Sunday, March 11, 2018

The look of Love . . .

You know that look, when you see someone who you haven't seen for a while, and even though one of you is 90 and one is only 4 years old, you remember each other.  It's unmistakable, it's the look of love.
That's what I saw with Tanner and my mother, his great-grandmother.  Sometimes, I'm not even sure if she remember's me, but, when she looked at this sweet boy, she remembered him.

They checked out a few pictures on the phone,  I'm pretty sure it was a photo of the two of them...I think they liked it!

They shared a hug  . . . 


Grandma's feet were cold, but not to worry, Tanner and mom were more than happy to rub them for her.

Secrets were shared, and good-byes were said.

A few hugs and kisses for the road, and we were off.

After our visit we went to lunch, grilled cheese and apple slices were on the menu for Tanner, a quick check of mom's cell phone, and he was ready to make some more smiles!!  All in a days work for this little man!

I'm not sure how many more visits my dear mother will get from this little guy, her life is slipping away...and his is just beginning.  Hopefully through photos and blog posts, he will never forget his great-grandma.

This was a memorable day for all of us!  I love these days when we can make memories and fill our hearts and minds with love.  Go make some memories this week, have fun and be safe!

Hugs and Love,


  1. What a lovely tender post Barb. It brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful that your grandson will always know who his Great Grandmother was. My oldest son and middle son have made efforts to visit my mother with their boys, but my youngest daughter never takes her children to see my mother. I always feel she is missing out on a great opportunity. I would have loved to know both my Great Grandmothers. I would have loved to know my grandmother's better. One died when I was only five, less than a year after her mother and the other when I was older and married, but she spoke French and I didn't so we never really had a chance to talk and bond. Love all that you share my dear friend. Love you so much! xoxo

  2. Oh, so tender. Some blogs that are posted bring out the best in all of us....this is one of those blogs. The tender moments shared can be carried with us throughout life.
    Thanks for sharing, Barb!
    Take care, my friend - Marsha

  3. aww that is so sweet

  4. That was so tender. Such sweet faces, both of them.

  5. Barb,
    This is so beautiful.
    The way you captured, both in pictures and in words, the beauty of these two lives and the way they intertwine makes my heart smile. What a beautiful day. What beautiful moments. What beautiful memories. : )

  6. This is adorable! Such a connection. Thanks for sharing these!
    Love you! Valerie

  7. Love this post! Such sweet memories between a boy and his great grandma.

  8. Oh my dear friend, this was such a tender post. I loved all the photos of little Tanner and his Great Grandmother. These are special memories for you all. I really loved the connection between the two. Thanks for sharing this extra special moment with your dear mom and grandson.
    Sending loving thoughts, blessings, hugs and extra hugs for your sweet Mom!

  9. Sweet Barb, what a beautiful touching post. God bless your Mom! Prayers lifted up for all of you. xo

  10. Oh goodness Barb......this post blesses my heart. It took me back to the time just a couple of years ago when my dad was in the nursing home. I would go to see my dad and take the grandkids with me. The kids being there, brought many smiles to the residents. What a blessing for the kids and the elderly. By the sure have a cutie there. Thanks for this wonderful, inspiring post....

  11. Barb, I'm back for a second visit to invite you to my new blog. I decide to start a crafty blog on Blogger because it seems that is what I mostly write about anyway. I hope that you will visit when you have a moment! xo

    It is linked to my name/profile.


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