Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Wild, Wild, West . . . Part 2 . . .

Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us!

The kids always have such a good time when we're together.  They made mud pies, or should I say, clay pots, shot guns, took long walks and found a few heads . . . that's right a few heads!  Tanner,  my 3 year old grand, came running into camp one afternoon informing us that they had just found some . . .mannequin heads!  We were very shocked to say the least, but they did find mannequin heads . . . floating in a pond . . . eeekkkk!

I know, creepy huh?!  Even more creepy when you find it in your trailer, planted by someone with the best of intentions, or in the outhouse, or in the trees . . . hehehehe!  We kept one of them just for the fun and games we can have with it!  I know I have a sick sense of humor.  We kept the one without so much hair, he was less creepy.

One day, we painted rocks.  It's amazing how fun it is to paint a rock and turn it into something beautiful!

Amber painted a rock for Averi in Braille - she loved it!  It says, seven Tuesday.  Averi loves numbers and days, that must have been her favorite for that day!

The finished products - they turned out to be really cute. I hope they put them in the garden, or in their bedroom to remember who much fun they had painting them. 

This rock was fun.  It had a big hole in it, so Taylor painted it like a mouth with a tongue.  We put eyes on it, but I don't think I took a picture of it, dang!  We sound like a bunch of creepsters!

Jessica brought a pinata, just for fun, and it was fun and funny to watch the kids swinging at it.  I think the grownups had as much fun watching as the kids had swinging.

Horseshoes was a big hit as well . . . looks like somebody is getting a horseshoe throwing lesson!  I'm not sure who is teaching who!

I think Jessica's shirt says it all . . . stay true, shine bright, love more.

We had such a good time!  I'm looking forward to next year, already making plans and menus!  

Hugs and Love,


  1. Those mannequin heads are super creepy! What a strange thing to find them floating in a creek! It looks like you all had a great time and I love that you painted rocks to bring home as souvenirs! Great idea!

  2. What fun ideas! Also, how did your grandkids get so big!? They should all still babies!

  3. Barb, those mannequins are creepy! It looks like everyone had a good time with them though! :-). Love all the rock painting. So much fun ♥

  4. Hey Barb.....I sure have missed you! I guess I need to try visiting more often! lol. Those heads made me laugh. I can just imagine the kids faces when they saw those things in the river! You have a beautiful family and they sure know how to have fun....I'm guessing you are the corridinator of all this fun. The ROCK craze has really hit here in our area. Every where we go, we find painted rocks that have been hidden. The kids love finding them. check out Tyler, Texas Rocks. there are so many pretty painted rocks. I always enjoy your post of your family and the fun things you all do....hugs

  5. It looks like you know how to keep the grands entertained....or is it the other way around. Not sure what to think about that mannequin head but I am laughing at the expression on those girls faces.
    It looks like such a lovely camping site. That is the only way to camp, not in some crowded organized campground.

    Love the rock painting! My granddaughter and I did that while she was here. It is very cathartic.

  6. Fun photos! The mannequin heads are a bit creepy, but I can see they were good for a lot of laughs. The rock painting looks like a lot of fun and make wonderful souvenirs! I'm betting it was a bit sad to pull out of that beautiful camping spot. Glad you had such a great time! Enjoy your day and Happy August to you!

  7. Oh my gosh, first how did you get the cool western music to play along with your photo's? I absolutely love it!! Your pictures really show a good time and those heads oh my golly what a find. I'd love to know the story behind that. Your' little horse shoe throwers are so adorable . What a fun time for your family!!!

  8. I'm going to admit right now that I have probably already spent too much time wondering how in the world those mannequin heads ended up in that pond in the first place. LOL

  9. Yes, a little creepy... ha! Fun to see all your fun!

  10. Oh my gosh, this is such an awesome post of your family adventure. The photos were fantastic. You grandchildren are just so adorable. Yes, I must say that finding the heads would have creeped me out. Who does those kinds of things?? Funny but scary too!
    I really like the rock painting idea. I think Aver's rock; rocks! I love her and her numbers.
    I just saw a photo of a grandmother that had a rock garden with painted rocks with her grandchildren's names on them. I loved that idea.
    Pinuta's are always so fun and the picturs tell the tale on that one. Of course, I loved the horseshoes. Your grandchildren look like they have got it all together on that one.
    Loved all the photos and of course those of my grandkids were spectacular.
    Love you much dear friends! Hugs~


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