Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My favorite dishcloth . . .

Yesterday, my sister and I bought cotton yarn so that we could make dishcloths - our favorite pastime as we watch television!  I have looked high and low for a really good crocheted dishcloth pattern, they are hard to find!  They are either very bulky and hard to use, or they have such big holes in them that your fingers get stuck, or they are so big that it's like washing dishes with a bath towel (Oh, my goodness, I'm a complainer - but I'm kind of picky about this kind of thing!).  I have always liked to do dishes by hand, so I like to have a dishcloth that I like and is easy to use.

A friend of mine sent me her dishcloth pattern, and I love it.  She told me I could share it, as it was just a pattern she made up.  It works up fast and  is perfect, at least for me. 

Materials needed - 4 ply cotton yarn
Hook size I or sometimes I use G

(The front loop is the loop closest to you and the back loop is the one behind it, the one farthest from you)

R 1: Ch 30, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each remaining ch. Ch 1, turn.

R2: Sc in front loop of first st. * Sc in back loop of next st. Sc in front lp of next st.  Rep from * across. Ch 1, turn.

Rows 3-26: Repeat Row 2.

Make sure that you catch the very last stitch at the end of the row, or it will not be square.

Edging: Work one sc in each st around, spacing evenly, placing 3 sc in each corner.

Join with a sl st. Fasten Off




  1. Hey Barb - I've heard several say how much they like their crocheted dishcloths. I ran across my MIL's sets of knitting needles and crochet hooks. I'm bound and determined to learn how to crochet me some of those. I'll have to bookmark this post so I can snag your pattern. Thanks!!!

  2. I am so glad you posted the pattern. You crochet so beautifully. Thank you. Yesterday was so fun. Love you forever.

  3. I, too, love crochet dish cloths, however, someone else has to make them. I cannot crochet for the life of me. (Many people have tried to teach me...)

  4. Vickie - Thanks for commenting, I know you have been so busy! This really is so easy, let me know if you have any problems with it.

    Kimberly - Good to see you - thanks for stopping by. I love my dishcloths!

    Karen - It was so fun yesterday! How are yours coming along? You also crochet beautifully! This pattern is easy, you will have to try it. Love you too.

  5. Cindy - So good to see you! I really do love these dishcloths, they are fun to make. It seems like crochet is easy for you or it's just not! I feel the same way about knitting - no can do! Hugs

  6. Hi Barb,
    I am so glad to find a pattern for a dish cloth that works, and like you I am picky, because I hand wash my dishes most of the time too. Thank you for sharing, I am tickled pink. And please thank your friend for allowing you to share.
    Blessings, and hugs,

  7. Barb,
    These look so beautiful. I love all the ones that have been gifted to me and have wanted to relearn all I learned as a Merrie Miss! I am copying the pattern and going to ask a friend to re-teach me!
    I am thanking my lucky stars the timer finally came for my dishwasher. It has been down for the past three weeks and I have to say it has become my best friend in the kitchen. But I love the crocheted cloths for cleaning up!~♥

  8. Sue - Thanks for stopping! There is just something very calming about putting my hands in hot soapy water that smells like lavender (I use Mrs. Meyers dish soap)! I hope you like the pattern as much as I do. Blessings

    Beth - Hi there! This is a really easy pattern, I'm sure you won't need to relearn much. So glad that your dishwasher is working again, they are a lifesaver! Hugs

  9. Wow..those are adorable! I think they'd be too cute to use for washing dishes...! You're obviously very talented!

  10. Barb, those are so pretty! I would hate to get them wet! Thank you for the "recipe"!


  11. Hi Kenz - Thanks for coming to see me! If you have to do the dishes, might as well do them with something pretty! Not really talented, these are just really easy.

    Hi there Gina - So good to see you! You can also use these as washcloths, napkins, or just a hot pad to put on the table, but I love to do dishes with them!

    Hugs and Blessings to both of you!!

  12. Barb, Thanks for sharing the pattern. I'm always looking for a good dish cloth pattern. I'm giving my hand a rest right now, I have tendonitis or something, but hope to be crocheting again soon. I have cotton yarn waiting for me to do something with it. I got some organic cotton that I didn't like working with, but I did like the dish cloth, so I think the yarn makes a difference too. So you have a favorite brand? Linda

  13. There is nothing like a good homemade dishcloth, is there. Clarice

  14. Clarice - There is not! For me, it's the joy in making them, knowing that you are enjoying the time spent making them as much as using them or giving them away! And, it's just nice using something you made. Thanks for stopping.


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