Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh, what a life!

To all of you Tasha Tudor fans, it is Tasha's birthday today, Oh, what a life! This is one of my favorite pictures of her in her kitchen. I would love to be able to live so simply. She passed away last year at the age of 92. She exemplified grace and simplicity. She wrote and illustrated so many beautiful books - she was an artist personified. I wish I would have known her. I have several friends who are in their 90's, and I will miss them so much when they pass. Tasha Tudor once said:

"Einstein said that time is like a river, it flows in bends. If we could only step back around the turns, we could travel in either direction. I'm sure it's possible. When I die, I'm going right back to the 1830s. I'm not even afraid of dying. I think it must be quite exciting."
~Tasha Tudor

I will think of her today, I'll try to make my time more meaningful. I'll read a few passages from one of her books. When it is dark, I'll light a candle, pet the dog, and enjoy the sunset.


Karen Beth said...

Happy Birthday Tasha!!! I agree wholeheartedly.
Barbara, please have a peaceful evening for me too. Love you, Karen

The WIlloughby Family said...

You are funny Mom!! I love the post, the simply life is so much easier to di than all of this confusion we have got ourselves into! That is why I LOVED Nauvoo SOOOO much, I wanted my life to be just like that!! And I think you are funny because you change your blog background everyday, it is cute! I love ya!