Thursday, September 17, 2015

Falling into Fall . . .

On our way home from the cabin, I took some pictures of the Fall colors.  It's hard to believe that the trees are starting to change already!  The weather man has even said the word . . . snow . . . in his forecast!

I have been busy making chili sauce, it's one of our favorite condiments, we eat it on everything, just like some people eat ketchup!  I love the way it makes my house smell . . . it reminds me of my grandmother, even though I was a child when she passed, it's her recipe, and it makes me miss her.

Football is in full swing, and if you sit on the opposing team's side, this is what you see!!  I was glad when the sun finally went down so I could see!

It was the other teams, Homecoming game so there were always blue and white balloons floating above us.

Same boy, but what a difference a few years make!  He has grown up right before my eyes!  I'm not ready for him to be an adult yet, that means I have to grow up!!

Back to my chili sauce!  I'm also making a batch of cinnamon rolls, like I need them, and a loaf of bread, so I'm going to have a busy, fattening day!!



Shug said...

Yum Barb.....I know that your home is full of warmth and inviting flavors! All of these things sound good (Im hungry right now) Isn't it amazing how fast our kiddos grow up! You sure have a handsome young man there. Looks like the Country could be in for some COLD temps this Winter... I welcome the Fall colors, but not the COLD. Enjoy your fabulous Friday tomorrow...

Kerin said...

I always enjoy your posts, but I especially loved this post :)
Fall, leaves, football etc..
I'm curious about your chili sauce. My mom used to make it, and she and dad ate it on everything.. even door knobs.. *giggle*. As my mom grew up in Idaho on a church farm, I am curious if your recipe is like hers was. Do you consider sharing your recipe? I would get the recipe from my mom, but she has dementia and I'm sure that she wouldn't be able to share it at this point.

Also, loving the sound of your sweet cinnamon rolls and homemade bread.. just perfect for a Fall day!


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I love Fall for all the reasons you have listed.

Cinnamon rolls.

Oh and the colors.
You reminded me of my own grandmothers chili sauce recipe.

I thought I was done canning. Maybe I'm not.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I bet your house smelled wonderful today with those cinnamon rolls and bread baking plus the chili sauce, too. there's a word I don't want to hear just yet! lol! I'm never ready for winter to begin since it's my least favorite season. But we have to have it and I admit some of those snow scenes are quite beautiful!
Your grandson is a the girls think so too!! :)
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!
Hugs, Cheryl

Vee said...

Sounds wonderfully cozy!

Kimmie said...

Oh Barb as always feels like home to me! My dearest wish is to visit you one day and stay a little while. Or as long as you will have me ha! :)


Deb said...

Sounds like your home is delicious at this time of year! Is that young man your son or grandson? High school - a sure sign of fall!

Barb said...

He is my grandson...I'm way too old to have a son in high school!! He's a junior this year, and we love him tons!!

Barb said...

Kimmie, I would love to have you come visit can stay as long as you like!!!

Barb said...

Kerin, if you click on the words, chili sauce, it will take you to the recipe! It is a favorite of ours!