Friday, October 6, 2017

A Few things for Friday . . .

Gabriel Evans

"October is crisp days and cool nights, a time to curl up around the dancing flames and sink into a good book."
~John Sinor~

Now that's my idea of spending a cool, October afternoon, nothing better than a good book!  It's cool here today, a bit windy, but the sun is shining and that makes everything so pretty!

A week or so ago, my husband brought home some wonderful dishes that he bid on at an auction . . . and won . . . he's kind of sweet like that.  They are, Mar-Crest Stoneware and I just love them.  I already had a few other pieces that my mother had given me.  We used them at the cabin when we were kids.  Many of them got broken through the years, but I have always cherished the ones that survived.  I don't use them as often as I'd like, but, I'll have fun using them this year - I have plates, bowls, cups and a couple of casserole dishes, this really topped off my collection. 

 I finally got around to putting up a few of my favorite fall decorations.  I've really cut back on what I put up.  I only have one small bin, and that's okay, less is more for me these days.

My mums love this cool weather as much as I do.  I love the little yellow and orange mums.   I bought extra for, Memorial Day, planted them, and waited.  I really love them.


Something I always do when the tomatoes are ripe . . . I make chili sauce!  It's something that we use like ketchup, we love it!  It's not hot, but it is sweet and spicy in a very good way.  Thanks to my generous son and his wife, we had more than enough tomatoes to make two batches.

Speaking of sweet and spicy . . . this boy spent the morning with us a few days ago.  Tanner is just the sweetest, spiciest, little bundle of happiness!  We had fun drawing monsters, his latest obsession!  And just so you know . . . he's not scared of monsters . . . :0)

Have a wonderful week-end where ever you are!  Stay safe...

Hugs and Love,



  1. Dear Barb,
    Such a beautiful, warm post!
    Your space here looks so warm and cozy all dressed up for fall. : )
    I too love a windy afternoon and a good book...add a cup of coffee or tea?
    Your little one is so precious!
    I hope you have a cozy, fun, fall weekend, my friend!

  2. Barb, Happy October little mice! They have the right plan for an October evening! I've not heard of those dishes before but they are gorgeous! Such a rich color and extra special as they remind you of your childhood. Yum chili sauce and your grandson is my kind of boy ~ Monsters!! Love & Hugs!

  3. Hi Barb, your pretty dishes brings back some nice memories. My mother had a few pieces and she used the pitcher to keep a sweet potato vine in. I remember it growing across the top part of a divider between the kitchen and dining area.
    Your house looks pretty and I love the fall decor. I'll be glad for some cooler, book reading weather! Your grandson is a cute little guy and I'm glad he isn't afraid of monsters. I'll bet he's looking forward to Halloween! Have a nice weekend! xo Cheryl

  4. Oh that little grandson of yours is adorable. I love you deicration. I loved that your sweet husband bought the dishes for you at an auction. The photos of the flowrs are so lovely. I liked your decorations too. I love that you are blogging more. It is a favorite. I just want to come and spend a day with you. I liked the idea of reading that novel. However, I still haven't had a moment to open one. Hopefully soon. I am so happy that James and Amber and our dear grandchildren are here.
    Sarish go her mission call to the Sacramento California mission. That is the mission that Roger served in. It was all of Northern California. Thanks for you awesome comments today on my post. I just love you so much! You two are the best!

  5. Love your fall decorations, Barb, I think I went a little overboard this year, now in a few weeks I must find a place for them, ~smile~ Your grandson, Tanner looks so sweet, and the stoneware is priceless, my dh loves to surprise me like this.
    Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment.

  6. What a sweet sweet post Barb, not the least of which is that adorable grandson of yours! What a dear husband you have to buy you that lovely stone Wear! Love your decorations also. Truly less IS more! Love and hugs! Xoxo


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