Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Corners of my Mind. . . .

My paternal grandmother, Hazel Taylor,  passed away when I was just a toddler, about 2 years old.  Even though I was a small child, I can still remember bits and pieces of her. . . tucked away in the corners of my mind.

~This is a picture of her holding my uncle, when he was a baby~

~My Grandma, my father on the right, my aunt Lois standing in the middle, Uncle Lorin on the left~

I can remember standing in her kitchen, looking up at her, as she handed me something from the breadboard.  I don't remember her face, but I remember her dress, and her apron, and her kind hands as she handed me some sweet treat that she had made.  I also remember sitting on the arm of a large over-stuffed chair, and having her arm around me...such sweet memories.  She was a wonderful, soft, gentle, woman, who loved her family and was very devoted to them.  She loved her flower garden and vegetable garden, and spent many hours taking care of both.  She was a good cook, and an immaculate house-keeper, who always had something hot on the stove for anyone who might stop by who had not eaten.

My father absolutely adored his mother, and from what my mother tells us, was never the same when she passed away.  When my father was in the Navy, during WWII, he wrote her a letter every week.  My mother still has those letters, all tucked away in an old shoebox, just like grandma left them.  My grandmother passed away at an early age, early 60's, and so did my father, we buried him on his 60th birthday; I am sure that they had a very sweet reunion on the other side when he passed. 

I am the lucky recipient of a few of her belongings, they are tucked away in my china hutch, and in my hope chest, mostly for my eyes only, as they just seem to precious to display.  When I do take them out to clean them, I can feel her near me, loving me as I know she did many, many years ago, and as she still does today.  

Earlier this Spring, my sister and I drove by my grandparent's old home, and low and behold, it was for sale.  We took one of the fliers and when we looked at it, it was unbelievable how the memories of being inside that house just came flooding back, sights and smells, everything! 

Memories . . . ever so sweet!

"What we remember from childhood we remember forever — permanent ghosts, stamped, inked, imprinted, eternally seen."
 ~Cynthia Ozick~




  1. Barb,

    I enjoyed this post. I enjoy reading and seeing things from the past. Memories make life magical.


  2. Memories are such a treasure. I loved this sweet post about your grandmother. I had a similar experience a few weeks ago when I went back to Richfield where I was born and was able to get inside a home I had played in as a child. Wonderful memories came flooding back into my mind. This was just lovely my dear friend. Blessings and hugs for you!

  3. What wonderful memories and lovely photos. I can totally identify with seeing that house. My grandparents house was sold just a few years ago and I often dream of walking through that home. It is as if a piece of my heart was left in the corners of that old house. Love that quote at the end. Just perfect.
    Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  4. I love this post! We had an RS lesson on Sunday about family history. The teacher brought all of her boxes with 'stuff' in them that had never been looked at by her children who are now grown. They knew nothing about their ancestors who crossed the plains early to get to the SL valley and she was mad at herself for never teaching them anything about them. I asked my daughter if she knew about her ancestors growing up. She said yes. I asked why. 'Because you never stopped talking about them'. I even had a wall with a lot of ancestor's photos on it. I guess some things pay off in the end.

  5. Barb,
    You grandma must have been an incredible woman. She left a legacy of love, and memories that warm the heart.

    I'm sure that the reunion between your father and grandmother was a sweet one; especially considering their close relationship.

    I spent so much time at my grandma house, and have such great memories of her and her home.
    I have to smile about one in particular....... see, she would make us toast for breakfast to go along with our eggs. She used "Blue Bonnet" margarine, {as she called it oleo} and I thought she was so wealthy!!
    We only had butter, from the farm cream and I thought anyone who could afford oleo, must be rich!!
    Haha.... too funny!!!

    Thank you for your sweet comments, and warm wishes.
    I think about you often, and hope that the hurt from losing your brother is easing as well.

    Be well my friend,


  6. I love this post......How precious are the memories of those that we love and have an impact on our lives. My grandmother was 44 when she passed away and I was only 3, but I can Clearly remember standing there by her bedside when she was so sick...I thank God for this special memory...
    Big hugs...

  7. Barb, your post touched my heart. LOVE how you described your sweet grandmother. She sounds like a beautiful loving woman.

  8. She was the kind of woman who is easily remembered! Did you entertain an idea to take a tour of her home? I might have. Precious memories you have and some real treasures if you've saved all your father's letters to his mother.

  9. Hi Barb,
    Memories are so precious. Especially those of a loving family member who is gone from us. I have wonderful memories of my grandmother. She lived for several years after my mother passed away at age 59, so she was a real blessing and comfort to me. I'll never forget our apple pie making session we had one day at my house. I had a lot of apple trees and we decided to make apple pies to put in the freezer. She was much better than I at making the crust, so she did that while I sliced up the apples. So many memories and I think I have just as many of her as I do my mother. Grandma talked to me more. She had more time, of course. I think it's wonderful that you have the letters! What a treasure!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Hi Barb. Love reading about your grandmother and your Dad. Memories are one of the most precious treasures we possess. Blessings! Hugz!

  11. Love those pictures! I love stories like this. Thanks for sharing! Love you!

  12. I loved this post and the way you described what you remember about your grandmother.
    Her hands and her apron, so vivid.


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