Friday, March 23, 2018

Birthday Madness . . .

This month has been full of birthdays, lots of cake and ice cream, root-beer floats and fun!  Yesterday was my sweet mother's birthday...she turned 90!  She said that she never thought she would be 90 years old, and wanted to know how in the world that happened...she's adorable!  My sister and I brought her her favorite meal - hamburgers and fries from, Jack in the Box, she loved it, kept telling us how delicious the lettuce was!

The staff at her care center brought a card table into her room so that we could eat privately.  They curled her hair put a little make-up on her and gussied her all up with a pink crown...they are an amazing bunch of ladies who we appreciate and love.  They were going to make cookies for her later that day...90 is something to celebrate!!  Mom had a fun birthday dinner, but she was totally worn out when we left.  We tucked her in for a nap and she was a happy girl.  She was one year older, full of her favorite food, all cuddled up in her favorite blanket, and very loved.

We also celebrated, Christian, my oldest grandson's birthday last week - 19 years old!  He's all grown up, going to college and loving life.  Christian has always been such a sweet boy, he loves his grandma, and isn't afraid to say it, I love that about him.  We went to dinner with him and his family, trust me, it's always a fun time when we are together, lots of giggles and smiles!  He's a wonderful grandson, smart, handsome, and we just adore and love him.  

Another grandson, Brody turned 14, and we had such a fun time with him for his big day, never a dull moment when he is around!  His dad made all of us a steak dinner with all the fixin's, it was delicious!   This boy never ceases to amaze me, he's smart, fun, a self-proclaimed nerd, and proud of it!  We love him!  He is going to go to Washington, DC this summer on a history tour and he is so excited!  He loves history and can't wait to see it ALL!  

Last but not least, (we still have one more!) Caleb turned 10 years old!!  He's the cute boy in red.  His family sent me this photo from Florida, where they are enjoying the sunshine for spring break, and getting sunburned.  He decided to have root-beer floats for his birthday, I think he was tired of cake too... ;0)  He's an amazing boy - thoughtful, kind, generous, smart, cute and growing up way too fast! We love this boy to pieces! 

I'm watching this cute little guy, while my daughter and her family are having fun out of town...he's always cuddled under his blankets, so cute!

Cole dog is loving these warmer days, he couldn't wait to go out and roll around in the...greenish, grass.

Well, I guess I better get busy, with all of these birthdays my house has been neglected...I'm not even kidding... ;0)  

Bob went golfing, the sun is shining, and it's not freezing outside,  It's a great day!!  Be safe and enjoy life wherever you are today!

Hugs and Love,


  1. Barb,
    The staff at the care center sound wonderful, and caring. It's nice to know your mother is taken care of. It looks like she had a delightful day. You are a good daughter.
    How fun to celebrate birthdays for all of your grandsons. Family fun, for sure.
    Oh, and let's not forget doggie time. Aren't pets a joy to have around?!
    Looks like you are enjoying life to the fullest..............
    Love - Marsha

  2. Oh the Happy of Happiest Birthdays shared by all!! You have been a busy girl. Your mom is amazing, 90 is truly something to celebrate and she did it in style.Pink crown and all. Your grandsons are such handsome young men, it warms my heart how much they love their grandma, just shows how special you are to them! Wow, what a lovely family photo, and by the beach too! There is nothing like a beach vacation, you can never go wrong there. We get the privilege of also babysitting our granddog, he even knows when they say 'do you want to go to grandmas house?" He gets all excited and waits by their door until they are ready to go haha.
    Have a great weekend Barb,

  3. That is a lot of birthdays! That's how February and March are in our family!
    Such a great picture of your mother! She's adorable. Personally I'm a fan of jack in the box tacos. Love them.

    Your grandkids are so cute.

    The housework will always be there, in the meantime, you are super-grandma!

  4. Sweet Barb, what wonderful birthday and birthday food (root beer floats!!). Your mother is my kind of lady. I love hamburgers and fries! No better way to spend a birthday in my opinion! xo

  5. My dearest friend, I loved this fun post on birthdays. Number one your Mom is adorable in her crown and her day sounds awesome and I loved how she ended it all cuddled up in her blanket. What a fun memory to have. 90 years old is a big one and I am so happy she had an extra sweet celebration.
    Oh, how I love that Grandson of ours. He is such a marvelous young man. He is very thoughtful with me and I love it when he tells me he loves me too. You other Grandson's are adorable and I really enjoyed all the photos.
    We did have such a delightful time with James, Amber, Taylor Jo and Averi. It was the best visit every. We just visited the hours away.
    Sending loving thought and big hugs your way to the two of you!

  6. I missed this... And it’s a great one! Happy Birthday to all these amazing people from the 90-year-old 💕 to the 10-year-old! 🍦Families are great!


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