Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Snowy Night . . .

On Sunday, Mother Nature decided that we needed a little excitement in our neck of the woods . . . it snowed 4 inches!  It wasn't a surprise, we knew we would get a little snow, but we didn't expect that much, it was really pretty!

Marie, this is for you, a video of the falling snow, and Cole dog saying, "Hello", and telling you all about it!

After all the snow had fallen, and things had settled down a bit, this is what I saw out my back window . . . 

the lights from the city and fresh new snow.   It really was very beautiful!  

This morning I saw two big Eurasian Doves flying around the bird feeders.  They were wanting to pick up seeds that the sparrows droped on the ground, but they were in the snow, and they didn't want to get in the snow.   They were so funny just flapping around the bird feeder!  I only had my cell phone, so the photo isn't very sharp, but they were so cute.

This one is really fuzzy...sorry.

On Monday we had to go to the foot doctor for a check up . . . Bob's foot is doing wonderful, the Dr. said that he will take the bandage off on Friday, Bob is so happy about that, the boot is really uncomfortable, and he has a bit of a problem sitting still... :0)   These cute little ducks are always right next the the Dr.'s Office, they were so cute, out enjoying the snow.

The roads were really slick driving into town, needless to say, that did not make my passenger very happy (Mr. Bob), I think he almost had a heart attack several times - I'm not a bad driver, we made it there and back safe and sound.  We only had to make a few stops - Sam's Club, Hobby Lobby,  Our favorite Mexican restaurant, you know, the important places!  Bob was a good sport, he only sat in the car at Hobby Lobby... ;0)

I'm putting my tree up tomorrow!  My daughter is coming to help me - Bob is still not able to put much weight on his foot.  I can't wait...it's time!

Have a great week!!

Hugs and Love,



  1. It looks like you win, in the snow department....we only received a skiff. Thank you for taking the snow...I'm really not ready for it, yet.
    I'm thinking you had a good time watching your doves. Birds are fun to watch, aren't they?!
    Glad to hear that Bob's foot is doing so well and that you were able to show him how good of a driver you are.
    I put my tree up a few days ago. Easiest tree ever! Last year I got lazy and set my tree on a king-sized sheet, put an extra large garbage over the top then tied it all up in a nice little package and took it to the attic. When I was ready to do the tree this year, all I had to do was unwrap it an voila, tree done, totally!
    Enjoy your snow, my friend - Marsha

  2. We were suppose to get a a couple of inches and only got a few flurries. It is very cold today. I am so happy that Bob's foot is doing well and he gets the bandages of on Friday. Roger does not like me to drive in the snow with him at all. So funny, I think it is a man thing.
    Loved your photos and I liked them all. I didn't think they look blurry. They kind of had an old fashioned look to them.
    Have fun getting your tree up. I want photos! Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way!

  3. Hi Barb! I just found your blog and absolutely love your photos. We haven't seen any snow yet here in the Midwest. I feel a little glum about it, but on the other hand, I hate driving in it.

    We get a live free so I'm going to go Friday to our nursery. I'm hoping I can snag one of the kid (young adults) to help me decorate. They have homes of their own now, so it's hard to pin them down!

    Stay warm and dry!


  4. Barb, I'm so glad that Bob's foot is on the mend. I hope your roads aren't too bad. My husband doesn't want me to drive him even in the best of weather! Glad you were able to go out to eat, Sam's Club, and Hobby Lobby! ♥

  5. I'm jealous for two reasons: Snow, and Hobby Lobby. (We have neither where I live. Snow I haven't seen in about a decade and even that was barely a dusting, and the nearest Hobby Lobby is an hour away. I LOVE Hobby Lobby!!!!! It's the best place on earth; after Disney World of course).


  6. The snow really adds to the Christmas season and I'm glad you were able to get to your husbands appointment safely. My husband has a heart attack when I drive too even without snowy conditions. Not that I'm a bad driver, but because he's not in control haha. I'm excited for you to have your tree up!! Those doves look so pretty and happy there is food to eat.
    I'm a huge Hobby Lobby fan, best store around in my book!

  7. Barb, we have had snow this weekend, but I am so sorry that I didn't get around to seeing your post sooner. I just know that the video and greetings from Cole Dog would have put a huge smile on my face, but they did anyways. Love all that you share. I am grateful that I no longer have to maneuver in snow like I did back in Canada. I never thought much about it then. It was just normal I guess! Its not normal now! I just wish I had the courage to drive at all over here! Alas, I do not! Its so scary, even without snow! Happy to read that Bob's foot is healing well. God bless, love and hugs. xoxo


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