Thursday, June 9, 2011

This and That Thursday . . .

I love this porch!  Wouldn't you just love to pull up a chair, have a cold drink and talk about your day?!

So, let's talk!!  As most of you know, I have been listening to "oldies" on my playlist.  I love oldies, I love the idea that I can be transported back in time, to the very place that I heard a song for the first time.  For instance, I can remember exactly where I was the first time I heard, "Blue Velvet".  I was in our yard on Rose Avenue; I was only 8 or 9 years old, but I can remember hearing the song coming through the window just like it was yesterday - I loved it immediately!  I can also remember  listening to Petula Clark singing, "My Love is Warmer than the Warmest Sunshine".  I must have been watching the news on television at the same time, because I remember hearing that two little girls had fallen through the ice on the river near our home and drown . . . I was so sad; I think of those little girls today,  whenever I hear that song .   The day that my father passed away, I remember driving to Salt Lake City, he was at the Veteran's Hospital there.  It was Halloween night, and there were little devils, witches, pirates, and princesses' going door-to-door, filling up their bags and pumpkins with candy.  Stevie Wonder's, "I just Called to say I Love You", was the number one song that Fall,  and I think they played it every 4th or 5th song.  I can't hear it to this day without those same feelings of sadness coming back.  Indulge me with one more!  When I was in 6th grade the song, "Love is Blue", was very popular!  I can remember listening it it with my friends and memorizing the lyrics - we loved that song, although my favorite version of the song does not have lyrics.   All these songs are on my playlist to the right.

~More food for thought~

Would you like to turn back time?  How many of us would really like to go back and re-live  our past?  Not me!  There are sweet, tender moments in my life that I would love to re-live, like my wedding day, or the birth of my children and the feelings that I had the first time I held them in my arms.   But, time marches on, and we live in the present, not the past!   I know so many people who get caught up in the past, not wanting to change, or grow old, or move on.  I try to live in the present, remember the past and embrace the future.  I know that there will be lots of happy times, and sad times and times when I would just as soon live in the past, but . . . I'm looking forward to so many good things!   I love antiques, old music, old photographs, and would never want to forget anyone who I have loved and lost.  To know the past isn't always the same as it is to reflect upon and understand it.  It's wonderful to embrace the past, but not live in it.  I have learned some really valuable lessons from my past, and I have no intention on repeating them, those lessons have made me who I am today - and today, I am learning to like who I am.



"I chase the sun and catch it, then
I let it chase me back again.
It captures me, but I don’t care;
I’m always happy in the air."
~Susan Noyes Anderson~
Warm Hugs,



  1. I love your attitude Barb and I wish I could be like you. Old songs take me back to another life altogether and one I'm still not sure I should have left. I'm sure we all have regrets and I sure have quite a few but as you say, it all makes us what we are today..

  2. It's interesting how music and things like smells can take you back to things you have forgotten. I definetely don't want to go back, but I do feel like my era the 40's and 50's was a wonderful time to grow up in.

  3. I remember moments with music too...and yes, I agree with your out look on life and I am always looking forward. Life is good! :D

  4. Like Amelia and Linda said, I think it is interesting how certain songs, smells, pictures, etc. can transport us back in time. I really don't want to go back but I do think I enjoyed the simpler times when I grew up--when everyone wasn't so caught up with cell phones, internet, rushing here and rushing there. I do have regrets, but wonder if I could go back would I do things differently. Guess we all did the best we could with the knowledge and abilities we had at the time. Actually, I love the time I am in even if I still make mistakes! Loved your blog and the pictures of those sweet grandchildren. Nola

  5. An old fashioned porch! Be still my heart! Oh yes...

    Songs... Memories... Yes!

    "Begin The Baegine" (don't know what it means but i think it was some sort of a dance) is from WW 11 time, and it reminds me of my beloved cousin.

    "Laura" was playing at Camp Buckner (West Point's summer camp, with rustic old band stand and summer dance floor) and my Cadet and I were walking around a bit. The dance place was open and you could hear the music. Idylic summer time happening.

