Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Not so . . . Picture Perfect

I think it 's wonderful how we always try to put our best foot forward when we are blogging, I really do.  I want people to see the good side of me, not the everyday side of me.  But, that said, this is my journal, and I do want my children and grandchildren to know that sometimes most days are not, "picture perfect." Sometimes I look at other peoples blogs and think . . . I wish I could be that good at cooking or that good at, this or that.  Or . . . I wish my home looked that clean and wonderful all the time . . . or ever . . . sigh.

Well, I'm here to tell you that no matter what you think, things are not always what they seem, not for me or for anyone else.  Take this photo for example...

This is a normal day at my house.  Not sure what this steer was up to - but really?!  This is how most of my days go, not even kidding!  I guess some days, you just need to scratch . . .  :0)

And how did this happen . . . I don't even know how or when I took this photo, but it was on my phone!

And of course, here I am watching, Dancing with the Stars.  My socks were on skitty-wampus, and there is a hole in the toe of one of them, underneath the socks, my nail polish is coming off of my toes, and I sure could use a pumice stone!  I had to put my feet up, because the horses got out a little earlier in the evening and my feet hurt after chasing them down the road.  This is all after we had the, mobile-butcher, come to get the cows that same morning.  I took a shower and turned the music up LOUD while that was going on...I'm not good with that kind of thing.  Again, a normal day.

And really, let's get serious here, at some point during my family gatherings, THIS happens- how many cell phones can you count in this photo?!  And is Christina putting a hex on someone?!  Maybe she's just pointing out  who should be off of their phones.  We really DO have fun when we are together, but there are always these wonderful moments that don't make the blog-cut . . . like this one.  We truly do love each other, and most of the time we actually talk to each other.  And our poor shed . . . one day we will get some real doors on it.  Of course we've been saying that for the past 6 years!!  They don't bother us though, I just call them curtains.

And this photo is one of my all-time favorites . . . bottoms up!  Tanny just loved drinking out of the water cooler, without a cup!  The funny thing about this photo is that this boy doesn't wear diapers!  He got his pants wet,  and so we put a diaper on him so he would feel dry, which in turn, made his pants too tight, and no matter what we did, they just slipped down . . . I love this photo . . . life just happening before my eyes.   And please don't look at these poor stairs that need sanded and re-finished, they look very sad.  We will try to get it done before the snow flies.

I usually try to take a look at the sunset each night - Mother Nature's sunsets are, always usually beautiful . . . but not always, this one just barely passed the pretty test.

And here's the view I look at most every night as I am watching TV, crocheting or napping, and before I go to bed.  What you don't see are my sandals on the floor, the books on the hearth, the tissues sitting on the side table, the yarn and crochet hooks next to me and the dust on the furniture.  But, I love this view,  mostly because this is where I live, love, work, play, pray and love my family, no matter how ordinary and normal we are - normal is amazing, and just how I want it to stay!

I sure do love to all of you, normal . . . amazing people out there!

Hugs and Love,



  1. I loved this post, Barb! My house is definitely lived in and you will find a kitty cat draped over the furniture or perched on the kitchen table at any given moment. Their toys are apt to be scattered on the floor. Nothing perfect to be found here! lol! Normal it is and I love it too. Loved the photo of your grandson getting a drink and the cow scratching it's fanny. ha! Have a good week! Hugs, Cheryl

  2. So good to know you are perfect!!! Seriously I love it. Imperfect perfection.
    The cell phone picture cracked me up. I'm tempted to take all cell phones away during Thanksgiving dinner this year. (Obviously we have that same problem and I'm stressed about it already.)

    Hugs and loves!

  3. You are so right, Barb, Normal is amazing, I could have written this post too, I have made the mistake of thinking some have the perfect life and home, but I step back and look at my live with all of it's ups and downs and say " no way is their life perfect or different from mine." I love my life with all these ups and downs because I know that there is One who is in charge. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  4. Yes! Our 'garage' doors look a little like yours. And we have those exact steps coming off our side door! I'm with you about being real. I often wish I had her house or their yard... but you know, I absolutely love my life and wouldn't change it for anything!

  5. Barb, you are beautiful inside and out every day! I love seeing all your everydayness! Too cute your grandson drinking out of the cooler! xo

  6. I love this post, and even more that you are a farm girl!! Chasing horses and all. I think we all have he same problem with family and cell phones. It's like we need to have a cell phone basket that everyone puts their phone in when they arrive. Except me of course cause I"m the one taking the pictures haha.
    Glad to know you are just like the rest of us!!
    Have a good weekend Barb!

  7. Barb, like you, I long for more reality in the blogs I read. I fear that always only showing the “good” stuff sets too high a bar for people who can easily become disatisfied with their own lives. With all of its imperfections and flaws life is still a very beautiful thing. Loved this post. I try to keep things very real on my page and even on my food blog. You get me as my late friend Angie used to say, “warts an all!”. I wish more people did the same. Having said that though I still enjoy seeing beautiful things, xoxo


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