Monday, November 26, 2012

Re-Posting Reclaiming Christmas

I was talking with my daughter today, and we were discussing Christmas, isn't that what is on most people's minds these days?  I R.E.A.L.L.Y want to simplify this year, (although I tell myself that every year), this year is the year!  A few years ago, I blogged about reclaiming Christmas.  I think it's a good time to re-post, I know some of you will identify.  These were my thought then, and they are my thoughts today. . .

The other day, Bob asked me if I had a list of gifts I was giving for Christmas - I thought about it, and to tell you the truth, I hadn't even thought about a list!  I'm having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit!   I am already tired of seeing Christmas decorations in the stores  -  since it started way before Halloween!  I have to admit, I never really get tired of the Christmas feeling, I could listen to Christmas music all year long - and sometimes I do, but it seems like it is just so materialistic this year - the retailers wanting to boost sales because of the economy, and Christmas  is their way of doing it.  I guess by putting out Christmas lights and decorations, they know we will buy more.   What happened to the time when Christmas started in December, not September or  October?  What happened to the time when we actually put a lot of thought into a Christmas present?  It didn't matter how large the package was, as long as it was something that we had put our heart into.  It seems to me, that everything is done at the last minute these days, just get something, it doesn't matter what, as long as it can be wrapped.  I don't think that everyone does this, I know plenty of wonderful people who give from the heart,  but I also know that many of us just want to get something and get home, I have been guilty of it myself!

I have talked to so many people who are wondering how they can "rob Peter to pay Paul", so that they can have all of the things that their children or grandchildren want under the tree, and they simply can't afford it.  They want to make sure that they have mountains of presents for their loved ones to open on Christmas morning. Then, after Christmas, reality sets in.  The bills aren't paid and the credit card bill is way too high.  In ten years, they won't remember how many gifts they opened, or even what they got for Christmas.  What they will remember, is the feeling that they had when they were with the ones that loved them.  They will remember the day, not how many gifts they received.

I have tried to tell my family and myself for years, that is doesn't matter how many gifts you receive at Christmas, it's the gift of love that we give to each other that matters most of all.  We should be showing our love for God and the Savior every day and thanking God for His gift to us . . . His Son.  How thankful I am for this precious gift in my life.  How fortunate I  feel to be able to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

 I am going to reclaim Christmas this year!!  I will put more thought into my gift giving, making it simple, but meaningful.  It won't matter how many gifts are under the tree, but what will be important, is how much love and thought was put into the gifts under my tree.  I will dwell more on the meaning of Christmas, on my family and friends.  This year, my goal is to make Christmas, something that we will remember with contentment, peace.and love.

I  pray that I can be more Christlike this Christmas season and always.  That I will think of those less fortunate than myself, give what I can and keep them in my prayers.  I want to make this season as memorable as possible, with  family, music and laughter.  I want to make my home a haven for my family - a place here they can come to feel the "Spirit of Christmas", not just the stress and hassle of another holiday.. 

Let me know what you do that makes this season special for you and your family?   




  1. Hi Barb....thank you for this post. I am with you, we all need to simplify things. This is the one thing that exhaust me each year. Worrying about getting enough for the kids and making sure everyone is happy. I think we need to go back to the years when things were simple. People seemed to be a lot happier and appreciative. I'm working on this and hoping to be successful this year at making my kids understand the true meaning of it all..

  2. Wonderful! I couldn't agree with you more. In fact, if I had my way the tree wouldn't come up this year at all. I'd only take out the Nativity.

  3. Totally agree - but one thought - When I was living in Cabo Mexico... We did not put up a tree non had gifts -- nothing to show it was Christmas.. and you know I did miss how a Christmas Tree looks all decor-out with lights and the large Nativity we had -- gifts I did not miss at all but boy did I miss the smells and Christmas music.. Let put the gift of giving and helping one another back into Christmas.. that's what I doing -- Hugs

  4. Hi Barb, I second the motion. Simple is a lovely word. Little is good too! Moved to simply little a few years ago and wouldn't go back for anything. Hugz!

