Saturday, March 20, 2010

Road Trip . . .

This morning when we got up, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the wind was not blowing, and it is the first day of Spring!  My husband and I love to take road trips, so we decided we would just get away, get out of the house, and have a fun day!   We weren't really sure where we were going, but we were going somewhere!!   

Thirty-four years ago, we went camping to a place called, Summit Creek, near Howe, Idaho, with my husband's parents and his two brothers.   Summit Creek is beautiful, but, it is in the middle of nowhere!  Thirty-four years ago, my oldest daughter was only about a year old, and I can remember thinking we would never get home - today, I was thinking, why do we have to go home, it was very beautiful.

Not too far from where this picture was taken is a warm spring, or, I should say,  a warm pond.  When we were here 34 years ago, we went swimming in the pond, the water was very warm, and it was not very deep, so you could just soak in it - I can remember my little daughter hated it!!!  She would love it today.

The pond is still there, and so are the gold fish - yes, you read it right, gold fish . . . in a pond . . . in Idaho . . . in the middle of nowhere!  And, these are big goldfish!

We had some crackers, so we were feeding them and really, they acted like Piranhas!  The water would just boil - they were hungry after a long winter!  And don't ask me why there are gold fish in this pond!!  My husband said that he can remember them being there since he was a child - go figure!?

Seriously, there were millions of these fish, little tiny ones that you can't even see in the photo!  And, you have to remember, it was only about 40 degrees where we were, the water was actually steaming.  It was so amazing - I love Idaho!

This is just outside of Challis, Idaho - it's one of my favorite spots in the road - it's called the Grand Canyon because you kind of go through just a little canyon, that was blasted right through the mountain.

This is a picture of the valley as you come out of the Grand Canyon - it was so beautiful, these pictures do not do it justice!

We have some of the most beautiful mountains in Idaho - this is a picture of Mt. Borah, the highest mountain peak in Idaho. 

In 1983, there was an earthquake that shook the little town of Challis, Idaho.  I remember I could even feel it in Idaho Falls.  You can see the fault line in this picture - it's the light colored line that runs across the bottom of the brown part of the photo.  This picture is blown up, so it looks small, but it's really a large fault line.  You can also see it in the large picture of Mt. Borah.

Almost home - we live at the base of the mountains that you can see in the distance.

This is a picture of a beautiful fountain in Idaho Falls.  I only got half of the fountain in the picture, because we were driving, and you know how hard it is to get a good picture when you are in motion!  The eagle that you can see is actually attached - there is an eagle with her young on a nest, on the other side. People come from all over to see this magnificent fountain.  I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

So, how did you like our road trip?  We drove almost 300 miles!  How blessed we all are to live in such a beautiful country.  

Have a wonderful and safe evening and a very peaceful Sunday.



  1. Oh, that looks so fun. I am glad you got away. I tended Sydney, Payton and Jacob. they are so fun. The gold fish are amazing. We need to go there sometime. Have a good Sabbath. Love you.

  2. I am so jealous!!! This looks like so much fun!!! I want one of those goldfish SO bad!! We all should go there, my kids would love it!!

  3. Hi Barb,
    It looks like you had a wonderful drive! Your pictures are gorgeous! It's interesting about the goldfish. Thank you for sharing your day. I hope you have a lovely Sunday.

  4. Karen - I'll bet you had fun with those sweet grandkids! I would love to have you and Doug go camping with us sometime - let's go there!! We will have a wonderful Sunday - Jess, Ben and the kids are coming up to go to church with us. Joy got her mission call, she's going to L.A., family history center, her farewell is tomorrow. Love you.

  5. Jess - You can't take goldfish from the pond!!! It would be fun to go there - the kids would love it! See you tomorrow! Love you

  6. Susan - Hi! Idaho really is a beautiful place to live - much diversity . . . goldfish in a high mountain desert, who would have thought it! Thanks for stopping! Hugs.

  7. I love road trips! My absolute favorite! beautiful pictures!

  8. I loved seeing God's creation in your part of this great country! Beautiful pictures and how fun just to jump in the car and go...not knowing where your going, but just planning on having fun. I love that.

  9. WOW!!

    My son, Michael 10, says, "That's cool. Awesome actually. It's more like awesome."

    I think you live in a beautiful place that allows you to see such miraculous sights.

    Thank you for sharing beauty I'd not see otherwise.

    God be with you.

  10. Kimberly - Hi! We love road trips, nothing like keeping it interesting! Thanks for stopping.

  11. Rhonda - Hi there! We have always just loved to go and see what's out there - I guess I haven't lost my adventurous side after all! Good to see you.

  12. Laura - Hi, so nice to see you, thanks for stopping! I'm so glad that you let your kids see these pictures - now matter where you go, you always find something miraculous in what God has created for us! I love to see pictures on other people blogs, I'm kind of a homebody and probably won't travel very far from home, so it's good to see the world through others eyes. Blessings to you.

  13. Just stunning, you live in such a beautiful area, you lucky girl. Clarice

  14. How fun and beautiful. I keep thinking Jer and I can take a little road trip and see some new land and enjoy the fresh air. How fun!!! Love, Laura

  15. Clarice - Thanks for stopping! I am pretty lucky, we do live in a beautiful world, don't we? Hugs

    Laura - You better get all the road trips in that you can before little Jer gets here . . . Oh wait a minute, driving always put my kids to sleep! Maybe you better plan lots of them for after he is born! Love you

  16. Wow! I really need to get back over to your part of the state. Beautiful! (Of course, I think that even the desert around Mountain Home is pretty.) We aren't prejudiced are we? We are truly blessed to be able to live in such a wonderful place.


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