Sunday, May 22, 2016

And the Livin' is Easy . . .

Well, the livin' is easy now that we have all the work out of the way!  We have been so busy building fence, putting up gates, getting our yard in shape, making raised beds for my garden and basically, just working our tails off! 

It's been a long process, but we finally got all the fencing done, and the gates up, and that was a lot of work for two oldies. 

We have a post hole digger on the tractor, but you always have to clean out the hole before setting the post.  Thank goodness we had a few strong boys to help us, I don't know what we would do without them, they were a life-saver!

Can I just tell you how satisfying it is to look out my back door and see this fence done?  I love it!

The horses are back in the side pasture . . . and all is right with the world . . . well, sorta, a girl can dream, right?!

I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Idaho, the Lilacs have just been gorgeous!  This bush was just loaded, and the smell was amazing, too bad they don't last all year long.

 We my husband worked really hard one day last week to get these raised beds done, and I'm really going to love them.  I don't need as much garden since my kids have all left home, and I think these beds will be just perfect to plant a few tomatoes plants in.  I may plant a zucchini, and whatever else they will hold . . . but not a lot!  I guess we still have some work to do - getting the soil in them will be a big job as well, and my husband still has a few braces to put on the corners . . . and, we still need to plant the rest of the garden into grass.

Well, on to the next project, it's always something!  I'm anxiously waiting to have a spare moment to catch up on my blogging, I'm so far behind!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!



  1. Loved this post. Fence; horses; and those gorgeous lilacs. How I miss those.

  2. Barb,

    Your place looks so beautiful and green. Your lilacs are so pretty. Our lilacs are just barely starting to bud.....I'm hoping with all the rain and some sunshine, our bushes will be blooming soon.
    Now, go find a lawn chair, put up your feet, sit back, relax, and enjoy your accomplishments and the beauty that surrounds you.

    Take Care - Marsha

  3. Hi Barb! The fence looks so nice! And that lilac!! I don't think I've ever seen one quite that large. I can just imagine the scent wafting from that one! Love lilacs and I too wish they bloomed all summer. This is such a busy time of year and we've been busy doing yard work and trying to get back to work on the other house as well. So much to do and so little time (uh, I mean energy...ha!). I'm thinking of taking a blog break, but I'll still check in to see what my friends are up to when I have time. Take care and have a nice week! Hugs, Cheryl

  4. Lilacs are one of my favorites and your tree is just beautiful!! I bet the smell is heavenly. :-) Gorgeous horses and I love the fence and the raised flower beds! I have it on my honey to do list, lol but with just moving in not sure I will get him to get them done this summer ;-) But I am already missing my gardens. Nothing like fresh food straight from the back yard! Always a pleasure visiting your blog. Take care!


  5. Barb!! You and your husband are busy bees indeed! LOVE the pictures of the horses!

    I am finally feeling better and back to blogging at my homemaking blog. You are cordially invited! :-)

  6. Barb...
    I love your fence!!!!
    And that lilac bush!
    It is the biggest, most beautiful I've seen.
    I bet it smells amazing. : )
    Have a lovely evening!

  7. Oh my what a lovely fence! All that hard work paid off, don't you just love when projects get done!
    Be careful with planting 'a couple of tomato plants' They have a way of producing a ton of tomato's haha. Everything looks great, good work!

  8. Wow, your fence looks nice and you have really been working hard. I am happy you had the boys to help. I would like a garden just like yours but I don't think that will happen this year.
    I love lilac's and I too wish they would last longer. They are my favorite bush and I would love Roger to plant a couple more.
    Love and hugs for you two dear friends!

  9. You have a beautiful place. The fence, horses and well kept place are all the reward for all the hard work. Have a lovely week!

  10. The fence turned out terrific! It is so nice to have help though, I agree!
    Yes, your lilacs are gorgeous. They've been especially pretty here in Utah, as well, and the apricot trees are going to be loaded this year as well.

    We also need to get a couple of raised beds built, and finish the last section of the fence... etc.. etc... always a project to do, isn't there?

    Enjoy this weekend.

  11. Hey there Barb....I have sure missed chatting with you via the blog world. You sure have a beautiful place and those horses are so pretty. I would certainly enjoy seeing this fabulous view each morning. Y'all are sure doing it right with the raised beds. I know that you are sure going to enjoy some yummy veggies coming out of those big boxes. Hope life is going great for you and your family....and that you all will be able to enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend ahead of us. Be safe! Sweet hugs to you dear friend...

  12. wow, what a beautiful property you must have. Todd would love to have horses. You are so blessed. I have always wanted raised beds. I need to borrow your husband! haha God bless you day and week. xoxo


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