  5. Barb, so beautiful! Amen! It is the precious time spent as family that makes memories, not the gifts. I love every holiday moment with family and friends.

  6. Each year we have been down scaling Christmas gifts and this year we have down scaled the food. We are all getting older and the kids are now teens so we are trying to change as we change. I'm trying to make it more spiritual. I haven't done an advent for several years and am doing that this year. My granddaughter and I are going to go to church every Sunday until Christmas. I didn't make gifts this year, but my granddaughters are making theirs. For me I try to keep things simple. Focus on the few things that are most important. Good post.

  7. I'm so glad you re-posted these wonderful thoughts. Each year I tell myself I am going to simplify and enjoy the Spirit of Christmas. It really doesn't seem to happen. However, I think it just might this year as I have been making many of my gifts and have loved thinking of those who will be receiving them and hoping they will know their gift was made with love. My
    daughter invited me to do a sub for Santa project for a family and it really helped me focus on others and their needs. What a joy it has been and so much fun! Thanks for a great post! Nola

  8. Bless you for this one! I believe just like you we all need to simplify and make our Christmas what it should be a Christ centered Christmas. We will probably have a quiet Christmas this year. We do have a family party for those that can come and we do traditionaly things; which is fun.
    We will be helping put together Christmas for some of our Inner City families. This is always so sad. There are just so many out there with nothing and we have way too much. It's that Zion thing that bothers me sometimes. I wish there was more Zion like behavior in all of us. Oh my, I am rattling on.
    I loved this post and I love you! Hugs!!

  9. Absolutely wonderful post. I'm so glad that you re-posted it. There are rumblings that the economy is improving by leaps and bounds. I don't see it in my corner so the need to be economical is very important this year (just like most years actually). It's not the money at all; it really is the thought behind the gift, the season, and most importantly the true reason for celebrating Christmas in the first place. Some of the simplest things speak the loudest to me of Christmas. Now let's keep putting a little "merry" in it! (I want to make fudge, but I'm resisting until a much later date.)

  10. Such a wonderful and heart-felt post.
    Thank you for posting it again.

    It does seem that each and every holiday is so commercialized any more.... gee, it makes me wonder if soon a new holiday will be made up, just in order to commercialize it too!

    We keep things pretty simple around here, and try to get to temple square to see the lights, and living nativity.
    That always helps us feel the true spirit of Christmas.

    Enjoy this day...

  11. That is the perfect post.
    We are doing the same thing this year.
    I can't keep up and even if I could, I don't want to keep up.
    You are right no one will remember the stuff...they will remember the feelings.

  12. What a wonderful post Barb, and I so agree with you! I am hoping to have a more simple Christmas this year and pare down the decorations we have. We are hoping to be more thoughtful of gifts, and give gifts that our loved ones can really use. And keeping in our hearts the real meaning of Christmas. Thank you for sharing your thoughts... :)

  13. Hi Barb! I don't know how I missed your post. I agree with you. Christmas is so commercialized and I'm tired of them starting before Halloween getting the stores decked out and stocked for Christmas! It's just ridiculous. And the frenzy on Black Friday where people are running over each other for a bargain. Where's the Christmas spirit in that? I can't believe the amounts of money that I hear some young couples are spending on their kids! Most can't afford it, either. We all enjoy giving, but it shouldn't cause stress. That just negates the true meaning of Christmas, doesn't it? Here's to a more meaningful Christmas for all of us!!
    Hugs, Cheryl

  14. Thank you. Actually, the last three Christmases we have done very little in the way of gift giving or decorating. Nor will we do much again this year. (The second year was the most difficult, because it was forced on us. Yet, it was probably the most spiritual and truly enjoyable Christmas in years.) By not going wild, it does make us stop and think about what Christmas really is.


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