Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday's Finally Here . . .

I just have to say that it's been a very long week!  It started off by having our computer crash . . . very bad, you don't want that to happen, ever!  We took it to have it fixed and they had to completely remove the hard drive, because that was the only way they could access the files . . . not good!  Of course when we got it home, all of our programs were missing, some of which were very important for tax purposes, which really didn't go over well with my better half!  To make a very long story short . . . we, with the help of my daughter, were able to recover the very most important programs, and install the rest that were missing.  But, to top it all off, they installed Windows 10 on the computer, I hope it's a good thing, but oh my, what a learning curve!!  It's been an interesting week . . .

Amber, my oldest daughter came over on Tuesday and we picked apples, two huge boxes.  Then, we made applesauce, 21 quarts!  It was delicious, and will taste really good this winter.  Yesterday, she came over and we froze 14 quarts of apple pie filling. . . we had a very good week!

It has been exceptionally warm this fall, and I am having a hard time getting into the "Autumn" spirit, but, I thought I would share a few of my favorite spots in my home with you . . . winter will be here before we know it, and I will miss that cozy feel that autumn always brings.

Looking forward to a quiet and peaceful week-end!



  1. Your applesauce looks good.
    I have this phobia with pie crusts and getting them flaky...thus, it is very rare that I make a pie. My poor husband, every time he does something for someone and they ask, "what can I do for you", his reply is always bake me an apple pie. - Ha!
    I just love FALL/AUTUMN...the colors, smells, crispness of leaves, uplifting spirit, Halloween, Thanksgiving, decorations......EVERYTHING!

  2. Sorry about the computer!
    But that applesauce looks delicious!
    Fall is in full swing here in Pennsylvania... Our leaves are turning and the air is crisp.
    Have a cozy weekend!

  3. Replies
    1. Google is making me sign in over and over so just lost a lengthy comment. It went something like this: oh no...a computer crash and yay...lovely apple sauce and apple pie fixin's.

  4. Bless your heart.....oh my, it's bad enough to have computer problems, but when your files come up just makes you want to cry!! Been there! So glad you were able to retrieve the files you need. My old computer needs to got to the shop...I love the old thing and trying to learn this Apple is simply driving me nuts! Yummo....that sure looks like some delicious apple sauce! It's too hot for apples in our area, so we never make or put up apple sauce or filling. I would have figured that by now, you all would already be having temps in the 30's or 40's. At least, you have Fall things out and when the weather does will be ready! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend...

  5. Oh, that sounds like a lot of work to pick the apples and do the apple sauce. I really love that you were doing it with our sweet Amber.
    I hate it when computers don't work. Sorry you had all the problems. I have been there and done that and it is so maddening. Sometimes, I wish we were back in the era of no computers. Right now my is running so slow; it makes me so impatient.
    I love your decorations; you have such a lovely warm inviting home. I love going there.
    Sending some love and hugs your way dear friends~

  6. Man, do I ever have a clock that would go with that cute desk!

    I love reading your blog posts. I wish I was as talented as you are because so many posts remind me of growing up in Rigby. *sigh* I wish I could have visited with you last month, but I was lacking freedom to go where I wanted to go. My cousin is pretty home-bounded and didn't really want to do or go anywhere. That was the biggest problem. I am so the opposite!!! So I read two books while I was there. Next time I'll drive up. My car has 124,000 miles on it so that's always in the back of my head too. But it's a HONDA. Maybe it'll last. :)

  7. My goodness, that's too bad about your computer, but I'm glad that most of your files were recovered.

    Your applesauce looks so delicious and I love the autumn touches throughout your home. Good food and warm, cozy décor sure has a way of lifting the spirits don't they? Have a lovely rest of the day... :)

  8. Hi Barb. The photo on my latest blog post was of me to the left with our Rhiannon when she was 8. So I did not publish. I have changed the photo to prevent any confusion. Welcome to come back and comment again if you like :)

    I love how America celebrates the seasons. We here in Australia do not. My home State of Victoria has 4 very defined seasons. Here in tropical Queensland more like 2 ha! We are currently in Spring and it feels more like Summer already :)


  9. Computer problems are just the worst. I do sympathize. So glad you are getting back to normal - we have all become so dependent on our technology. I love your cute autumn decor. Enjoy the week ahead!

  10. Hi Barb, I'm glad you got the computer problems taken care of...I just hate when that happens because I know next to nothing about fixing anything! Your autumn decorations look so pretty, love the pumpkin with the fall flowers. I've not gotten much done since I was sick with the flu for so long. I'm slowly trying to get back into the groove. Your apple pie filling and apple sauce sounds good and will certainly be wonderful to have this winter! I can remember making the filling and also making apple pies for the freezer with my grandmother years ago. She would roll out the crusts and I would peel and slice the apples for the filling. It was lots of fun and so good to have in the freezer. Take care and have a wonderful day!

  11. Homemade Applesauce! It looks so delicious. Love all your autumn decor!

  12. Oh, boo! Not good that your computer crashed. Glad that you were able to get it up and running though.
    Your applesauce looks yummy, and it will be so nice to have apple pie filling in the freezer... perfect for a cold winters day, and a homemade pie!

    Love, love that sweet little table in your first picture! Darling!

    Have a great rest of your week.

  13. Yikes. Computer problems are the worst.

    Love your applesauce pictures. I'll bet the house smelled fantastic.

    Your Fall décor is so relaxing and inviting.
    The cold weather cometh, however, I'm pretty happy with the warm Fall temps. (knocking on wood)


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