Monday, January 23, 2023

My Daybook . . .

Today . . . January 23. It's so cold outside!  We are going to have temperatures below freezing for the next two weeks.  I'm trying hard to embrace these slow January days but I have to admit that it's getting harder and harder to do!

On my playlist . . .  This was my era, my music when I was growing up in my teens.  I always admired David Crosby, he was an exceptional musician.  Rest in peace.

Looking out my window . . . Again, it's cold and very blah outside my window.  The sun did shine for a few minutes yesterday, but today, nothing.  A few weeks ago, I was able to get a shot of the's a rare thing to see these days.  

What am I thinking . . . I can think of a millions things I need to do, especially when I can't do them!  My two weeks of resting is coming to a very quick halt, because I am ready to get busy with Spring cleaning.  With my husbands help, we vacuumed under the bed and behind the nightstands.  We also cleaned out the closets, and can you believe we got 6 big bags full of clothes and shoes to donate! My plan is to go through every room in my house to get it decluttered and cleaned from top to bottom.  This is a very hefty goal for me, so I'm crossing my fingers that I get it done. 

I'm also thinking about my daughter-in-law.  It's her birthday today!  We won't be celebrating with them this year, so I hope she has a wonderful day!

Something I Love . . . A little fact about me that you may not know.  I love whimsy.  I love fairies anything make believe, little animals, mushroom, especially spotted mushrooms.  When I was a little girl I would dream about fairies and little people who lived under the bed, or in the closet and came out at night to take care of monsters at my house!  I love this picture...reminds me of my childhood.

I'm wearing . . . It's so cold out that I have to put on warm clothes.  I'm wearing sweats, a sweater, with a sweater over the sweater, and my slippers...with socks.  It's cold!  

Creativity . . . During my healing time, I crocheted.  I had started a new crochet blanket a month or so ago, so I decided to work on it while I was watching TV or listening to music.  It turned out really nice, and it's super heavy!   I think I'll like it, especially on these cold January nights.

In the kitchen . . . Truly not much happening in my kitchen.  I'm still on liquids, 64 oz a day, and protein drinks to help with healing.  I'm slowly working towards pureed food and soft foods.  A day at a time :0)  I'm healing each day with less pain and more energy.  I'm making meals for my husband, just because I like to do it.  He reminds me daily that he's perfectly capable to make his own meals, but I love cooking for him.  Yesterday I baked him some chicken thighs.  So, tonight I made him a quesadilla with the leftover chicken, it looked yummy.   

I'm also going to make sugar cookies for my grands this year.  I think I will make the cookies then let the kids frost them, putting on all of their favorite sprinkles and candies. Here's the recipe I use, it's really delicious.


1 cup sugar put in bowl with
3 cups sifted flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking powder

Cut into this mixture 1 cup shortening.  When well mixed add:

1/2 cup sour cream
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla

Grate rind of 1 lemon or orange into dough, if desired.  Chill dough and then roll out and cut.  Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes.  This is a good recipe for making holiday cookies to be frosted. 

Just Sayin' . . . 

Be safe, XOXO

Hugs and Love, 



Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Barb. I am so glad that you are healing up day by day and feeling better and stronger! You have been busy with all that cleaning, purging and cooking. I love your heavy crocheted blanket. That looks so beautiful and warm. It has been really gray and cloudy here as well and now it is so bitter cold, but we are so happy that there is so much snow in the mountains. I hope you have a great day. See you again soon!

Homemaker' said...

Hi Barb! It truly sounds like you are getting there in your healing and I'm so glad to hear it. You know I love your daybook posts. : ) Isn't it funny that so many of us have this need to clean and organize and get rid of stuff once January rolls around? Your blanket is so beautiful - you are a gifted crocheter!!! And it's been really cloudy around here for weeks - like you, the sun made an appearance yesterday, but in came the clouds and covered it up! I hope you have a wonderful, restful, and healing week ahead. Thank you for your post!!!

Vee said...

So glad that your energy is returning. I don't know if I could cook what I could not eat. You are a good wife. Hang in there, Barb, January will soon be over. That's a beautiful blanket you made.

Lori said...

I'm so glad to hear you're mending more and more each day. That was quite a surgery you had. I love the picture you shared of the fairies. I have always loved them and all of the other magical creatures. It is sunny here today and we're expected to get 3-6 inches of snow tonight. We don't get snow often so I'm actually looking forward to it. I'd welcome it even more if I didn't have to work tomorrow but what can you do. Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Lori said...

I forgot to say that is a gorgeous blanket that you made. I love it!!

Jennifer said...

You are the sweetest - to be making the yummy meals for your hubby...and you can't have a bite. Oh my. What a long recovery you have. I can't really imagine it but am certainly praying for your grace as you continue to recover. I will say that photo "outside the window" is anything but blah. It looks beautiful:) And, no, I would not have guessed that you enjoy fairies and whimsy, etc. Interesting fact! One more thing: gorgeous blanket!! I am so envious of those who can create such pretty things with their hands!! Happy Tuesday, friend.

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