Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween in Utah...

We had the best time over the week-end!  On Saturday morning, we went to Gardner's Village.  It's a really fun little shopping village just outside of Sandy, Utah.   And what do you know . . . I got mooned by a witch - first thing!

Then, I ran into this beauty!

I thought for a minute that I was in OZ!

This was pretty scary!
So was this!

And this!

 This particular little shop had some really spooky guys in it!  As we were coming in, a man was bringing his kids in at the same time - this was his comment, "Now don't touch anything, and remember . . . it's all fake!"  His little kids just looked horrified!
A pretty little pond - one of many!


This is where I had to leave my ride... ;0)
This building used to be an old mill - it was so pretty on the inside - but that's another post!  There were witches everywhere!

I love the reflection in the water of the Fall colors.


Then I caught my husband getting all cozy with one . . . never trust a witch!!  Looks like she put a spell on him . . . uhmmmm.

A witch in a boat, I'm telling you, they were everywhere!!

Mother Nature, putting on a show!  The colors were just beautiful, and the leaves were falling all around us!

A little privacy please!  Even witches need to take a break!

We had so much fun here!  I would love to see it all decked out for Christmas!

Until next time,  hope you enjoyed the tour!

Warm Hugs,


  1. This is my very favorite place to go at Halloween time, my daughters and I have gone every year. Love the OOPS! one and I do love looking at all the shops and eating in the old mill....just the best! ;D

  2. What a fun place this looks like! You get the award for the most fun seasonal photos with this post. They just kept getting cuter as I scroll through...:)

  3. Oh my goodness! That is hilarious.
    Have to say the cutest witch was the one in the outhouse.
    What a fun place! I have to agree, I would love to see Christmas all done up.

    It looks like you had a great time. The colors are stunning.

  4. Barb....this made my day. these pictures are adorable and fun! Wish I could go visit this cute little place. The witch poo is so funny and I can tell that hubby was having himself a great time with his new found friend.

    Have a great day Barb.....

  5. They really went all out. It looks like a cute little town even without the witches.

  6. I LOVEEEE Gardners Village. When I was in Utah last June six of 'us bloggers' up there met there for lunch. I had my first fried green tomato and I gotta tell you.....soooo good!!

    Yup. I'm keep your blog. So glad you commented. Julie Harward and I are distant cousins. My great grandfather is her great great grandfather. I think. When it gets past one 'great' I start getting confused.

  7. Oh, I love Gardner Village and of course it is where my favorite quilt shop is--Pine Needles. My friend and I are there frequently. But, my favorite time of the year is Halloween. The grandkids love going and we all have such fun.
    Glad you could visit. Nola

  8. How funny!!!!! I can't believe you got Dad to pose with a witch, now THAT is funny!!!!! They were just as funny as you said!! Off to bathe my kids with Vicks Vapor Rub......

  9. Aw, this is such a cute little witchy village. Looks like loads of fun - especially for young'uns! Your hubby looks like he's enjoying clowning around for the camera! I think I like the witch in the "john", too - that is SO funny! I agree - these are the cutest seasonal photos I've seen! Barb, please go back at Christmas!

  10. Yikes! I don't care for the witches but your husband is adorable! :)

    Re: Your town sounds very sweet with only the two stores. Do either take coupons?

  11. How FUN!! I love that little village and how they went all out and joined in Halloween celebrations!

    Those witches are GREAT!!!

  12. Hi Barb, I love fall decor but must confess that the older I get, the less appealing Halloween is to me! The witches are really interesting and the town goes all out. I bet it was a fun place to visit.

  13. Now I don't care for witches at all, but your husband looks very content. Perhaps he'd just been on his feet for a while. And you certainly did get quite the view.

    Oh I do like your playlist...

  14. I found you via Tauna's blog. What a gorgeous day you had for all the fun and Autumn beauty! Nice to meet you.

  15. This looks like such a fun place! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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