Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Mother on a Quest . . .

Diana and Clara with a picture of Hannah.
Three years ago, on November 26, 2008, my sweet daughter-in-law went through one of the hardest trials in her life, when she lost her darling baby girl to the hands of a daycare provider.  She is now moving forward and making some very powerful,  and life-changing decisions that will hopefully save the life of another child. 

Her daughter, Hannah Isabelle Covington, has been named the "poster child" for Shaken Baby Prevention of Idaho.  You can read this article that was in the newspaper yesterday,  April has been declared "Shaken Baby Month", in Hannah's honor.   

I pray that during the holidays, with so much stress and when so many people, including daycare providers,  have so much on their plate, that they will stop and think before they lose their temper and possible harm, or even worse,  kill a child.  Never, never shake a baby!!

We love you Diana!

Gentle Hugs,


  1. What a sad story..breaks my heart! Something like this really must tear a mothers heart in two...God bless her.

  2. Many hugs to your Dear Daughter-in-law Diana. How brave she has been, and keeps on being.

    Gentle hugs,
    "For Christmas is tradition time-- Traditions that recall
    The precious memories down the years, The sameness of them all."

    ~~ Helen Lowrie Marshall

  3. I remember reading this. I had no idea this was a granddaughter.
    Such a horrifying event.
    Good for her for making her pain worth something. If she is able to save a single child.....
    Bless you all especially at this time of anniversary and holiday.
    My heart and prayers are with you.

  4. Ohhhh...this just tears at one's heart. Words are meaningless concerning such sorrows. God bless your daughter-in-love's heart in her willingness to do this great work. God bless her and allow sweet Hannah's memory to live on and on.

  5. Praying for more courage for your daughter in law as she tries to bring awareness to this senseless act of violence.
    Praying for all of you Barb!

  6. How unimaginable it is to me that anyone could do that to a child, but it does happen. A local pastor and his wife here in South Florida are raising their granddaughter who suffers from cerebral palsy, among other things, because of SBS. I'm just so thankful your daughter-in-law has chosen to use this experience to educate others and hopefully save an innocent baby from the same awful death her own daughter went through. May the Lord give her strength and courage during this time.

  7. God Bless Diana! How courageous of her to help others by bringing awareness to something so devastating. Prayers activated for you and your beautiful family! Hugs to all!

  8. Oh my gosh! Tears came as soon as I read that. Abuses to children and animals just tear me apart. And every day it's on the news time after time after time. People never learn? I can't believe it is all ignorance. Pleeeeeese society. Stop this. It breaks my heart every single time. That poor child. All of them. There's got to be an answer.

  9. What a wonderful work your DIL is doing born out of such a tragedy in losing her beloved child. My hat is off to her! God Bless Her! And blessings to you, Barb, for sharing this story. You may never know who it might help!
    Hugs, Cheryl

  10. Oh Barb....I did not know this...My prayers to you all...

    This is beyond me...I really cannot comprehend this kind of action, and to a child at that.
    Bless you Barb for sharing with us about this difficult time of life...I am so thankful that your DIL is stepping out in a huge way to try to make a difference in the life of children,..
    Bless you all...

  11. Dear Barb,

    I pray that your sweet daughter-in-law is comforted and feels God's peace knowing her little angel is in heaven. I'll pray for her campaign.

    I remember you telling me about the trial. So sad that the woman only served such a short time in prison.

  12. I remember you mentioning this when it went to trial. My heart breaks for your daughter-in-law's loss. I read the article. I can't even imagine what she has gone through. May God continue to bless her for making something good come out of the tragedy she faced. God bless your family.

  13. What she goes through day after day we ma never know or comprehend. All we can do is support and pra for her and her family!! I love those girls in that picture!!1

  14. So remember you mentioning trial and the loss
    May the Lord bless your Daughter-In-Law her
    campaign(awarness)so other little ones
    are protected.. Thank you for sharing Barb
    Its touching loving and caring post...My Thoughts/Prayers to you /DIL and your family
    Hugs.. Ladybug

  15. So heartbreaking, yet such an inspiration that to know this sweet mama is allowing her unthinkable loss to be used to help keep others from the same!

    God bless you and your family. Very gentle hugs being sent your way.

  16. So very sad :[

    Barb if you have the time I would love for you to join in my online biccie/cookie exchange :]




  17. Give my love to that sweet family. I can't imagine the horror of that moment; but I do admire her for wanting to help in preventing such an awful experience for anyone else.
    I just can't imagine someone doing something like this.
    Blessings to them and to you all for spreading the news on this one.
    Love and hugs to you all!


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