Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Peek into my Week . . .


Today . . . July 31, 2015

Something from my Playlist . . . I have to say that I have really been enjoying some, summer breezes!  Last week we were camping and it was breezy!  It was also very beautiful, and reminded me of the song, Summer Breeze, by Seals and Crofts.  This is an oldie but a goody!

Mother Nature . . . Today, my thermometer said it was 93 degrees here in Idaho - I can live with that.  By the end of August, summer will slip quietly away, and give way to Autumn, so I am enjoying these warm temps while I have a chance.

On My Mind . . . Well, last week, my daughter finally got the pins out of her foot.  The doctor didn't think it had healed enough, so he told her . . . much to her dismay . . . that it needed another three weeks of,  no weight.  She was pretty disappointed.  He gave her a smaller boot, told her to wear it diligently, and sent her on her way.   I felt so sorry for her, I know how badly she wants her life back!  One week has already gone by, so only two weeks to go!  Her motto is . . . I can do hard things!

In a Nutshell . . . It's been a crazy summer for us - lots of camping, and spending time with family.  We have been able to see some really beautiful country and have fun with kids!  My husband and I went up before everyone else, so we went 4-wheeling!  It was just gorgeous!

Here we are on top of a mountain, and it was so pretty!  My husband took advantage of the cell service and sent a few pictures to the kids.

It was a cloudy and somewhat stormy week, but that made the photos that much more interesting to me, I love clouds!

It was a rocky trail!

Ahhhhhh . . . we felt like we were on top of the world!

Yup, we got rained on!

I've had a few people ask me if I sleep in a tent when I go camping. . . the answer is, "no".  This is my home when we are camping.  It's very comfortable, and I feel very blessed.

Very clear, cold and beautiful nights . . . most of the time . . . ;0)

 These are, Black Twinberries.  I love the little flowery tops!  Some say they are edible, others say they are not, I'm not brave enough to try.

Still a few wild flowers to enjoy.

Some Sweetness . . .  We really wanted Averi to try riding on the 4-wheeler.  She liked to listen to it, but was really scared to try riding.  Her mom and dad want her to try new things, so they convinced her to try riding.  She was so scared, but she plugged her ears and gave it a try.

Such a brave girl!

 This girl LOVES 4-wheeling!  Grandpa let her drive, at least she thought she was driving! She was on cloud nine!!

No more tears - only smiles.  These pictures don't show her with a helmet, but she did wear a helmet for the rest of her 4-wheeling adventures!
Just Sayin' . . .

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.
~Helen Keller~



Kimmie said...

Avery's smile melts my heart. Your home away from home looks most comfortable. Oh how I would love to go camping with your family one day! A girl can dream right?!


Vee said...

Averi's smile tells all! What a great lesson for all of us to try new things. Oh my, Barb! You definitely were on top of the world! Amazing photos. No wonder you enjoy camping so well with the great digs and the fantastic views. Happy August to you!

Deb said...

Fun times for sure! You have a lovely motor home. Idaho is such a beautiful state. We'll have to come up for a visit one day! Enjoy the last month of summer...

Marsha said...

Ahhhhh - the great outdoors is really where it's all about. Between nature and family, it looks like you've had it all this summer.....even in the rough times. Wishing your daughter well, soon! Through the eyes of a Averi's big smile.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Oh, now I see how you are roughing it out there, Barb! :) Your camper is beautiful and looks very comfortable. It would be loads of fun to camp in such beautiful surroundings where it's peaceful and quiet, too. The scenery is just gorgeous and I would love to ride that trail! I can certainly see why you and your family like to camp a lot! Avery looks like she had a great time, too. I'm so glad she overcame her fears about riding the 4-wheeler. What a little trouper!
I hope your daughter mends well and the remaining weeks will fly by for her.
Take care, my friend, and enjoy your week!

Kerin said...

Oh darn... too bad about your daughters foot. I love her attitude though, and she can do hard things!!
Such a beautiful camping area that you went to! You are a brave girl to go on your ATV's on that trail... it looks steep.
I used to be pretty adventurous and ride my ATV a lot more, then almost 3 years ago on a steep trail that was rocky, my ATV tires slipped and the ATV rolled on top of me, and broke my ankle. I am a bit gun shy now.... but, I hope to get better :)

Those smiles on your husbands face and on Avery's face speak volumes!! How great to make such wonderful memories together!!

Enjoy what is left of summer, sweet friend.
Before you know it, we'll be shoveling snow ~~~**heehee**.


Shug said...

Ah....I'm so jealous (not suppose to jealous are we) but...your part of the Country looks wonderful. We have no hills here....just lots of trees and lots of pasture land. You can see happiness all over Averi's face in that last photo. I think I would enjoy going four-wheeling through all of those trails!!
Gorgeous wild flowers and plants...God's beauty is painted in each of your pictures.

LeAnn said...

Oh, I love that sweet photos of our Averi. The last one had a pure smile of joy. I am so happy she is learning and doing different things. She is such a joy!
I love your camping trips and perhaps sometime we will get on one with you all. We were planning on it this weekend but that changed. In fact, we have some big changes coming up.
I feel sad that Jessica didn't get to have a free card and still has to be careful for two more weeks. I can't imagine how hard that has been for her with those little kids. I do know she has had help from you all but I am sure she will be glad to be on her own again.
I heard her husband was called as a Bishop; that will be challenging for them.
Miss you and we must get together soon. Sending hugs and love your way dear friends.
Oh, by the way I loved all the pictures and may borrow a few.

RoeH said...

Hi Barb! I'm still alive and I am coming up to Rigby for two weeks. Would love to stop in on one of those days and see you. Do you have my email address? I'm going up on the 31st until the 11th of September. Let's work it out. Love this post, BTW. Great pictures. .....RoeH

Barb said...

Hi Roe!

Yes, I do have your e-mail address, in fact I just sent you an e-mail!! I would love to get together with you sometime while you are here!! I will send you an e-mail with my phone and address!! Yeah!!