Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Peek into my Week . . .

Today... September 22, 2015

Something from my playlist... This was the number one song the month, day and year I was born.  I've always loved it!  I'm pretty sure, Eva Cassidy was not singing it, but I used her version because I just adored Eva Cassidy . . . enjoy.

Mother Nature... It has been absolutely beautiful here in Idaho!  Today, the high temps will be around 84 degrees, and it feels so delightful.  I love the cool mornings and the warm days, I really don't want them to end.  But, all good things must end . . .

These warm days are perfect for, soft-ball!  Taylor Jo had a soft-ball game on Saturday and the weather was just perfect, a slight breeze to keep things cool and plenty of sunshine!  Checkout that blue sky!!

On My Mind... I always get a little nostalgic this time of year . . . my father passed away when he was just 59 years old.  He passed away on October 31st, Halloween, which was also my mother and father's wedding anniversary.  We buried him on November 5th, which happened to be his 60th birthday.  It just so happens that I am 59 years old.  I will be 60 on November 7th.  I will be exactly the same age my father was when he passed away . . . 

On a brighter note, I was talking to a friend about this very thing the other day at the ball game.  The friend I was talking to said, "I cherish every birthday!  My mother passed away when she was just 37, so every birthday I have had after that age, is the best gift!"  What a great way to look at life!  I hope that's how I will feel, I will have to work on it.

Something Fun... Yesterday, my two daughters came over and we made, Autumn wreaths.  It was so much fun and they really turned out so cute!

We made them with coffee filters . . . we just hot glued the coffee filters onto a green foam wreath form, and believe me, I have the burns to prove I did it!!  Jess used a straw wreath form and hers turned out a little larger, her wreath is the one on the right hand side.

Jess making some last minute changes to hers . . . 

Amber, my goofy daughter . . . nuf said!

They all turned out so pretty . . .

Each one with it's own personality . . .

They will look so pretty hanging on the door this fall . . .

All the burns were worth it, especially when I got to spend time with these two little grands . . . I really could just squeeze them . . . and sometimes do!!

Heheheh...  So true!

Have a wonderful week sweet friends!!



Billie Jo said...

Looks as if your autumn is off to a fine start!
Perhaps I'll send some crisp Pennsylvania air your way, my friend!
Thinking of you as you remember your loved ones. Those days are never easy...as our love for them never diminishes. Have a coY evening.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Barb, I love the pretty wreaths you and your daughters made! I have yet to get my fall wreath out of storage, but fall is here! I'm like you and hate to give up the nice days, but I'm enjoying the cooler mornings and nights. The days are still plenty warm...enough for the a/c to come on. Thanks for sharing the music! Autumn Leaves is the first song I think of when fall arrives. I've always loved it.
I understand your nostalgic feelings as you think of your father. It's just plain hard to be without our loved ones. Hugs to you as you go through this.

LeAnn said...

I loved getting a peek into your week. I don't think mine would be as fun. I do plan n an update soon. My poor husband has been going through a lot ad we have had Dr. and physical therapy appointments galore.
I love that Taylor Jo; I would have loved to have seen her game; she is such an awesome granddaughter..
Those wreaths are so beautiful; what a fun Mother and Daughter activity. I wish I had some daughters near.
Those little grandsons are just so adorable.
Sending love and hugs your way dear friend!

Dee said...

I loved that song from your playlist. I actually listened to it twice. Those are great pictures of the grandkids and the wreaths are so pretty. Enjoy this beautiful Autumn day... :)

Marsha said...

I noticed that your birthday is just a few days later than your fathers. I'll bet each and every year he considered you as the best birthday gift he ever received.
Your mother/daughter wreaths look awesome. By the pictures, it looks like you had a wonderful day with your daughters and your beautiful grands. Aren't grands hugs and kisses just the best.......Ahh!

Vee said...

Oh aren't we humans all alike in thinking that we could not possibly outlive our parents? My mother felt the same way and her father also passed away when he was 59. I'm so glad that she had many more years.

Love Eva Cassidy...her singing makes me feel so nostalgic. Sigh.

You gals did a fantastic job with the wreaths! Had to pin one for my wreath folder. Hope that's ok.

Cutie pie grands...what grins!

Just Ramblin' said...

Love your wreaths! And, how fun to spend time with your daughters making them. That makes them even more special. Your grandchildren are adorable. Nola

Anonymous said...

Sweet Barb, your wreaths are gorgeous! Were the coffee filters that color originally or did you have to dye them before gluing them? Love all the pictures!

I'm back to blogging at Blogger. I tried WordPress but was running into difficulties. :-)


Deb said...

I love these wreaths! They are so pretty. Hey, my oldest daughter's name is Amber too! So fun to spend time with the grand kids. I miss mine so much! have a great weekend.

Kerin said...

Cute wreaths!
You have some cute kiddos and cute Grands too!

Making one of those coffee filter wreaths, is on my to~do list. I bought all the supplies a few weeks ago, and now I just need to get busy, and get them made :)

Thanks for adding the sweet song to your post.

~Enjoy these Fall days.