    At West Point, no Cadet can even touch a girl, unless he is helping her across the street, in the old fashioned way. Honest! Only dancing. And NO KISSING! That's why we were walking on the lawn. So he could give me our first kiss. :-) "Laura" always reminds me of Richard and the first kiss.

    You've heard of "Flirtation Walk" at West Point? It's real. And no patrolling there. So it's safe for 'romantic contact'. How else could normal young men and women stand it? -grin-

    Ooops, sorry I got carried away in your comments. :-)


  6. Music is such a part of our lives. I really feel sorry for those whose don't "get it". Love your play list. (Mom always had KBOI on in the mornings when we were getting ready for school.) As much as I enjoy genealogy, there is no way I'd want to live in the good ol' days. Give me now. Who wants to relive the angst of being a teenager again? lol Cute pics of the grands. So carefree.

  7. Hi Barb, as you know I love music. Most songs brings back sweet memories, a few bring back sad memories. You have a great play list! As far as going back to the old days...I wouldn't want to relive the sad parts again, but there are certain feelings we had when younger than I would like to recapture. Maybe it was the time before much sadness happened and being young and carefree. I enjoy this time now and all in all life is good, but I could do without the aches and pains that go along with aging. lol Oh, and the cellphones that everyone seems to have stuck to their ears! :D Loved the photo of the porch. Wouldn't it be great to have one of those? And the little swingers...too cute! Have a great day.

  8. Yes, music can take me way back and food can, too. I remember every event by the food that was served. Oh and scent. Scent can do it, too. The scent of food...oh I'm just being ridiculous. I loved your discussion and I agree with your position.

  9. Oh yes music is a great memory trigger as is food and scent. I am happy where I am and would not wish to turn back time. Lovin your lil swingers.


  10. Hi Barb...
    That porch reminds me of my grandmothers porch...
    Carried me back through the years for a moment there.
    I loved my childhood, but I can't really say that I would love to go back to some of the later years.
    I am enjoying the music so much that I make several more visits this evening...
    Blessings, My sweet friend

  11. This post covered so much! Who wouldn't love to "sit a spell" on that porch. Love the bare feet on the grands.

    Lesley Gore: It's My Party... :always reminds me of my friends back yard and an exploded pressure cooker. Don't ask. :)

  12. I am not sure why, but this post made me sit here and sob. I think it is because you have taught me to love music the way you do. There are not many memories I have that don't include James Taylor, Marty Robbins, Garth Brooks or The Beatles. I don't remember Grandpa but I know how much you loved him and I hate to think of losing my own father because I so deeply love him. I love music and it is because you taught me to. THANK YOU!! I LOVED spending the day with you!!! I love you Mom!

  13. Hey Barb - Me, too, what everybody else said! We sat around listening to "Love is Blue", too - the instrumental version. I think there was a Tom Jones song around that time that we loved, too. Also, my mom listened to Glen Campbell all the time, and I remember all those songs, too. Your daughter is so sweet... just read her comments...

  14. There you go again making me smile and also bringing back those memories. We are so alike in many ways. I love the oldies. By the way Blue Velvet is Roger and I's song. My mother made me a blue velvet dress for A Christmas dance our senior year. Later he took some of the material and made me a jewelery box lined in the dress material.
    I agree with your thoughts I wouldn't want to go back; but I feel sad sometimes that I can't remember a lot of things I would have liked to remember; I think!
    Blessings to you my dear sister.
    Love you much!
    Google is still not doing comments. If you want to you can go in on your comments and make it a pop up windown and then it will take the comments.
    I am using a new Id so I can comment.

  15. Barb,

    Happy almost summer to you! It has been ages since I have written and I am back at Simply Heart and Home with comments. :)

    God bless you


  16. Good day, sweet Barb! I love your sweet background. The pinks and greens and the birds... very peaceful!



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