Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day !!

I can hardly believe that it has been almost a month since I have posted anything.  I will admit that it's been a long month with too many changes.  It was really difficult losing our Cole, he was such a part of our family, and to be quite honest, I didn't expect it to be so hard.  I think that after losing my mom in October, it just knocked me down.  We also had a few projects going on, so I just didn't have a chance to get to everything I wanted to do.  But, I really did miss all of you!

I'll just share a little of the blessings I had last month.  My daughter sent these gorgeous flowers the day that Cole passed away...loved them!

On the same day, a sweet friend stopped by to bring me a beautiful pot of Mums, and this cute little, Willow Tree figurine of a dog.  She had no idea that Cole had passed, she knew he wasn't doing well, but didn't realize that we had put him to sleep that very day...tender mercies.

In April, Bob and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary!!  We had planned on going to Arizona, just to get out of the cold, but we both felt like like sticking closer to home this year.  Instead, we took a long day trip, and anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love a good day trip.  We decided to go have lunch at a sweet little grill about 70 miles from home, in Spencer, was wonderful!  But before we went to lunch we decided to go to, Lima, Montana, which is just up the road from Spencer.  I won't lie, there's not much in Lima, it's a very small, very quaint and quiet little town.  Forty Years ago a good friend of my husbands passed away and was buried there, So we decided we would go to the cemetery to see if we could find his grave site.  Despite it being such a long time ago, we drove right to it!  

I know it's kind of strange, but I love to go look around old cemeteries, actually any cemetery,  I think it's so interesting to see the different headstones and think about the folks buried there and what their lives were like, I find it to be very peaceful and comforting.  While we were walking around, we ran across a headstone of one of my husband's relatives.  We didn't know these people, so I did a little research and found out a little more about them.  He is my husband's 4th cousin.  They weren't from Lima, but had family there.  They loved this little community so much that they wanted their final resting place to be in this beautiful little valley.  They were both cremated, and from what I could gather, when his wife passed away, about a year after he passed, they desired their ashes scattered in the mountains surrounding, Lima.  Their headstone is still in the cemetery...very sweet.  It looks like a piece of petrified wood on top, really interesting.

This is a photo of the Lima Cemetery, very small, but very peaceful with the beautiful mountains in the background.

After lunch, we drove over to Driggs, to look at the Tetons, they were still covered with snow,  the beauty of these majestic peaks never disappoints!  

Mother's Day is extra sad for me this year.  This will the the first year in 63 years that I haven't been able to call my mom or give her a hug and kiss on Mother's Day.  I think mom was about 18 years old in this photo,  boy, do I miss her!

You will always be my hero. I miss you mom. Happy Mother's Day. XOXO

Hugs and Love,



Vee said...

How wonderful to have had a loving, good mother. You were blessed and so was I. Hope that you have been enjoying today with sweet memories and your own children honoring you. It takes awhile to process things. What a God wink it was for your friend to bring gifts and not just any gifts, but such a specific, meaningful one. Nice to find you here...

Cindy said...

That's a beautiful picture of your mom! The last few weeks have been difficult for you so I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day.

Kerin said...

How sweet of your friend and daughter to think of you when losing your buddy, Cole.
Hard things that you've had to process this year, that's for certain.
I'm so glad you and your hubby are the best of friends and have each other to lean on and talk to.

I too like old cemeteries; such history and so many stories in each and every one.

Sure like that picture of your mom...she certainly had a great smile and such a twinkle in her eyes!
She's probably so busy on the other side doing missionary work and helping others, as it seems from your stories about her that it is in her nature to stay busy :)

Sending {{hugs}}

Christine said...

I'm so glad you posted! You were missed.

Day Trips are my favorite trips! Less to pack - haha!
Idaho has so much history in these smaller towns. Thanks for sharing your "finds".

LeAnn said...

Oh my dear friend, how I love and miss you. I know that you spent Mother's Day with our children and family. I visualize that it was a great day. I loved talking for a moment with both James and Amber. I was so excited about that Taylor Jo and boyfriend being Kind and Queen of the prom; so fun.
I loved your day trip adventure. It looked so relaxing and fun. I think cemeteries are always interesting to look around. You had some good finds.
I really love that you had some sweet tender mercies when your dearest pet Cole passed. I do believe that Heavenly Father does watch over us and send these special gifts to us.
I do now how it feels to not be able to visit with your Mom on the phone for Mother's Day. I feel sad every year when this day comes because I miss my Mom so much.
Just know that I am sending loving thoughts and hugs your way and look forward to seeing you soon.

Terra said...

The friend bringing you the dog sculpture and the flowers arriving are such blessings. The stone that says Doug has nice etching on it, does it say his last name and dates on the other side? Your mom was so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Your mother was a beauty, Barb! She has the sweetest smile in that picture. Still praying for you all (Cole). {{HUGS}}

Marie Rayner said...

Losing your mum really knocks the stuffing out of you Barb, as does losing your sweet dog. I remember when we lost our Jess 9 years ago now, I was devestated, and then losing my mom this Jan, same, but worse. And we have the comfort of the Gospel to help us. I cannot comprehend how anyone who doesn't copes with such a loss. My sister doesn't believe in God. For her my mom is simply gone, whereas I have the comfort of knowing I will see my mom again. Doesn't make me miss her any less however and Mother's Day was particularly difficult this year. (((((hugs))))) Day trips are nice. I remember seeing the Tetons when I was to Idaho 10 years ago now. So stunning and majestic. You certainly are blessed to live in a beautiful part of the country, and to have children who love you so much. I love you too! xoxo

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary!! We will be celebrating our 25th on May 28th :-) I am so very sorry to hear about Cole's passing. They are such a big part of our families. I totally understand losing your mom, it makes Mother's Day very difficult. I only had my mom 43 years and it was not long enough. I miss her terribly. Sending big hugs to you. I love your photos of the Tetons and the old cemetery, I like looking through them too. Hope you have a good week.


Shug said...

I am late, late catching up on post. I know just how difficult this Mother's Day was for you. My mom passed away in 2005 and it seems that each Mother's Day is just the same.....I missed her as much this MD as I did that first year without her. My prayers for you sweet friend. Happy Late Anniversary Wishes. So sorry about Cole...difficult times like this calls for much prayer from your friends... Enjoy your weekend and many Blessings.

Sue said...

I too enjoy visiting cemeteries, reading headstones, there is so much history there. I too have been absent from blogging, we stay so busy at the farm, and had the most wonderful visit from family!
I know exactly how you feel with the loss of Cole, we lost our Jack last August, he stills seems so much a part of our lives.
My thoughts and prayers for you on the Mothers Day absence of your Mother, I am so blessed to still have mine with me,Wishing you and your dear family a most blessed and Happy Memorial Day weekend.