Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Roots and Wings . . .


 There are two values,
which you can give your child
as a present for Life.
First of all: Roots,
and then: Wings.
An American Indian proverb


Kimberly said...

love that post, Barb!

The Stewart said...

Love that! Thank you! Love you!

Sue said...

Hello Barb,
This is such a true proverb. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for coming by and for your encouragement and most of all for your prayers, it really means so much to me.
Blessings, and hugs,

Barb said...

Hi, Kimberly, Val and Sue - thanks for stopping by! I love this saying, it is so true - we need to teach our children at home and make sure that they are grounded before we push them out of the nest to try their wings!

Hugs, Barb