Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hunting . . . with my Camera!

It truly has been a fun month of camping, working, spending time with friends and family and loving nature!  You can tell that summer is coming to an end, all the grass is golden, and Mother Nature is getting ready for winter.  This beautiful country just keeps pulling us back!

And, who knew that Ladybugs, were hatched under rocks!

We saw so much wildlife this trip, I felt like I was hunting, but thank goodness, it was with my camera!  This beautiful little mule deer was about one-half mile away when I took her picture, so it was kind of fuzzy.  I applied an oil painting effect from, PhotoScape, and I love the way it turned out!  I may just make a print of it, I love it so much!

This is a cute little White-Tail deer.

These are, Sandhill Cranes, they are so shy, I was lucky to get this picture without them flying away!

More deer, and as you can see in the pictures, fences don't bother them one bit!  Another long shot, early in the morning so the sun was really messing up my shot!

I love moose . . . I think she liked having her picture taken!

These next pictures are of a huge herd of elk that we saw right by our camp.  They were about 700 yards away, so some of the shots are fuzzy.  There were more than 100 elk in this herd.  The last shot is of the lead cow, her baby and the another cow who would be next in line to be the lead.  They were just beautiful! While we were watching them you could hear them talking to each other, they sound like kittens . . . it was amazing!


The summer really has slipped away from us!  The kids here will be starting school on the 20th, and then before we know it it will be Christmas . . . oh my!!  See you soon!



RoeH said...

I love the wildlife!

Marsha said...

The camping area you go to looks it in Idaho? Those lady bugs were amazing. I don't think I've ever seen that many lady bugs in one spot. I really like your deer photo that you used the oil painting effect, on. All your wildlife photos were fun to look at. I love nature.....guess it's a good thing I do considering where I live.
Wishing you a wonderful day - Marsha

Just Ramblin' said...

I love your pictures. And, I didn't know that lady bugs hatch under rocks. I especially loved the oil painting picture of the mule deer. Think it would definitely need to be enlarged and framed. You truly live in a beautiful area and so fun to see all the wildlife pictures. Thanks for sharing. Nola

LeAnn said...

Wow, Barb you are getting to be an awesome photographer. I love the pictures. We must go with you sometime and see this beautiful area. I really loved the animal pictures. How fun to see that big of a herd of Elk. Amazing Wildlife.
Blessings, and hugs for you dear friend~

lesa said...

I love your photos! I love all the golden brown colors knowing that soon the leaves will start to turn. Our school starts next week. I feel like each summer goes by faster and faster.

Kerin said...

Hi Barb :)
Great pictures. Cannot believe that you saw a moose!! Lucky you!!
My most~est, favorite ~est birds are the Sand hill cranes!! Have you heard their call? It's so beautiful :)
Glad you've had such a sweet summer, full of family, fun, and beautiful places to visit.

Smiles :)