Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Five Years Later . . .

So, I was blogging the other day and happened to look at the picture of myself that I have on my blog.  I realized that that picture is almost 5 years old!  It was a picture that someone took of me at my sons wedding, and he will be married 5 years on May 21st.  I don't know about you, but I really like to know what the person looks like who I am blogging with.  Not that I make judgements, I just like to know who I am talking to.  And I will tell you right now, you are all beautiful! 

So, this morning, I decided to take a selfie! Like most of us, I really don't like to have my picture taken, so, I thought if I took it myself, it would be way easier . . . I'm not sure that is true, but it is what it is!

So, blogging buddies, here I am . . . five years later!

Yes, I did blur the background a little, but, this is me . . . how long has it been since you updated  your picture?  I'd love to see a new you!



  1. Beautiful you! A very nice selfie and you looked at the camera's eye, which is perfection. So, are you saying you'd like to see a different tea cup? LOL!

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  3. I likey! Too bad I won't ever do that. :))

  4. We'll hello there!
    Such a lovely pic!
    I actually just changed mine. : )

  5. Great selfie! I like your fun hair do! Looks like a cool one for summer's heat.

  6. Hi Barb! You are beautiful! I love your hair and you have the prettiest eyes! I just updated my photo a few weeks ago or so and it was a selfie, too. I hate having my picture taken. Hope you are having a good week, my friend, take care!

  7. Dear sweet Barb. you are very pretty and in each of your post, I can feel the beauty that you have inside too. Hope your day is as lovely as you are..

  8. I had only ever seen the one photo of you and your face was etched in my heart. Is there something in the water your way? The hands of time are turning backwards not forwards for you dear lady.


  9. That is a very good picture of you. Who knew I was corresponding with the wrong person all this time - Ha! You need to re-post this and put the before and after pictures together. It would be fun to see the 5-year differences. Like you, it is very rare that I get a photo of myself. My photo is 2 years old. Who knows, you just might inspire me to put up a new photo, too.

  10. Love your new photo, Barb, you look so much younger! You are the second blogging friend that has changed their profile photo, with such beauty! I asked my other friend to let me know what she is doing to turn back the clock, so I pose the same question to you. I need to get busy. lo! You look "marvelous Darling"! I have posted one in awhile, but can say with surety mine would not be so good.
    Thanks for visiting and for always being so encouraging.

  11. You are just so beautiful. I think you took a fantastic selfie. You are so awesome and I feel so grateful to have you as a friend and sister.
    Love and hugs for this one!


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