Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Weekly Daybook . . .

Another picture
 from our camping trip!

FOR TODAY October 4, 2012

Outside my window... It's really a beautiful day in Idaho, although it's kind of cool, and a little overcast.  Our high today was only about 60 degrees . . . just right!

I am thinking... How much I could get done if I didn't have this darn head cold!

I am thankful for... Music, I really think my world would cease to exist without it!

From the learning rooms... I've learned that we all have the desire to make our mark in this life.  When we were camping, I notices some Quaking Aspen that had names on them, so I took a closer look . . .

I especially like the last picture with the drawing of a man on the tree.  I know that it was probably a sheep herder that left his mark . . . everyone wants to make his mark, to let the world know that, "I was here!".

From the kitchen... Not much happening in the kitchen . . . I hate to cook when I can't taste anything!

I am wearing... Jeans and a blue and white striped t-shirt . . . oh yes, socks AND shoes!

I am creating... I just crocheted a beautiful shawl for my mother for Christmas . . . shshshsh . . . don't tell, it's a secret!  I found the pattern here, it was very easy and turned out really beautiful!

I am going... Not going anywhere - I really need to stay home and see if I can get over this cold!

I am reading... A very charming book called, Promiseland - the Journals of Callie McGregor, by Dawn Miller.  It's a really good read about a young pioneer woman is ready for a real home after many long hard months on the trail.  It tells of her struggles and her courage . . . very good!

I am hoping... That I will be able to blog a little more!  It seems like I just really have not had enough time (oh, dear that dreaded word!) in my day to blog like I would like to!

I am hearing...Silence.

Around the house... Tomorrow I plan on getting some organizing done in my storage room so that I can fill up some shelves with food storage.  Our local grocery store is having a case-lot sale, and I am filling up on some much needed supplies for winter.

One of my favorite things... Well, I would have to say my family.  We have been very busy with grandchildren this month . . . it's all good!!  Last week we were babysitting Jessica's kids while they went on a trip for their anniversary - it was lots of fun!  Here are a few pictures of our month with some of our grands!

Holding hands with grandma and grandpa.

Grandpa giving advise to Christian at his football game.

I can't believe how fast they grow!

Football season is almost over . . . I can't tell whether that's good or bad?!

Our sweet little Emily, winning an award at school - I was so proud of her!  Such a sweet little face!

Nathan, learning to eat eggs with a fork. . . oops!

Showing grandma what an elephant says!

I was taking this picture through the window, and Caleb spotted me . . . say cheese!

The highschool had it's homecoming game while we were babysitting -  with fireworks and cannons!  It was a very noisy night!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Friday - organize shelves and go shopping
Saturday  - watch general conference
Sunday - watch general conference

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

 "The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious.  And why shouldn't it be? - it is the same the angels breathe."
  ~Mark Twain~

 Warm Hugs,

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  1. Nice. I enjoyed reading about your day!


  2. Also so enjoy coming to your Blog such a
    inspiration too us all, Adorable Grand Kids..
    how they all have grown over the past year..

    Many Blessings
    hugs Ladybug

  3. Your posts always lift my soul, Barb. I can't thank you enough for sharing your life. It inspires me to be better.

  4. Hi Barb! I always enjoy reading about your daily life. The shawl for your mother is beautiful! And, I can't believe how your sweet g'kids are growing! I love the last photo and the Mark Twain quote.
    Hope you get over that head cold quickly and have a terrific weekend!

  5. Hi Barb, I wish I lived closer, I'd make you some chicken soup! Beautiful Christmas gift for your Mom. Love the color! I'm going to get the pattern and try it! I love to crochet.

    Love all the piccies of the gkids. You are a blessed lady! Hope yours is a wonderful w/e. Hugz!

  6. Sam and I have a tree that we carved our initials in some 40 years ago....This is one special tree..
    Love the photo of grandpa teaching Christian to play football. This is precious!
    Oh my...can I be your mother at Christmas? How beautiful and I know that this will be a gift that is greatly appreciated...
    Hugs Barb...
    Y'all have a great weekend.

  7. Somewhere I am sure Roger and I have carved our initials in a tree; probably in Fish Lake.
    I do hope that you get to feeling better. You need to curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate and just enjoy the moments of conference. At least that is what I hope to do. I really like the shawl you made for your mother. I would love the pattern. You are so good at crocheting.
    I loved the photos of the family. You do have the cutest grandchildren of course one of them is mine; that cute football player.
    Have a wonderful weekend good friend.
    Love and hugs!

  8. I know I say it often but you really do have a wonderful family and you are all so very blessed to have one another. The shawl you have made for your mum is gorgeous - it looks so soft and toasty warm. We have the same taste in books - methinks I would LOVE that book you are currently reading.

    Much love as always!


  9. Barb, what a beautiful shawl! I haven't crocheted in years but I am hoping to start again after I get back from my trip. :)

  10. Well I hope you're feeling better today, and that you've gotten the rest your body needs.

    The shawl is gorgeous, I especially love the color, it's a lovely shade of green.

    Interesting carvings on the tree! Santiago is the capitol of the country of Chile, I imagine it was someone from there or who'd visited at some time.

    Great pictures of the grands - that grandson of yours is so handsome! You're gonna have to chase the girls away, LOL! Have a great week Barb!

  11. Dear Barb,
    What a treasure to find you. Update me on things. Can you believe we have so many wonderful grandkids - and aren't they great!! Love Shirley Tell that great guy of yours "Hi" from me and Marty!! Love Shirley

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