Monday, July 31, 2017

The Wild, Wild, West . . . Part 1 . . .

"Forget not that the earth delights to 
feel your bare feet, and the winds long to play with your hair."
~Khalil Gilbran~

We just returned from a four day camping trip with two of my children and their families . . . talk about the wild, wild, west!!  I was so sad to see it end, but we had so much fun making memories.

Here we are at our campsite all set up and ready to go!   

These little boys were ready to go have some fun!  Notice how clean they are - just wait, we had a creek next to the camp!

Caleb showing off his bow and arrow skills - he's pretty good!

One reason I love this particular area is that the clouds are just amazing - big, white, billowy clouds all the time,and the sunsets are just gorgeous!

The first day we had quite a rain storm, but after the rain storm came rainbows!  

This rainbow was a crazy one, it was above us!  I've never seen anything like it.

My son in law, with the some of the kids unloading firewood, campfires are a necessity!

We had the most amazing campfire one night.  My daughter put a piece of green hose inside of a copper tube that had holes drilled in it.  She  just threw it in the fire and this is what happened . . . pretty amazing, right?! 

More to come . . . 

Hugs and Love,


  1. Barb, what wonderful memories you must be making with your family as you go camping! LOVE the clouds. The look fluffy and delicious! xo

  2. Oh Barb, these are some the most beautiful photos I've seen this summer! What gorgeous scenery and the! You and your family make camping look like such fun. I would have hated to leave, too. Hope you'll keep sharing more of your photos!
    Hugs, Cheryl

  3. Hello Barb!
    What an amazing trip for your family!!!!
    What wonderful memories you made!!!

  4. You had me with the very first photo.......Totally Awesome! Sounds like great family time. Your rainbow in the sky looks something like iridescent clouds. I've never seen them but my sister took photos of them a few years back. They are beautiful. I've gone back and looked at your photos three times...wonderful photography.

  5. Hi Barb. Looks like a wonderful family campout and such amazing photos! Hope you continue to enjoy your summer!

  6. Wow, my dear friend this looks like such an awesome place to camp. I love to read about and see photos of your fun moments with your children and grandchiildren. Love it most since some of them are mine too. You always take amazing photos. The rainbows were unusual; I loved them. I love clouds and would like to laydown on the grass and look up at them more often.
    Those cute little grandkids are so adorable. Caleb looked great with that bow and arrow.
    The fire looked amazing! I don't think I have ever seen anything like that before.
    Love you dear friend and this was a great post about your adventure. Big hugs~


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