Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day Three . . .

Sorry, day three is a little late, but, it is still working great!!  I did some research and found that some people do react to the baking soda in the homemade deodorant, with some itching or a rash.  If this happens, just cut back on the amount of the baking soda, or don't use it at all.   I guess, like with everything, it is a little trial and error.  So far, it has worked great for me!




  1. Thanks I have used just c.o. and it works. Linda

  2. Hi again, Barb - after I read your blog yesterday, I happened to be at the grocery store and I FOUND some coconut oil. I'm going to try this deoderant. If nothing else, it'll make great moisterizer! I'll let you know what happens! I wonder if you can use corn starch instead of baking soda... or maybe the baking soda is for odor? anyway - will let you know - and thanks for your sweet comments!

  3. Great going girlfriend. So thrilling when something new works the way we hoped it would. Hugz!

  4. Interesting... I do love coconut oil, but I usually pop corn in it. ☺


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