on her VR headset or on her computer... I take every moment I can get!

  3. You've made me think of Thursday quite differently, I'll love them too now! And yes your grandson does look like your brother, a definite family likeness, One of my grandsons looks like photographs of my grandfather, long gone now. Found your blog while blog hopping. It was lovely reading it.

  4. I always love your sunsets Barb! You take such beautiful photos of them. I am sorry that you and your brother didn't get along in real life, but there is an eternity to make up for that. Your grandson does indeed look a lot like him at the same age! Wow. I think genetics are amazing. I can trace my family tree back to a girl who came over on the Mayflower, Elizabeth Tilley. So can the Baldwin brothers. Interestingly enough their eyes are very similar to the eyes in certain members of my family and those who are direct descendants of Elizabeth. Genetically speaking I believe they must come from her! Its amazing, the resemblance is uncanny! Love you! xoxo

  5. That spa has some interesting things. I've never heard of the fish tank.


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