Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Peek into my Day . . . My Menagery . . .

Yesterday was  just one of those lazy, very hazy, because of all the wildfires days.  I was sitting on the patio with my husband last night, taking pictures of this and that, and just thought I'd share a few of those moments with you . . . my goodness, you'd think I lived on a farm!

 I love lazy days.

Hugs and Love,


p.s.  Just a side note.  I put music on my blog.  If you prefer not to listen, go to the bottom of the page and push pause on the blue bar.  If you are using your phone or tablet, it won't play.  Let me know if you like it, or if you think it's just annoying.  XOXO


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  2. I visit using my iPad so no music. I am curious, though, so will have to visit using the PC. ๐Ÿค“ Yes, it does appear that you live on a do, right? Love the dog having a sip from the birdbath.

  3. Hi Vee~

    Yes I do live on a farm...not really a working farm, but we have cows, that we will use for beef. Horses, a dog and lots of tweeting, chirping, furry critters that just come with the territory.

    I usually blog on my PC, and realized that it was music that I missed on my blog; although I realize that some people find it distracting. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Hi Barb! I really enjoyed this post and the relaxing music that goes along with it. I love the pictures of the animals and how peaceful they made me feel. I love nature and animals of all kinds so this was very enjoyable to me! Thank you for sharing with us. Enjoy your evening and have a wonderful week!


  5. have the best of both worlds. You live on a nice place where you can have farm animals, yet it isn't too far if you need to go to town to get something.
    Beautiful pics!

  6. I love your cozy home and your yard is beautiful. You capture great moments when you are outside. I loved being outside in your yard. When we were there it was so much fun to visit the horses and the cows. It's all lovelyto me. I really am just a country girl after all. The photos are fantastic.
    Thanks for you sweet thoughts on my bllog. We must plan a trip to Chesterfield for sure. I have wanted to go there for a very long itme. Love you dear friends so much! Big hugs~

  7. I love your pictures. They capture so much beauty around you. Perfect.
    You should consider a calendar. The music is great for the photos too. Looks like you are eating up summer.
    That's what we do in Idaho right?

  8. Gorgeous pictures! I love nights that are just quiet and relaxing. So peaceful!

  9. Barb, what a delightful menagerie! What kind of horses are they? They look stockier than horses I've seen around here. Thank you for sharing your home with us. So beautiful! The music is nice. ♥

  10. Hi Gina~

    They are quarter horses, and very fat ones at that! They should be about 150 pounds lighter. They are very beautiful, but spoiled...:0)

  11. Beautiful pictures!! I love the dog having a drink from the birdbath.

  12. Hi Barb, I loved seeing your farm critters! Especially the horses. I always loved our horses on the farm and riding. The shot of the dog at the birdbath makes me think he is a very big dog!
    Usually I have my sound turned off, but I enjoyed the music...very soothing.
    Have a nice day!


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