Monday, September 15, 2014

Slipping Away . . .

This summer has slipped away so quickly!  It has been a very weird summer for me, a few health problems, which seemed to get worse as the summer went on.  Hopefully, (keeping my fingers crossed!), they will just get better, and better as we head into Autumn! 

We had unseasonably cool weather in August, with lots of rain, which, in turn, ruined so much hay, that was unfortunately, cut and baled and laying in the fields.  It also caused the grain to sprout, right when it was ready to cut, making it useless for anything but feed, and some of it not even fit for feeding animals.  There was lots of mold and dust, a disaster for anyone with asthma . . . me!  There were a couple of weeks that I could barely go outside.  When they were finally able to cut the grain and gather the hay bales, the dust would just hang in the air it was horrible!  After a Dr's visit today, I am hoping to get my asthma under control and enjoy the beautiful Idaho Indian Summers that we are so famous for!

I did get a few things done while sitting in the house . . .

I know, this looks like a terrible science project gone wrong, but I promise it's not!  These are pickled eggs!  After my husband and I were married, he worked for his uncle, on a ranch in Bone, yes, I said Bone . . .   :0)  A small community in the hills just East of where we live.  There isn't much to do in Bone, but they did have a little store, that sold the most wonderful pickled eggs!  I just loved to go there and buy one and enjoy it's tangy yumminess!  Sometimes I would buy two!  The vinegar makes them look kind of creepy, but I prefer apple cider vinegar to white distilled vinegar.

 A few weeks ago, a sweet friend of mine gave me a big box of the most wonderful corn, so I just had to freeze it for winter!  It was so delicious, and I put up about 18 quarts . . . so good in corn chowder! 

My garden was not wonderful this year, but I did get a few really wonderful zucchini . . . so I made zucchini bread, oh my goodness, so delicious!  I think I may have just sat around and and put on a few pounds this summer!

And at last, football season started!  Yes, it truly is Autumn when the nights get cold, and the boys put on their uniforms!  That's Christian, standing in the middle, it's hard to believe that he is all grown-up . . . 

I hope to catch up on my blog reading tomorrow, and looking so forward to it!  Well, I think I should call it a night, and go crawl into bed . . . night all!



  1. Oh I do love the looks of that corn. Would love to have some myself! I have never had pickled eggs ~ yours look interesting and I am sure they are very good. High school football time again~ so much excitement and fun! Have a great week.

  2. Some day, I would love to go and see husbands father grew up in bone. Oh my, your corn looks so good. Our corn was destroyed by hail but for the most part, our garden did well. Asthma - not fun....hope you are feeling better, soon!

  3. Morning sorry that you have not been feeling well....Asthma is a serious condition as you well know and flare up's can last what seems to be forever. Hopefully, you will kick it soon. Geez, I would love to visit Idaho. I have heard of it's beauty and I would definitely love the cooler weather. I haven't ever tasted a pickled egg before....I have seen them, but just haven't had the nerve to taste one.
    Enjoy the nice Fall feeling evenings, and enjoy that Grandson's football....hugs

  4. Hello sweet friend.
    Yes.. summer and time have slipped away, haven't they?!
    I love, love this post! Pickled eggs, and football, Grands, and corn on the cob!
    I do not like reading that you've been feeling poorly. I am so sorry. I hope that you are on the mend, and that Fall brings a new breath of fresh air to your health!!

    Love the playlist!!!! You must email me, and tell me how you figured out to do that.
    I used to have a playlist, but they changes things so I don't now.
    I miss it.
    If you let me know how you figured it out, maybe I could get my technical advisor {*heehee* aka my daughter} to put a playlist on my blog :)

    Hope that this week is treating you right.


  5. Hi Barb, I'm here from Shug's blog to say HI. I see you are from Idaho. I have a good friend (doesn't blog) who lives in Idaho... Looks like a great place!!!!! You look familiar.. Have we met on Blogger before? OR--maybe you have a twin!!!!! ha

    I love Fall--and FOOTBALL too.... I've never had pickled eggs --but I'll bet they are good. I do love Zucchini bread --and we have enjoyed some delicious (from the Farmer's Market) corn-on-the-cob also this summer.


  6. I love your new fall layout on the blog. i always have different feelings for the different season and fall is in the air for sure. Sorry to hear about the asthma problems. I feel sad that the hay and grain went bad; not fun. i do hope you start to feel better. I don't know if i have ever tasted pickled eggs; I think it sounds good. Of course, Roger and I love corn and will be eating some ourselves soon. The Zucchini bread looks so yummy! I haven't had any for a very long time.
    Yes, it is football season. We are coming up soon for 4 days to see if we can see all of the grandchildren's games. I will hope to see you then. Blessings, love and hugs for you two.

  7. Hi Barb. Love the pictures! We like eggs pickeled with beets around here so ours are red. Our local farmer sells them. OMG, I want to bite on that corn! I can just smell and taste it from here. Best of all, zucchinni bread. My absolutely positively favorite thing in the whole wide world.
    Hope that asthma gets better for you. Not fun not being able to breathe. Thanks for the fun visit. Always enjoyed. Hugz!

  8. Sweet Barb! I hope you are feeling better soon. My asthma has been a small problem lately due to the changes in weather. It has been such a strange summer. I've never had pickled eggs (I'm not sure I want to....) My garden didn't produce as much either this year. I don't think it was hot enough. Sleep tight!

  9. Oh Barb I am so sorry to hear you have had a dew health issues. Hoping you are now on the mend. Your post today made me feel like I have paid a visit to your kitchen. If only we could put the kettle on and have a chat over a slice of your delish looking zucchini bread. Oh how that would make me smile :D

  10. Hello! New visitor here...
    So glad I dropped by!
    Such a cozy place to visit.
    Have a wonderful evening. : )


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