Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Peek into My Week...

Mother Nature . . . It was cold today!  We had to get up early so that my husband could go in and have a minor surgery on his foot.  It was cold when we left and cold when we came home!  But, my furnace is running, and we are warm and comfortable.

My very random thoughts . . . It's been one of those weeks when I just went from one thing to another, and it seems like I still have so much to do! I went and got a much needed haircut on Monday, then hurried home so we could go to the garden center and the grocery store.

We bought a coupon for a Poinsettia for a high school fund raiser, so we wanted pick it up on Monday as well.  You should have seen the selection of Poinsettias, I'll bet there were at last two-thousand gorgeous Poinsettias in that huge room, they were so pretty.  The clerk that worked there told me that there are over 700 different varieties of Poinsettias, and they carried 70 of them, and it didn't surprise me one bit!  These are the two that I left with, but truly I could have had a car full and not one of them would have looked alike.

I just love these colors!  The top Poinsettia looks like a chili pepper, it's so vibrant and reddish-orange, it's so pretty! And the bottom photo, looks like it has been sprinkled with paprika!  I'm so glad we took the time to go get them, it almost feels like, Christmas!

When we got home, we discovered that we had mice in our trailer!  So, everything will need to cleaned and disinfected...but not right now.  I stripped the bed, vacuumed up all the mice poop, and came in to do laundry.  Mice are such dirty little guys, they just leave their mark on everything they walk across!  I will have to clean and disinfect the trailer when it gets warmer, but for now, all the bedding was washed and the pillows disinfected.  We also have them in our garage this year.  My husband has all of his traps and little houses with poison blocks in them set up in the garage and trailer....he calls it his, trap line... :0)  I hope they just go away, because I can't bear to find one in a trap!

Feeling Blessed . . . Bob had a bone spur on the side of his foot that had to be removed, as it was right by a nerve, which caused a lot of pain when he walked.  His surgery went well, it only took about 20 minutes!  The Dr. told him that it is a painful recovery, so I will keep a close eye on his pain to make sure it does not get out of control.  I'm so glad that all went well, and he will be much happier when he can walk without it hurting so much.  Feeling very blessed!

Dreaming of . . . I love vintage Christmas cards.  A few years ago, I was at a second hand store and ran across a whole bin full of vintage Christmas cards, still in the original boxes, they were just gorgeous!  I wish I would have bought more of them...what is it they say about hindsight?!

I just love this cute vintage print!

This card was so cute!  I wonder if my little mice will put up a tree this year?!

Is this not just the cutest little card?!  It reminds me of the cards of my darling!

Looking Forward To . . . I'm looking forward to Christmas this year.  I've scaled back a bit.  I say that I'm going to do that every year, but this year, I really have.  I think it will make a difference in the way I feel about all the rushing around and stress of the season.  My children are not giving family gifts as they have done in the past.  They decided they would just have a goody exchange.  They all thought that sounded like a good idea, and I'm excited to see what they come up with.  I love simple Christmas'.  We try to get together on Christmas Eve, and I will simplify that as well, not sure how right now, but I'm going to do it, and it will be just as fun.

What Cooking . . . For Thanksgiving I made this wonderful, Apple Spice Cake, it was delicious!  I got the recipe from my sweet friend, Marie at, The English Kitchen.  Her cake was so pretty, and mine just looked like a regular cake, but it didn't taste like a regular cake, it was delicious!!  I sprinkled a little cinnamon on top to make it look festive... ;0)

Just Sayin'. . . We all need to remember this one...

Have a wonderful day!!

Hugs and Love,



Anonymous said...

Hello sweet Barb! I hope your husband is comfortable and heals quickly. I didn't know there were so many different kinds of Poinsettias. I thought there was red and white. They are all beautiful but I dare not get one because they are poisonous to dogs. I do have a fake one that looks really nice that I bought last year after Christmas! Mmmm cake!

Marsha said...

I love poinsettias. I bought me one yesterday. It's more like a baby one and I set it right in the middle of my dining room table.
M.I.C.E.....I dread the little darlings. The only way they are cute is in cartoons, coloring books, cards, etc.
I love the vintage cards. I would have to treasure each and every one and save them for myself-ha!
With you as Bob's home-nurse, I'm sure he won't even feel the pain, much! Tell him to get better quickly.
I've cooked many of Marie's dishes. She's a great cook. I looked at her cookbook on Amazon and there are a lot of great recipes.
Your "Regular Cake" sure looks yummy to me!
Take care, my friend - Marsha

Billie Jo said...

Hello, my friend!
First of all, I hope your husband is healing nicely.
And mice. The only one I like is Mickey!!!!
Your cake looks amazing!!
I would love to join you for a slice and some coffee. : )
I am love with the vintage cards!!!!
Don't we wish life could be that simple???
Have a cozy December weekend!!!!

Vee said...

Mice. Boo hiss. They always look cuter in art and stories than in “person.” I have been battling mice as well. It’s a gruesome business.

Your cake looks wonderful and all your plans for Christmas sound great. Praying for a faster than expected recovery for your hubby’s foot. Bone spurs hurt. A lot.

LeAnn said...

Always love reading the Peek Into Your Week post;so fun. I do hope Bob heals quickly; it sounds like a painful surgery. I can't imagine the pain before the surgery when walking.
I love Poinsettias and our home teacher often gives us one each year. He was a landscaper but retired recently so maybe not this year. I just found out that one of our Presidency assignments is to get Poinsettias for the 3 Chapels. I guess I will be out shopping for them tomorrow.
I dislike having mice. We have had them before here; but finally have them under control. I am like you; I don't like finding them dead. Hope your sweet husband has success with his traps.
I too love Vintage cards and they remind me of my youth. Your photos of them are darling.
The spice cake looks so yummy! I am so excited about Marie's new book. I would love to get one at some point.
Wishing for you a sweet weekend.
Love and hugs and warm thoughts too!

Marie Rayner said...

I am glad Bob's op went okay Barb. Praying for a quick and uneventful healing process for him! Glad that you enjoyed the cake. Its a good one for sure! I love these catch up posts of yours. I can empathise with you and your feelings about mice. We lived in an old farm house onceupon a time, and it was totally infested with mice. It was awful. We tried everything and they were just impossible to control when they got as bad as they were. You could hear them scurrying in the walls and ceilings at night. It was just horrible. Gives me the willys even now! I do love your play list. Very festive! We have scaled down our Christmas festivities a lot these past couple of years also. I think age has a lot to do with it! Love and hugs to you! Blessings too! xoxo

Jill said...

I love the vintage cards too! What a great find! I will keep Bob in my prayers for a quick recovery.... my husband has had foot surgery too and actually needs it again. He said it was some of the worst pain he's ever been through. Thinking of you both! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Sue said...

Barb, I so enjoyed this post, so many things I relate to, I love anything vintage, your cards are so pretty. I am also with you about mice, and my Dh has his stash of remedies too, and like you as much as I don't like them, I still don't like to see them in traps, I guess you and I are softies.~smile~
I am so glad your Dh is doing well with his surgery, I will pray for complete healing.
I have finally finished decorating for Christmas, and now have a month to enjoy this most special season. We have simplified gift giving in our family too, that is such a blessings for al.
Thank you for visiting me, I apologize for taking so long to visit, but have been so busy decorating and doing farm duties, our news are lambing and that will keep us busy for the next few weeks, I love Christmas lambs, they always reming me of why we celebrate this season.