Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Musings . . . Funny Photos . . .

For my, Monday Musings, I just wanted to share a couple of funny photos. 

I think it's kind of fun to just take random snap shots, when no one is looking.  But, if we don't stage our photos, just a little, whatever is happening can seem kind of strange indeed, just check-out these photos . . .

Now, seriously, if I didn't know that these kids were playing a game of tag, I would wonder what in the world they were doing, it looks crazy! 

Just look at this picture, what seems strange?  It's all about getting the right shot, at the right angle!  Clara looks like she is missing and arm . . . and a hand!  I should have taken a little more time, although I'm still not sure what was going on with her arm?!

These kids look like the cats, that just swallowed the canary!  Random shots are fun, but these were some shots that just looked so funny to me, and didn't turn out well at all!  I guess it's all about the timing!

Photography is something I've always been interested in, sometimes I get it right, and sometime, I just don't.  I've considered taking some photography classes, and after looking at the above photos, I think I'll seriously consider it!

This is a good tutorial about taking a good photo - I'll be practicing!



  1. I like photography too. Looks like your grand kids had a great time!

  2. Such fun photo's. Clara has the most infectious smile :)

  3. With the smiles on all the Grands faces, it's evident that they were having a blast :)

    Wishing you a happy day!

  4. I take many, many photos just to get a few worth posting. Me too......I would love to take a photography class but I can't justify all the miles I would have to drive to accomplish that. I did enjoy your random was just enjoyable to look at photos that weren't well planned. Added a bit of character to the shots.

  5. I do have to smile on this one. I actually think your photos on this are good and they captured some unique moments and looks. I can't begin to tell you some of the funny ones we have gotten at time. Maybe someday I will do a blog post with them.
    I love the smiles your post brought today. Love and hugs!

  6. Sweet Barb, oh my how funny are they! I thought I saw a hula hoop in the first picture but I think they were just running around so much! Love all the smiles!

  7. Very fun candid shots...the kind that they'll be begging you not to show some day! LOL!


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