Monday, July 16, 2018

My Daybook . . .

LOOKING OUT MY WINDOW...It's hot, hot, hot outside, but, I love these warm summer days, they remind me so much of when I was a teenager.  When I was young, we didn't have blow dryers, so, on hot summer days when the wind was blowing, I would go outside and dance around in the wind.  My hair was dry in no time!  My flowers are also loving these warm summer days, they are blooming and growing like mad.

I AM THINKING . . . I have been trying to simplify my home, and my life, so that has been on my mind lately.  The other day I took two garbage bags full of "stuff" out of the main bathroom...and I'm still not finished!  It's amazing how much you can put in a large cupboard!  But the satisfaction factor is wonderful.  I plan on taking one room at a time and go through every nook and cranny until it's all done.  I know it's an awful thought, but I don't want to leave a mess for my kids to have to go through when I am gone...not like I'm going anywhere soon... ;0)

I'M THANKFUL FOR . . . On Father's Day (wow, that was a long time ago!) all of my kids and grandkids were here.  What a blessing it is to live close to them.  And, I only see one cell phone!!  I'm also thankful for my husband, who is a wonderful father and grandpa.  

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS . . . Well, you know me...storm clouds and sunsets.  

I AM WEARING . . . Jeans and a t-shirt, my usual summer uniform.

I'M CREATING . . . My husband gave me this wonderful journal/tablet/art paper for Mother's Day.  It's full of wonderful thick paper so that I can start my "Junk Journal".  I may even use it for pencil sketches.  I can't wait to get started!

I'M READING. . . flight of the Sparrow, by Amy Belding Brown.  I just started it and so far it's wonderful.  

I'M LISTENING TO . . . Just about anything from, Katie Melua.  Right now, it's this beautiful song from the movie, Miss Potter...  

FROM MY KITCHEN . . . My son gave me these beautiful beets from his garden.  When he pulled them out of the ground they were the most gorgeous magenta, and when they were cooked they were golden with pink stripes...gorgeous and delicious!

I'M LEARNING . . . To take life one day at a time, to simplify where I can and not worry so much about the is good. 



photo by, Jens Myer


The most beautiful thing in the world is, 
of course, the world itself. 
~Wallace Stevens~

Hugs and Love,



  1. Ahhhhh...what a sweet and calming post. I need to follow your good advice...

  2. Another lovely post from you my dear friend! I loved every word and every photo. Of course, I see that some of those photos must be for me. We did discuss simplifying and I hope to do some too. We just have way too much stuff. Your Junk Journal sounds fun. I would love to see some of your sketches when you do them. The book looks good and I know you choose interesting ones.
    The beets look yummy and they are a favorite of mine.
    I really loved your country road photo; it brought back a quick memory of my Uncle’s ranch.
    Sending you lot of loving thoughts and so grateful we are friends and sisters at heart. Big hugs for you both!
    It was so fun to spend some moments with you both and our family.

  3. I think those are called chioggia beets. They look so pretty.

    Your summer plans look like such a great idea. When we moved a year and a half ago, that was what I had in mind. I had a yard sale, DI'd stuff and threw stuff out.

    Your family is beautiful. I love that picture of them through the screen.

  4. Sweet Barb, like a bad penny, I have returned! I am your newest follower. ♥ I look forward to catching up and seeing so many of your beautiful photographs.

  5. I always love your day books Barb. It is like sitting down with you and having a great catch up and a natter. I have ordered that book to read. I normally read on the kindle, but it wasn't available on Kindle, looks so good however, so I must read and I know Todd will enjoy it also. Those beets look fabulous. I adore beetroot. One of my favourite vegetables. Loved the photo of your grands. Your sky photos are amazing, but I especially love the one with the glowing red orb in the sky Beautiful, and no surprise here, I also love Katey Melua. We are so much alike, I know we would be great friends in real life. Wish we lived closer! Thanks for the wonderful catch up. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend. Happy Sabbath day! Love you oodles and oodles. XOXO


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