Monday, November 30, 2015

Home at Last . . .

We made it home!  We made our annual trip to the Salmon River, a place we love and can never get enough of!  We were there for 17 days, not nearly enough time; it was so beautiful on the river.  As usual, we got snowed on and rained on, and had beautiful days, that made us want to move there!

  Our first day . . . it was so cold, but just gorgeous!  No one went fishing that day because we were waiting for the rest of our crew to come up with the boat, so we just enjoyed the view out our front door . . . 

Bob, getting in his first snow shoveling of the year!

By the next morning, it was starting to clear up - I love the way the clouds just nestle into these mountains!

Bob brought home the first catch of the day, he was a big one!  We only brought home 4 fish, because you can only keep so many per day, and it was way more fun to catch them and release them, than to keep them.    

I have so much more to share, but just wanted to get started, 17 days is a long time, with lots of picture taking!

Thanksgiving day was wonderful!  It was so good to see my family, share a wonderful meal, laugh a lot, eat a lot . . . and get the stomach flu the next day!!  Yes, you read it right . . . Bob and I and Amber's family all got the stomach flu the day after, Thanksgiving!  We are all on the mend and ready to tackle another month!!

Stay tuned for more . . . 



  1. Oh, oh, oh......your photos are beautiful. And Bob,s fish....just look at the size of that thing. It would feed a lot of people!

  2. The photos!
    I want to jump right in!!!!!
    So glad you had the wonderful experience, and are now home all set for a brand new month!

  3. Wowwie~~ ! That is a huge fish!
    What kind of fish is it??
    We are debating here as to what kind of fish that is **smile**.

    Sorry that you all got sick, but it's nice to know that you are feeling better now.
    Enjoy this new week and brand new month!


    1. That big fish is a, Steelhead. They come up from the ocean, to the Salmon River, to spawn. Unlike Salmon, who die after they spawn, Steelhead go back to the ocean. You aren't allowed to keep the wild Steelhead, but you can catch them and release them. It's a blast! I don't fish, I just go along for the entertainment and fun! The mountains are amazing and it's so fun to take photos of all the wildlife!

    2. Aha... well, my guess was totally wrong, and my husband was completely correct. Shoot!
      Guess I lost the bet :)
      Guess I should have listened to the expert fisherman **grin**.

      It sounds like a blast, I'm so glad that you all got to go together and had such a nice time!!
      I think my fisherman would love to do a bit of fishing there himself, one day.

      Have a sweet day.

  4. Welcome Home, sweet Barb! That snowy landscape is gorgeous! I am so sorry to hear you all had the stomach flu. I'm glad that you are better now! {{HUGS}}

  5. I am so happy you are back. Your photos of the trip are spectacular. It does look fun; but a bit cold for me. However, I am sure you were cozy in your trailer. Wow, that fish was a big one; I love it.
    I didn't know that James and Amber's family and you all got sick after Thanksgiving; that's not fun at all. Our Thanksgiving was very quiet since we only had Travis and his friend here. It was sweet and we did enjoy time with them. Love you guys! Sending hugs your way~

  6. One of my many favorite parts of Idaho. I've always wanted to live in Salmon.

  7. Looks like a great time, but burr a tent in the snow, that's some serious camping! Such bummer getting the stomach flu after Thanksgiving. Glad you're all on the mend and home safe and sound.


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