Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Peek into my Week . . .

Something from my Playlist . . . I just can't wait until we have apple blossoms!  It seems like Spring is taking her sweet time, but then again, it's only March.... :0)  But, thinking about apple blossoms gave me the perfect chance to play one of my favorite songs for you!  I can remember listening to, Tab Hunter singing this song and swooning over him!  Once, I bought a new wallet and his picture was in it, Ohhhhhh joy!  I left it in the wallet and told all my friends he was my boyfriend . . . I know . . . but I was only 10 years old!

Mother Nature . . . It's cold, the wind is blowing, off and on rain . . . it's not nice outside!

 My Thoughts Today . . . I have been looking at a few pictures that I took on Easter.   I don't take photos like I used to, I don't think my grands like it, and really, I'd just as soon share those memories in front of the camera.  But, that said, here are a couple of cute pictures I took.

 Three of my cute little grands, I have four granddaughters, but Averi wasn't on the four-wheeler this time.  They love to ride around the pasture. they could do it for hours!

 Grandpa really likes to tease the kids . . . and he really did get a reaction from some of them when he put this elk in the backyard!  These two little cuties wanted to have their picture taken with the elk, they thought it was, "awesome"!  It did look real, especially from a distance.

Feeling Blessed . . . I am so blessed to have wonderful people in my world!  A sweet friend brought these beautiful tulips to me . . . I love the little fringe around the edges, aren't they just gorgeous!

And on Saturday, another dear friend brought me this beautiful green plant.  I have been thinking that I needed some green in my house . . . how did they know?!

Creative Me . . .

Hometalk | Electrical Reel up cycle:  
So Cute!  I found this on Hometalk, I always wanted to make one, maybe with these directions, I will be able to make it happen!

Desk DIY: Recycle old door into new desk - Handy Father:

This is something else I want to do.  I found this one on, handyfather.  I'm going to try to re-do my computer room and I think I could put this right over my old computer desk, it would be a great update for my very old desk!  

From my Library . . . Ive been reading my scriptures, so I haven't had much time to read anything else.  I'm almost done, and I have a few good books downloaded on my Kindle, so I should get to them.  I love to read, but I have a hard time reading during the day.  Reading at night helps me fall asleep, although I have crazy dreams sometimes because of it!

Looking forward to . . . I can't wait until, General Conference this week-end.   Then, in April, we are taking our annual anniversary trip.  I can hardly wait to get our little trailer on the road again!  Some friends of our were going to go with us, but because of other commitments they won't be able to go. . .  :0(   But, it's only March, we have the whole summer to have fun with them! 

What's cooking . . . My kitchen has been very boring.  My husband and I are on a low carb diet, and it's hard to come up with really good recipes that I would want to share.  Tonight we had steak and green salad, nothing fancy about that.  But, I really love low carb tortillas.  They are wonderful for breakfast filled with scrambled eggs and bacon, or like today, we had wraps with a little cheese and turkey and pepperoni, they were yummy!  I also have found I have a love for, vanilla almond milk, not sweetened of course, it's really delicious!

Just Sayin' . . . 

Everything happens for a reason!:  


shortybear said...

love those tulips.

Vee said...

Are those poinsettias I see? They are looking very happy and healthy whatever they are. The tulips are beautiful and unique. I don't believe I have seen any like them. The grands are all so cute and seem very happy to be at your place. How's the diet going? Are you feeling better?

Marsha said...

I do not remember Tab Hunter. Does this mean you are much, much older than me? - Ha!
You're little grands are so cute.
It actually took me a minute to realized that the elk was not real.
Those tulips are beautiful...I don't think I have ever seen any like that.
Have a great week, Barb.

LeAnn said...

Oh dear friend, your posts always make me smile. Of course, I loved the pictures of the grandchildren. They are all adorable. I so love our cute Taylor Jo. She is such a wonderful young woman.
The flowers and plants are so lovely. I need more green in my home right now. I can't wait for spring to really come. I am really tired of the cold. This year we are in and out of the weather all the time; not fun. I love the scriptures and of course we are in to it all and studying so many different things. I really would love a good novel; but that probably won't happen for a while.
I can't wait for conference. Maybe I wil make a scrambled egg wrap it sound yummy! Both Roger and I need a low carb diet. Winter has done a number increase on us. I loved your quote.
Sending love and hugs your way!

Deb said...

Hi Barb - thanks for your kind words on my blog and also your prayers. Your grand kids are so fun and cute. I love those tulips. They are beautiful. I also love the table you made from the big wire spool. I had one of those a few years back and really wanted to make a table of it, like yours, but then we moved and I never got to. You have a lovely home. Have a great week. I will try to do an update after my grandson's surgery.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Barb, you have the cutest grands and I bet they love coming to your house! And you have some special friends...the tulips are so pretty, I've never seen them with the frilly edges. I love green plants and have several...the kitties like to chew on the ones they can get to so they don't stay so pretty long. lol! I have to replace them every so often.
I know you are looking forward to your anniversary trip, it will be fun!
Hope you are doing well, I'm getting slower and have cut back on computer time, but I so enjoy visiting my blogging friends and appreciate your visits and comments. Take care and have a nice week!
Hugs, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Sweet Barb! Such lovely smiles on the grands! I have never seen fringed tulips before. I admit they look a little syfy-ish! (I watch too many movies!) Have a lovely Friday!

Marie Rayner said...

I love these little glimpses into your life Barb! What beautiful grandchildren you have! And those tulips are gorgeous. we have to have plants in our house that thrive on neglect because I always forget they are there. Duh. The elk made me laugh. It looks sooo real, it would probably make me jump! I, too, am looking forward to conference this weekend. I love listening to our leaders. I have been listening to a past conference talk in bed each night all week in preparation. It's one of my favourite weekends of the year, next to the October Gen. conference weekend! Be blessed! Love and hugs! xoxo