Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Musings...

 It seems like I just can't find time to sit down and really blog like I should would like to, so I thought I would just jot down some of my thoughts for a very busy Monday.  The picture above, is what it looked like outside of my patio doors when I got up the other day - it looked like I was in icicle jail!  It has warmed up since then, so we don't have icicles hanging off of the house, but it was pretty amazing to see how big they were!

Today, I went to a DUP Christmas luncheon - it was very nice, it's always fun to get together with other women who you have so much in common with and who you love and admire.  We had it at my neighbors home, she is 94  years young and can't get out too much, so she loves it when we gather in her comfortable little house each month.  She had eight children, so she loves a crowd!  We had a pot luck lunch - I brought Swedish Meatballs. yummy!  It was all delightful... :0)

My mother gave me this beautiful poinsettia for Christmas, it is so pretty with it' s bright red, curly leaves.  Christmas just isn't Christmas to me without a poinsettia!

My grandchilren love this Santa watch, it looks old and mystical and charming!  I think it is telling me that it's almost time for Christmas.  I told my daughter today, that because they start Christmas, before Halloween, I'm almost ready for it to be over!
When I was a child, you never saw Christmas decorations in the store until after Thanksgiving, and we never put up the tree until about a week before Christmas.  When we finally did put up the tree,  it was decorated with simple decorations that meant something to us.  As children, we looked forward to finding our favorite ornament and putting it on the tree - in just the right spot.   I still love the decorations that I have collected over the years,  and I usually put them on my tree every year!  Remember the Sear's Christmas Big Book?  I can still remember the smell of it!  I think every store tries to replicate the "Big Book", it will never happen!  Although the book was filled with toys, we only got one - my mother said that her rule was - something to play with, something to read, and something to wear.  It is still a good rule.

  A picture of my Nativity . . . . it must be 25 years old!   I got it as a gift for having a home decorating party.  I was so excited to get it, I still cherish it!  I edited the photo to focus on The Christ child.  I think we should all put more focus on His birth and less on the commercialism that we have been bombarded with this year!   
I pray that as I prepare for Christmas, that I will be able to keep in my heart, and remember,  that Christmastime is a season of gift giving,  in memory of the gifts given by the Wise Men to the Christ child and the gift Christ gave us in the Atonement.   As I am wrapping my gifts this year, I will remember, that the best gifts are those that can’t be wrapped: gifts of service, family, faith, and testimony.  

Warm Hugs,


  1. Wonderful post, wonderful pictures. The icicles photo is terrific.

  2. A beautiful post Barb. I love the photo of your Nativity, and the photo of the icicles is gorgeous. I still remember the Sears Christmas Book. :) Have a great week!

  3. Oh my, those icicles remind me of a picture from my childhood. I have a picture of me looking out the kitchen window and the icicles are below the window ledge. Your poinsettia is beautiful. Too bad we only get to enjoy them for such a short time. I, too, remember how excited I was when the Sears catalog would arrive. My sister and I would almost wear the pages out as we poured over the wonderful toys. It was always so exciting to go to Salt Lake after Thanksgiving and see all the toys on the shelves...not like today. It was almost mind boggling to see so many wonderful toys. We always got a book for Christmas and I am going to start that as a "Grandma"tradition now my grandchildren are reading.
    A few years ago I decided that our living room would be devoted to focusing on the Savior. It does have a tree, but my collection of nativities are all in there plus a few special Christmas books. I do put out a few nativities that are child proof and that the grandkids can play with and rearrange when they come. Hopefully as we sit in there we will keep our focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Thanks again for sharing. I love your posts and always look forward to reading your blog. Nola

  4. Oh Barb, will you please keep those icicles in Idaho? Please? :D I don't do ice very well.

    Your poinsettias are so pretty. They really make a room look festive. I love them.

    I agree that Christmas has become much too commercialized. It really irks me to see Christmas stuff in the same aisle as Halloween things! When I was young, we didn't put up a tree until 2 weeks at the most before Christmas. Part of the reason was that the cedar would get too dry if up any longer. I really miss the smell of cedar. I usually cut some off our trees and put around but it never seems to quite have the smell that I remember.

    A wise woman, your mother! Her rule for giving gifts is a great one and one that a lot of financially strapped young people would do well to copy. Really, financially strapped or not, 3 gifts are plenty because in most cases they will get gifts from other relatives, too.

    Thank you for this wonderful post and photos!


  5. Oh Barb I always love stopping by your blog, kinda feels like "home" to me, a warm safe place with lots of love to spare!



  6. I love it, when you do a post, just like this! Your own "this-and-that's," and memories, and whatever comes into your mind. It's kind of like sitting across the kitchen table from you, and sharing a cup of coffee, and some warm chat.

    Love it!!! :-) Thank you.

    Winter hugs...
    On Dec. 7th, 1941 - 'A date which will live in infamy'

  7. A beautiful, warm, comforting post so perfect for this time of year.

    Funny - I don't like seeing Christmas stuff in the malls and stores before Halloween either - but I love celebrating in my own way from November 1st onward. November is a great time to make gifts and ornaments and cookies. December is full of holidays and traditions to celebrate every week!

  8. Hi Barb - looks like you had fun at your party, and yes, Poinsettias are lovely and Christmasy. I looked at some at Walmart the other day that were whitish and some red and they both had fine glitter on them. They were beautiful! I need me one or two of those, don't you think???

    My focus is on Christ. I would LOVE to get totally away from the commercialism. I know the little kids would miss Santa. I guess it's a fun custom for the little ones, but we all need to remember what this season is about. I usually listen to mostly religious Christmas music and "O Holy Night" is my favorite of all!

    Getting together with those we love is important family time, too. It's a beautiful time of year and I plan to enjoy it - every single minute!

  9. I guess it didn't go through. I just wanted to say you are a great writer. I see it not only in your posts but in your comments. Love the pictures too. I haven't had a pointsetta for years. Stay warm.


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