Monday, September 5, 2016

More of this and that. . .

It's hard to believe that September is here already, I can feel it in the air, and hear it in the trees.  I don't know what it is, but when the weather starts changing, the sound of the leaves change as well, even though they are still green.  

 A few weeks ago, we had a terrible fire in our area, one of many that were burning here in Idaho.  This fire started about 15 miles from my home, and burned over 53,000 acres.  

In this photo, you can see the huge smoke plume from the fire just over the hill.  This fire was very fast burning because of the dry conditions here.  Two cabins were destroyed, but, thankfully, no lives were taken; it was a miracle that more homes were not destroyed.  Many of the farmers, used their tractors to disc fire lines, saving many, many acres from being burned.  It was the seventh largest fire that was burning in the country at that time.  Very scary!  I am happy to see cooler weather and some rain.

This picture was taken from my driveway, right after the fire started.

We put raised beds in the garden this year, and the tomatoes have really done well.  I have a big bushel full in my garage, waiting to be made into chili sauce.  That will be on tomorrows agenda . . . today we will play! 

It is my son's birthday today, he's old, just sayin'!  He is my only son, and we love him to pieces!  All of my children and little's will be here to help us celebrate, we all love a good party!

I pray that everyone will be safe, take a few pictures, and enjoy these last few days of . . . Indian Summer.   




  1. Your pictures are beautiful. Even the tomatoes are beautiful.....I love tomatoes!
    Hope your family had an enjoyable party.

  2. Oh Barb that fire was crazy! 15 miles from your home, that's just too close for comfort! My son and his family live in Idaho and was also fortunate the fire didn't affect them. Your tomatoes look so delish! there is nothing better than home grown produce, sun sweetened tomatoes are so tasty !!
    What an amazing sunset so beautiful and peaceful looking! Our weather turned Fall on us over night it seemed. We have the cool mornings and evenings now, but the days are still so nice and perfect temps. Enjoy your family!

  3. My father has taken to asking my sister id he is old and she tells him, "I am old and you are older."

    So here's to your "old" son. =D Hope that he had a happy day!

    Oh how awful to have such a large fire burning so close. Air quality is vile and all the loss of trees and the cabins. Hope that it is well contained and completely out now.

  4. I love all of your pretty and so clear. Beautiful land all around you there. It's so sad when the land burns like this....takes so many years for the beauty to return. Our temps have been warm during the day, but the evenings are getting much more pleasant. I'm ready for Fall...

  5. Scary having the fire that close to home!! I absolutely love all your pictures! Thank you for sharing.



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