Sunday, March 6, 2016

Monday Musings . . .

Yesterday, it just rained buckets!  I knew the beautiful days we had the last week would not last!  It was just a sneak peek - but how wonderful it was to have nice warm sunny days, when the sky was more blue than grey.  I can see the buds fattening on the Poplar tree's bare branches, and I know that they will soon be full of birds, waking me up with their love songs, and calling for me to fill the feeders. Spring will come.  The world will be green again, then summertime will come, with her warm sunshine and busy days.  Are you ready for that?!

Painting by, Justin Clements

Oh, but I do love this time of year when all the brown earth, starts bursting with little green shoots of  . . . new!  I need to slow down, observe and listen to all the sweetness and beauty that surrounds me.

This cute picture just says, SPRING to me!

If you are a LILAC lover like me, this article had some beautiful pictures of Lilacs and some great tips on new varieties and how to care for them!  I can almost smell them!

Lily-of-the Valley! My favorite flower! Scrumptiously fragrant, tiny and delicate (unlike me!)  and tres cher (very expensive) to buy as a cut flower.  Limited season availability. Oh! It is also the Flower for the Month of May!:
And who cannot resist these beautiful, LILLY OF THE VALLEY?!  Don't they just remind you of spring!  They are so delicate and sweet.  These are the flowers I had on my wedding cake . . . many, many years ago!  We were married in April, so it was perfect!

vintage tea cup bird feeder:
Here are some really cute ideas for BIRD FEEDERS, and fun backyard ideas - this one was my favorite, I would just have to figure out how to keep the squirrels away!  

Have an excellent Monday!!



  1. Ok, now you've got me ready for Spring and living where I do, I know it won't happen for awhile..........ahhhh. Oh well, in my minds's Spring.....good enough! Thanks for the fun Spring pictures - brightened my day.

  2. Loving all of your Spring pictures....great inspiration for what is ahead. Unfortunately, we are about to hammered with lots of rain. The entire week is calling for rain. Oh will be Spring some time soon and we will all get to enjoy all that these good ol' rains are doing. Hope your week is a great one....

  3. Oh those photos!
    Lilacs are my favorite.
    We have some taught next to our side door, but they don't bloom every year. : (
    Have a cozy evening, my friend.

  4. Barb, I am a lilac lover! Your pictures are gorgeous! and I love your bird feeder! Too cute!

  5. Hi Barb! I am so looking forward to the beauty that spring puts forth. The photos you've shared are so pretty. I can't wait to smell lilacs again, they're my favorite spring flower. I'm behind on blog reading, so I'm heading to your previous post that I might have missed. Have a nice week!

  6. Oh, I loved your Monday thoughts! I can't wait until spring comes. We had a slightly warmer week; but next week we have rain or snow coming again. We need the moisture but I certainly want warm.
    Lilacs are my favorite; they bring back memories of my grandmother's backyard. We have that miracle lilac tree. I would like to plant another one. The photos were lovely too. The tea cup feeder is really awesome. Have a blessed weekend dear friend! Love hugs~

  7. Hi Barb, I wandered over from Billie Jo's blog to have a look around. Lovely blog!! I am smitten with the teacup bird feeder and already wondering if I should try to make one for my sister's birthday next month.

  8. Squirrels . . . one has to admire their tenacity and ability to get past just about any barrier we might place in front of them in our quest to keep them out of our feeders. I have even bought "Squirrel Proof" feeders only to be foiled by them again and again. God love them . . . annoying but entertaining to say the least! Lovely things here today. Bless you for sharing them with us! xoxo

  9. So many cute ideas in this post, thanks for sharing! Lilacs and hydrangeas are 2 of my favorites... they just never last long enough for me . Thank you for your kind words on my blog, I so appreciate your visit! Have a lovely day.


  10. Your post is full of beautiful photos that are a great reminder how wonderful spring is. I'm looking forward to the blossoming flowers and warmer weather - I could do without this wind, but it's part of March so I'm not going to complain - I always appreciate your visits to my blog, thank you for stopping by. Have fun with your bird feeders, I like the clever tea cup idea.

  11. Well I am glad that I wandered in because this is such a pretty post with lots of good ideas. I really like the bird feeder, too, and have the same concerns about squirrels that you do. They seem to be taking over the world this year.

  12. I love the bird feeder. Such a darling idea.

    I'm so ready for Spring and getting in the dirt.


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