Monday, March 21, 2016

A Peek into my Week . . .

Something from my Playlist and Mother Nature. . . It's almost, Springtime in the Rockies . . . a girl can dream can't she!?  It's been cold here for the last week, and the forecast is calling for rain tomorrow.  It's a typical Idaho springtime!  I'm hoping that everything will be green and beautiful by May!  

I really love to hear, Don Edwards sing, very soothing for my country soul.

On my Mind . . . I'm really far behind on my blog, in fact, I have been going back and forth for a week, trying to get this post finished!  Needless to say, a few things have changed during the week, and I have had to change this post . . . more than once!   The last few weeks have been kinda crazy for me. I'm hoping to settle down and get back on some kind of a schedule.  I told my husband this afternoon, that I really needed to get into a schedule so that I could do the things that are important to me . . . like blogging!

March is my, "many birthday month".  My oldest grandson turned  17 last week and it sure does make me feel old.  I can so clearly remember him as a little baby, so darn cute and cuddly.  Trust me, there is nothing cuddly about a 17 year old grandson, he still gives me hugs, but cuddly . . . not so much.  I love him more than he will ever know.

Brody, another grandson, had a birthday last week as well, he turned 12.  He is smart, loves to read, loves to shoot, and was way excited to get a .22 for his birthday, he's excited about getting to go with his dad shooting.  Brody is a good son, a wonderful brother, an amazing grandson, and and a very good hugger!  Sure do love this boy!

I also had another grandson turn 8, a wonderful age, trying to find his independence, but still needs his mom and dad , , , and grandmas (he has 4!).  He has always been sensitive and kind, with just enough mischief to make you wonder what he is up to.  He's finally old enough to be a Boy Scout, so life is good!  He still gives good hugs . . . I love it, and I love him!

Tomorrow my mother will be having a birthday - she will be turning 88.  I can tell that she has lost ground over the winter.  The cold weather is hard on her, she has bad knees, a bad back and dementia, not a good combination . . . but she is a trooper, she just keeps on keeping on.  My sister and our  husbands are taking her out to diner for her birthday (we actually did that on Monday), she loves to get dressed up and go out to dinner.  I am hoping is isn't snowing (it was raining)!  My mother has always been a very determined, strong woman, and despite all of trials, she is still strong and determined!  I love her very much!

I'm Watching  . . . I'm excited to watch, Dancing with the Stars - well, because it's night now, I will just say I watched DWTS!  I have been trying to post this blog post for more than a week, so, I did watch it, and I can tell it's going to be a great season!  I also love, American Idol, some amazing talent has come from that show, so sad that this is their last year.  Hopefully, I will post this before Wednesday!

I'm Listening to. . . I can hear my husband watching TV in the other room, the soft buzz of the computer, an airplane flying overhead, and the wind blowing through the pine trees outside.  That was this afternoon - it is dark and quiet now, I can only hear the soft music on my computer, the TV news in the background, and my very noisy thoughts.

What's on my Menu . . . Not much going on in the kitchen.  I did make banana bread yesterday. (yesterday in this post was, Sunday) it was very delicious!

Monday - Black bean, corn and quinoa tacos, yum!  Dinner with my mom at, Perkins!
Tuesday - Chicken and rice casserole.  I make this with brown rice instead of white.
Wednesday - Eating out  - Refer to Monday!
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Homemade pizza with whole wheat crust
Saturday - We are getting together with our kids for dinner and fun!  We all get out of church at different times, so we thought we would get together and have dinner and an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday.  I will be baking a big ham and making dessert - still not sure what calorie laden yumminess I will make.
Sunday - Easter dinner . . . leftovers from Saturday.

Around the House . . .  I have been spring cleaning.  My kitchen, dining room and living room have been cleaned!  Walls have been washed, trim and doors have been touched up and painted, and very dirty water has been dumped down the drain.  I love the way a clean house feels . . .

A Photo from my Week . . .

These were the candles from, Brody's birthday cheese cake.   I'm not sure you can see it in the photo, but all 12 candles burned a different color, it was very pretty!

Just Sayin' . . .

 Hoping to catch up soon!



Marie Rayner said...

Love these posts of yours Barb. What a lot of Birthdays and all in one month. Todd would have a fit if I needed to send that many presents in one month. haha Love all of your thoughts. How wonderful your mum us still blessing you and you are still able to bless her. Life is good. Hope your week is a great one! Love and hugs, xoxo

Billie Jo said...

A busy birthday month indeed!
Happy Birthday to all. : )
We are so alike, my friend...
I have been cleaning in preparation for Easter!!!
Today we are baking cookies...
Loved Dancing With The Stars!!!!
Have a blessed week!!!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Your week sounds full and blessed.

I love the candles. That is so cool.

It hasn't seemed hard that my kids were getting older, but for some reason having grandkids get that is tough. My oldest grandson turned 16 last week. It is weird.

Yes. Idaho in the Spring, we get teased with a few warmish days and then dashed the next.

Nancy Chan said...

Looks like a busy month celebrating birthdays. Delicious looking banana bread. Have a great week!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

You have been busy! I need to do some wall washing, too. I did dust down all the walls after the carpenter stirred up the dust with the bathroom remodel, but that was 3-4 months ago. Gosh, how the days fly by! We're into our last full week of did that happen so quickly? I enjoyed your post...happy birthday wishes to all! Take care and have a great week. Happy Easter!

Deb said...

A busy week for you too! I am also having trouble keeping caught up with my blog and the two I am keeping for my missionary son. After being away in Utah almost all of spring break, I have a lot of things to get finished. Happy Birthday to your grandson and mom. I have a grand daughter turning 8 tomorrow and we will be returning to Utah for her baptism. Exciting times! Have a good week!

Marsha said...

Goodness......what a busy, busy, birthday month it has been for you. But, birthdays and family are the bestest, for sure!

Anonymous said...

Barb, Banana Bread - YUM! Happy Happy birthday to all your family members. I hope your spring cleaning is almost through. I'm about 1/2 way done.

LeAnn said...

Oh, I do love your thoughts on this one. I love the music that you like; it's home girl music. I know just how you feel about hugs and grandchildren. I have to hunt my grandchildren down when they come to visit so I can hug them. Some of them do come in and give a hug right away others not so.
I am so happy that you can still enjoy time with your sweet Mother. You do have a slew of Birthdays. I have a few months when there are a lot. Actually, March has 5. I am going to make some Banana bread it looks so good. As always I love reading your thoughts sweet friend. You are the best! I love that you are having an Easter celebration. Enjoy my sweet grandchildren on that day. I had hope they would come here; but they couldn't. Sending love and hugs your way!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Barb, just hopping in to say a Happy Easter (Monday) to you! {{HUGS}}