Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Simple Woman's Daybook . . .

For Today

Looking out my window. . . Outside my window the wind is blowing and the trees are bare.  On Monday, we had winds gusting up to 66 miles per hour.  Our power was even out for a couple of hours, and there were lots of trees blown over and some damage right here on our road.  I always worry when the wind blows that hard, because I have 4 huge pine trees in my front yard, and large trees in my backyard as well.  We really have a mess of branches and pine cones to clean up though...but not until the wind slows down.  You can see the grass starting to green up a bit, and it is getting warmer.

I am thinking . . . I have been thinking about my ancestors, those who came before and are gone now.  What did we learn from them, and how much of "them" did we keep with us?  I have a few photos of four of my grandmothers and great-grandmothers, that are dear to me, even though I didn't know some of them.  When I look at their photos, I wonder what traits I inherited from them.  I honestly don't see much of myself in any of their photos. Do any of you wonder who you look like?

This is my maternal grandmother . . . and this is how I remember her, I loved her so.

This is her mother, my great-grandmother.  She passed away when I was 7 years old.  I still remember her, but she was very sick, and I was told that I needed to be very quiet when we were at her house.  She lived with my great aunt, who I loved dearly.

This my paternal grandmother and grandfather, holding their first child who sadly passed away when he was just one years old.  I was just 2 years old when my grandmother passed away, but, I can still remember her.  I remember standing next to her at the breadboard, while she handed me something, most likely a sweet something, she was a wonderful cook.  I also remember her arm around me as I sat on the arm of a large chair with her.  

This is my grandmother's mother, my great-grandmother, who passed away 5 years before I was born.  I have heard many wonderful stories about her...I wish I would have known her.  She was born in, St Martin, Wales, somewhere that I would love to visit someday.  Don't you love her apron?  

I am thankful . . . I'm thankful for where I live.  I can remember when I was younger, thinking how strange it was that a person could live and die in the same city, sometimes in the same house.  I don't think that's a strange thing any more, for me, there truly is, no place like home.

I am wearing . . . I'm wearing a brown fleece t-shirt, comfy jeans, and yes, I'm barefoot...I don't like shoes.  If I could find a pair of shoes that I loved, I'd be better at keeping them on my feet.

I am  creating . . . I have been crocheting some of these . . .

I don't think it's ever too soon to start on Christmas gifts... :0)

I'm watching . . . I have to admit, I love, American Idol!  I have been watching it ever since it started, and I was so glad when it came back.

Image result

I'm listening to . . . I'm listening to this, because Alan is one of my all-time favorite singers, and this... because I'm kind of Jazzy old or new, and sometimes this, just because who doesn't love to listen to Keith?!

I'm hoping for . . . Warmer weather, seriously!  I know, we've had it pretty good here in the west, but I'm ready for some warm days.  

Yellow Flowers

I'm learning . . .  I am learning that I have to slow down.  I just can't do the things I used to do.  I'm having some health issues that have stopped me from doing all the things I love to do.  I'm hoping to get a handle on it, but . . . I'm still learning.

In the kitchen . . . Along with these health issues, has come a new way of eating.  I'm going to try to embrace it, but it's hard.  No sugar or grain...EEEKKK! So, here it goes...from my kitchen.  

Pork Chops with Mustard, Onion and Apple 

4 pork chops - seasoned with garlic powder, salt and pepper
1 small onion - thinly sliced
1 small apple - sliced
1 - 2 Tbls. grainy mustard,  add the amount you like
1 - 2 Tbls. coconut oil 
2 Tbls. cream

Saute pork chops in skillet with the coconut oil.  When both sides are browned, take them out of the skillet and add the onion and apple.  When the onion and apple have wilted down, stir in the mustard, then add the pork chops back to the skillet.  Cover and let simmer on low until the pork chops are tender and well done.  Take out the pork chops and simmer the onions and apples until some of the liquid is reduced, add the cream, stir and serve.  If you don't have much liquid, just add the cream and stir to combine.  These were really delicious!  I served them with a big helping of steamed broccoli.  

Just sayin' . . . 

Have a wonderful week sweet friends!!

Hugs and Love,


  1. What a lovely post Barb! I especially loved seeing the old family photos. I wish I had some like those. What a treasure! You are so blessed to have them and to know what you do about these lovely ladies. If you ever make it over here you can stay at ours. We are right on the doorstep to North Wales, and in fact our chapel is in North Wales. Making changes with my diet here as well. Not trying to lose weight. I think that is a lost cause, but trying to get healthier. Its not easy! Like you, there are lots of things I would love to be able to still do, but can't any longer. Getting older is hard sometimes. I still feel 16 inside, but my body lets me down! Love all that you share dear friend. Wishing a warm sunny Spring day for you! Love and hugs. xoxo

  2. A very pleasant read. I always like reading about genealogy and the ancestors. They were human and they had joys and sorrows like the rest of us.

    All the best with the new eating plan...if it works and keeps you happy, I’ll want to know more.

  3. I loved your family photos. My husband always says I have too many pictures, but that's what I love. My living room is filled with old photos, our parents when they were young, our great grandparents, I just love looking at them and like you said, trying to see myself in some of them. Family is the best!

  4. Barb, thank you for sharing such precious pictures of your family with us. Your great grandmother looks like she would give good hugs! Your crochet is gorgeous! Busy hands are happy hands! xo

  5. We are having a wind storm here today - I know what you mean about the pine trees - we have some in front and in the backyard too! I too am watching American Idol and have fun comparing notes with my youngest daughter. So fun visiting here today for my first time! Happy to follow along.

  6. It's always fun to look at photos of our ancestors. You have some really nice photos of your family. It's nice that you have them....treasures to always look at.
    Me too, I love the area I live in. Quite the change from Utah, where I used to live growing up. I just returned from Utah and wow, too peopley for me!
    As for me, I still cannot eat onions. Onions anything...raw, cooked, onion salt, onion powder, etc. Never realized it until it became a problem, but onions in some way or another are in almost everything! I've had to get real inventive in my cooking.
    Slowing down is very difficult. Where did this old age, slowing down thing come from?
    You've been a busy lady with your crocheting. Beautiful!
    Wishing you a happy week filled with joy.
    Love from Idaho (too) - Marsha


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