Saturday, February 9, 2019

My Daybook for February . . .

Today . . . February 9, 2019.  I'm a little late welcoming February, but I'm still very happy to see her arrive!  We had the flu hit our house, and I have to say I havn't been that sick for many years, it was horrible!

Looking out my window . . . Today, it's cold outside, overcast and looking like it might snow.  We are suppose to get some snow tomorrow with high winds, always fun driving weather... ;0)  Last week, it snowed about 5 inches with much more in the mountains, where we need it, and I like it.  I have to say, I'm really looking forward to warmer days, with no's time.

On my playlist . . .

Earlier this week, I was watching a Time Life advertisement for 60's country music, my favorite country music era.  Now, something you may not know about me is that I am a music junky, I have soooo much music downloaded on my computer, so much that I actually have to put it on a different drive.  So, I came in an looked up the playlists for the CD's and low and behold, I had almost every one of the songs on my computer!  I have always loved Jim Reeves, and thought some of you might enjoy this classic of his.  I can remember listening to this song when I was little, I just thought his voice was dreamy!

What am I thinking . . . I have been thinking about spring always think about the things you can't do when you are sick, right?!  I really do have a plan and next week it's going to happen.  It always sneaks up on me, I think I have plenty of time to do Spring cleaning, and then it gets warm, and I find myself outside, not wanting to be inside cleaning...I can see some of you agreeing with me!  I thought this schedule looked doable.


I'm thankful for . . . I'm so thankful for good friends and family, they are my lifeline, the ones I always turn to when I need a shoulder, a smile a laugh or a good cry.  Many of you are included on this list, though you may not even know it.  Your blogs always cheer me up, make me think good thoughts and try be a better person...thank you!

Something I love . . . I love the artwork of, Cecily Mary Barker.  She just knows how to capture all those beautiful little details of fairies and children. 

I'm wearing . . .  Jeans and a favorite oversized mom uniform.

Creativity . . .  Well, I have to admit I haven't been very creative lately, unless turning on the bread maker counts.  Let's see...I have been on Pinterest a lot lately, does that count?

In my kitchen . . . Not much has been happening in the kitchen lately.  I ordered pizza last night because I just couldn't get too enthused about cooking.  That said, I am going to make some Valentine sugar cookies next week.  I can remember always making sugar cookies for Valentines Day when I was growing up,  I even have my mother's heart cookie cutter to cut them with. 

This is a tried and true cookie recipe.


1 cup sugar put in bowl with
3 cups sifted flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking powder

Cut into this mixture 1 cup shortening.  When well mixed add:

1/2 cup sour cream
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla

Grate rind of 1 lemon or orange into dough, if desired.  Chill dough and then roll out and cut.  Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes.  This is a good recipe for making holiday cookies to be frosted. 

Just sayin' . . . Think about this . . .

Be safe sweet friends XOXO

Hugs and Love,


Jill said...

Thank you for sharing his song, I love all kinds of music too! I have Amazon Prime, its so nice because you can browse the music for free and create all kinds of playlists. Love Cecily Marie Barker too, such beautiful photos.... I'm sorry to hear you had the flu, I hope you are feeling much better! You mention snow and this past week we've had temperatures near the 70's!! :-) This weekend back in the 40's it's crazy, lol. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Anonymous said...

Barb, I am glad you are on the mend. I have not even thought about spring cleaning. Maybe if I move, I won't have to! ♥

Love Cecily Marie Barker and all things fairies!

Rest well, dear Barb!

Vee said...

Barb, I am so sorry that your family and you have been so sick with the flu. Sounds as if you are getting back in the swing of things.

The mention of Jim Reeves brought back a memory of learning he had died. We were at the cottage so it must have been summertime. My mother was quite upset and wept. My dad just turned on his heel and walked right out the door and up the back path. I didn’t know what to think, but it was a sad day. Reeves was only 40. My mother was only 29; my dad 34. Wonder what singer today would be comparable for young folks.

Happy spring cleaning! I am happy to say that because I follow FlyLady, I don’t have spring cleaning. What I do have is major decluttering and I definitely will not be using the KonMari method to do it! 😊

Kerin said...

Oh drat! Sorry to hear that you guys got sick!
Hopefully your on the mend, and feeling peachy once more.
Love the music. I love lots of music too!
Another blogger has an old radio and puts her bluetooth speaker behind it, then plays music off off her playlist. I think that is such a great idea, as I have an old 1940's radio (still works, though only AM of course, and you have to wait for the tubes to warm up) and I think it would be so fun to 'listen' to my old playlist that way!

Spring cleaning is going on around here too. Lots of dejunking and downsizing!

The sugar cookie recipe sounds yummy. My mom always added lemon zest, or orange zest to her sugar cookies as well. Made all the difference!
I had a sugar cookie from Kneaders, and it had a bit of a lemony flavor, so I'm guessing they do the same thing.

Stay warm, take care of you and we'll all keep moving forward towards spring :)

Christine said...

I really like it when others post a favorite recipe. I run to get paper and pencil. Your recipe is perfect for Valentine cookies!

Hope everyone at your home is doing well. It's now over here!

LeAnn said...

Oh, my dearest friend, it is so good to be back reading your blog posts. I took a month off of blogging and it was hard not to come in and read my favorites. However, I learned somethings about myself and my priorities. I'm going to slow down a bit.
I was very sad to hear that you had the flu. It is horrible. We came up for Travis' two boys ordinations and didn't stay after at all or stay with Amber and James as planned for fear of catching the flu. Remember, we had it coming home from Hawaii. It was the worst.
I do love your taste in music. I need to listen to music more than I do; I miss it. I have all the love songs from the 60's and I should be playing them right now.
I can hardly wait to give my home a deep cleaning. It won't happen until my daughter moves out but I should at least start my bedroom. Thanks for the chart and link.
I'm deeply thankful for you dear friends and wish we lived closer.
I do love your humor and it's always fun to be with you guys and of course that daughter we share.
Thank you for the sugar cookies recipe. I am going to try it. I haven't been good at making Valentine cookies. I don't know why but it is never to late to start; right?
Sending you lots of loving thoughts, love and hugs your way!

Sue said...

As always I am so encouraged when I visit with you, Barb, you and I have very similar taste in music, Jim Reeves is a favorite of mine, I think I have a 78rpm record somewhere around. Like you, my family and friends are my rock, and my blogging friends I truly value. Thanks for the recipe, I have wanted to try some sugar cookies to send to the grandkids, one called last evening and asked for more, they live in Oklahoma.
I have already started my spring cleaning, I started earlier this year simply because it takes me longer, this 31 day list looks like a great idea. So happy you are feeling better,
Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment.

Terra said...

I like that song. I bought a CD player and am going to look at my old CDs and buy some new ones. I think Jim Reeves recorded some hymns which I would like. I am so old school with music, none on my 2 computers.

Marie Rayner said...

I always love your Daybooks Barb! I love Jim Reeves also. I think its because his singing reminds me of my parents when they were younger and would get all dolled up to go to a dance and perhaps share a step or two in the living room for us kids. We are so much on the same page/wave length, are you sure we aren't twins? Love you to pieces my sweet friend! xoxo