Sunday, November 19, 2017

My Week-end in a Nutshell . . .

It was a slow week-end, it was cold so I spent most of the time inside!
On Saturday, we went and watched Taylor ride and learn a few new things at her riding clinic.  

Amber, James and Averi came to watch too.  I loved this photo of, James and Averi.  She even brought her horse, Hillary, to the riding clinic... have I told you how much I love this girl?  

Then we went out for  lunch where I enjoyed a pumpkin-spice milkshake!  Well, this isn't exactly what it looked like, but it was so yummy, I love pumpkin spice everything and try to enjoy it while I can.  By the way, there's nothing wrong with enjoying pumpkin spice in July...just so you know!

Later, my son came over to barrow a few things and get some advise about Salmon fishing...not like he needs it, he just wanted to talk about fishing with his dad.  He's going Salmon fishing for the next week, while his wife and kids are in Arizona, enjoying Thanksgiving with her sister and soaking up the sun!  

After he left, I went outside and took a few pictures of this gorgeous sunset...  

These two were from the night blessed.

Then I went in the house and talked my husband into watching this movie with me...

The Holiday, is one of my favorite Christmas movies - It's not for kids, just grown-ups...;0)  The cast is wonderful, and it makes me laugh and cry...two things that are a must for a Christmas movie, don't you think?!  

This photo has nothing to do with my week-end, but it does make me think about, Thanksgiving.   A few  years ago we were camping and made friends with some turkey's . . .

this was the nicest turkey!!  Maybe that's why we are having ham for Thanksgiving... ;0)

Have a wonderful, busy week!!

Hugs and Love,


  1. Oh Barb....I love everything about this post.....from the gorgeous horse and rider....down to the beautiful Turkey. You always have the most exciting things to post about and such amazing pictures. Your family is all so good looking! I (envy) your cold weather....Happy Thanksgiving week to all of you....ENJOY!

  2. Barb,

    Oh how I miss my riding days. Before I got married, I rode horses, a lot........... Talor and Averie look like such sweet grands!

    Let's hear it for pumpkin, anything.........Summer, Winter, Spring & Fall!

    Your photos never seem to amaze me. Each and every one of your photos have such a beauty in them.

    I have never seen "The Holiday". I guess I will need to add it to my bucket list of movies, which is actually miles long. I rarely take the time to watch movies, which is sad because I totally enjoy watching movies.

    Tee-hee-hee, your comment about the turkeys and eating ham for Thanksgiving made me chuckle, out loud.

    Take Care, My Friend - Marsha

  3. Barb, that milkshake looks so sticky on the outside! :-)

    What fun with the horses and grandchildren. The clouds are beautiful.

    And the sunsets.... I need to visit you!

    I've seen The Holiday and I enjoy it too. I especially love the English Cottage. I want to live there!! xo

  4. I love The Holiday! It's a great movie! I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. Oh my dear sister friend, You are so awesome! Of course, I loved all the beautiful photos of our dear granddaughter and the awesome photo of my son and our sweet Averi.
    Lunch and a pumpkin spice shake; so yummy!
    Your sunset photos are stunning and of course they could make a great graphic.
    Love the turkey photo and thought! Are you really just having Ham?
    Sending lots of love, hugs and wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving moment!


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