Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Most Enchanted Day!

I want to thank simplyheartandhome, for the wonderful gift I received in the mail!  She had a giveaway and I won!  I never win anything and I was so excited!  Her giveaway was the DVD, Enchanted April.

I can't wait to turn off the phone, shut the blinds, fix myself a hot cup of herb tea and relax with this wonderful movie.  Thank you so much, Gina!   I love your blog, you are such a blessings in my life! 

This looks like an "enchanting" movie - it's about two proper Englishwomen, determined to get away from their drab lives.  They find paradise in the serene countryside of the Italian Riviera.  They rent a magnificent villa for a month, they share expenses with two  unlikely companions - an austere widow and a bored socialite.  This wonderful hideaway holds a special magic that soon sparks friendships and reminds the women of ways to live and love that have long eluded them.  Doesn't it sound like a great adventure!

Well, I'm off for another adventure today!  My mother is moving, so we will be sorting and packing for a few hours.  My week has become full of wedding fun, so my hours are limited today. 

Thank you for all your wonderful comments - you are all so special!  Thank you for all the prayers and concern.

Warm Hugs,


  1. it looks like a good movie! congratulations on winning!

  2. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations on winning! The movie sounds really good. Can't wait to hear how you liked it. Have a good day!

  3. Oh yes! "Enchanted April" is an enchanting film!

    Many Congratulations for winning it. You'll wonder how you *lived* without seeing it. :-)

  4. Hi Barb, Congratulations on winning the DVD, let us know how you like the movie. I love movies about the English people. Hope you had a great day with your mom and sis, today.
    I am trying to catchup tonight as we have been in Texas for the past week, I enjoyed reading your daybook from yesterday. It seems you are going to be busy for the next few weeks.

  5. Barb, I do hope you did take a break and enjoy that movie. Roger and I went to the play here in Salt Lake; it was delightful. I would love to watch the movie sometime.
    Hope that you mother is doing ok; it is so hard to move them and it takes a while for them to adjust; so expect that. I am so glad your mother didn't break a bone. It is such a worry when they are getting older.
    Wishing the best with the wedding. I am so excited for you all. Give Chris our love and I think his wife to be is adorable.
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog; you are the best.
    Hugs to you! LeAnn

  6. Congrats on the movie...If I had to sort and pack my mom's house I would need fortification not just a few hours!

  7. Sounds like a fab movie and like you're one super-busy gal!! Been through the parent-packing thing. Hugs.

  8. Barb,

    I just had to comment... Good luck with the wedding!!! I will be thinking about you. :)
    Today we are in such incredible beauty here in the Amish country of Penn. We have been enjoying two of our granddaughters whom we haven't seen for a year. It is so green and lush I wish I could bring some of this beauty back west with me. Although we too enjoy great beauty in Idaho and Utah. (I didn't mention I was leaving on my blog.)
    Tomorrow we are going back to Richmond then on to Williamsburg VA. I LOVE the history here, both church and Nation! My cute Granddaughters were so excited to cross the Susqahannah today and our barely 8 year old told their cute little girl friends who are also traveling with us why this river is so important to us. She is getting baptized next week. I loved it!:)
    ENJOY your wedding and make cherished memories! We are planning one in our yard on the 19th of June.
    Congrats to your son and his lucky bride!

  9. Wow, the wedding is coming up quickly. Best wishes to your son and his bride-to-be. Hope your mom is doing okay. I do feel for you. Please don't get too tired. (I'm up in Moscow for a couple of weeks.)


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