Friday, March 4, 2016

The cycle of life . . .

March is the beginning of our big birthday month.  Out of my 10 grandchildren, 7 of them were born in March.  Needless to say . . . it's a very busy time for me. Beginning on March 1st, we had a birthday for, Nathan, he turned 5!  We went to lunch with him and when they found out it was his birthday, they brought him a HUGE piece of chocolate cake with ice cream . . .

Between him and his brother, they ate the whole thing!

 This boy is such a wonderful little man.  He's smart, (almost too smart), sensitive, funny, thoughtful and all boy!  He shares a birthday with my sisters little granddaughter, Jane.  Nathan and Jane were born on the same day, at the same hospital, almost at the same time, within 45 minutes of each other.  The two moms, are very close and so that made it even more special.  These two little cuties live about 300 miles apart, so they only get to see each other once in a while.   On Nathan's birthday, one of things he asked me was, "Do you think Jane is having a fun birthday today?"  Always thinking of others...I'm pretty sure that Jane had a wonderful birthday as well!

This is the beautiful, Jane on her birthday.

My daughter and I both got Nathan, Ninja gear for his birthday, it was a good thing, because his little brother really loves Ninjas too!

Awesome Ninja moves!

Gotta love those pants . . . go Tanner!

My sister has had three new grandbabies in the past 5 months, so she has been a busy grandma.  My grandbaby days are over so I just love to go and visit her daughters after they have their babies.  Yesterday, on our weekly lunch date with my mom, we went and visited the newest baby, Adelyn. she is just adorable!

Isn't she a little doll!  

This is a picture of my sister when she was only five days old - I think there is definitely a family resemblance!

My mother also loves these little babies . . .she also has a birthday in March, she will be 88 years old.  Yes, the cycle of life . . . it will continue on and on.  

I feel so fortunate that we live when we do, so that we can document these wonderful moments and be able to look back and remember how wonderful it was to celebrate all of these birthdays.  I treasure them like fine jewels!



LeAnn said...

Your sweet grandchildren are so adorable and of course little Jane is acute one. I love the picture of you sister's grand baby. I especially love seeing your dear mother holding here. What a precious photo. Blessing and big hugs for you!

Marsha said...

Fun...what are the odds of getting 7 out of 10 grandchildren being born in March! a little boy thing, and fun.
Adelyn is a very beautiful baby. I love the picture of your mom holding the baby - precious.
Take Care, My Friend...

Anonymous said...

Barb, 7 birthdays! That's a lot of cake! But happy moments too!

Deb said...

What a blessing our families are! You have some sweet grandchildren and that baby is so sweet! Happy days to all of you!

Deb said...

What a blessing our families are! You have some sweet grandchildren and that baby is so sweet! Happy days to all of you!

Marie Rayner said...

Oh, I did laugh out loud at the Ninja's. How utterly sweet and heart warming. of course it all warms my heart. Family. It is everything. You are so blessed to have your family close to you. I love the photo of your mum with your niece. How positively wonderful. My mum will be 84 on her Birthday in July. I wish I could be there. Blessings and hugs. xoxo